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Martha was obviously a fantastic wife.
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Martha was obviously a fantastic wife.

Originally Posted by: dfosterf 

I hope he thought so!!! I tried!!!

Go Packers!!!!
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I'm making a ton of them, but for my personal consumption, mostly to familiarize myself with the prospects, and how they are perceived by others in that speculative dimension. I enjoy filling our needs as I see them, especially when I garner great value. As I have said previously, I do enjoy Beast and Mucky going to the trouble of posting some of their mocks. At the same time, if they take
Nubin in the 1st round, I'm gonna be pissed, largely because I can get him in the 3rd round on a consistent basis, lol
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At the same time, if they take Nubin in the 1st round, I'm gonna be pissed, largely because I can get him in the 3rd round on a consistent basis, lol

Originally Posted by: dfosterf 

What draft site are you using that is getting Nubin in the 3rd round?
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What draft site are you using that is getting Nubin in the 3rd round?

Originally Posted by: beast 

NfL mock database
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NfL mock database

Originally Posted by: dfosterf 

Do you mean the 3rd round or the 3rd pick (which this year is in the 2nd round)?

I tried to get him in the 3rd round (4th pick) and he's not there for me.

Then maybe you're trading and getting them at the top of the third round.... which I haven't tried.
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I typically go OT in the 1st round. I get our LB in the second, and/or our CB. If I don't have a safety, I look hard at that right now. I do not trade back, and I definitely do not trade forward. Too much value standing pat. I worry about cliffs at these positions relative to paper value. I see us getting great bpa in the positions we draft at in congruence with need, as we have some great luxuries imo as regards what other teams need comparative to us. I usually wind up with 3 offensive linemen. A top RB. Safety and CB filled. I get MLF a qb. I never trade up, and reject most trade backs as being unrealistic or silly with what was presented. I almost always draft a kicker in the last round, because I almost always like them better than what we have. For me, this is fun

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Martha was obviously a fantastic wife.

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Huh? How is this a "Random Draft Thought"?

We are so bad at staying on subject!

(Note: This is sarcasm, since this thread post was made because these comments were deemed to be off-subject of another post, and yet, we start with an off subject post, I kind it just a tad humorous in a good nature way)
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I typically go OT in the 1st round.

Originally Posted by: dfosterf 

Here is my random thought.

There has been a lot of discussion about Gutey drafting offensive linemen who have the flexibility to play multiple positions. I believe this may be the outcome, but not necessarily the intent. When we have been up to the plate and the option to draft a lineman who has the ability to play multiple positions, v. let's say a guy who has only played left guard, we have and likely should pick the more flexible player.

But I think these draft decisions are more a function of draft position than preference.

I think if there was a pure stud offensive tackle, especially a LT that we felt strongly about, I don't think flexibility would matter.

With that in mind, I would like to see us consider us trading up and getting either Fuaga Oregon State or Fautanu Washington (Alt would cost too much and I am not sure on Mims)

Go Packers!!!!
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Ken Lass wrote

Niners Game Clarifies Draft Needs

Weaknesses became clear in playoff loss.

I went back and re-studied the Green Bay Packers loss to the 49ers in the divisional round of the playoffs last January. I was hoping to gain a little more insight as to what the Packers need in the coming draft to be able to take the next step and beat a team like San Francisco in the post season.

First impression after revisiting that game: it’s easy to see why general manager Brian Gutekunst placed a priority on improving at the safety position. The lack of a quality safety really hurt Green Bay in this critical contest. If you were surprised the team let Darnell Savage walk, you wouldn’t be after watching this tape.

Savage dropped a potential interception thrown right into his hands in the first quarter. It might well have been a pick six, which would have given Green Bay an early 10-0 lead. Then Savage was late to the ball on a completion to Jauan Jennings, and allowed George Kittle to run past him on a 32 yard touchdown pass. In the third quarter Christian McCaffery ran through Savage on his way to a 39 yard score.

Jonathan Owens didn’t fare much better. Kittle brushed him off like a fly off a horse on a short pass that ruptured into a 23 yard gain. On McCaffery’s five yard, game winning touchdown run, Owens had a clean shot at the ball carrier in the gap, but offered only a meek bump that the Niners back ignored on his way across the goal line.

Anthony Johnson was a non-factor on his snaps. Clearly, the addition of Xavier McKinney addresses much of the need at this position, but the Packers should draft at least one, if not two solid safety prospects to upgrade this unit.

Another thing that jumped out from this game was the inability of the linebackers to cover across the middle. Brock Purdy made a living off of hitting Jennings, Kittle and McCaffery on short crossers. Quay Walker looked lost at times and seemed misused in coverage. It will be interesting to see if new defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley uses Walker more as a pass rusher than a dropback cover man in his new system. Ditto for Preston Smith, who was often late to the ball on short passes and then struggled to make tackles in space. There is a need in this draft for linebacker/safety hybrid types who can run, cover and tackle in the short zones.

The offensive line held up pretty well in this game. Jordan Love was not sacked, although several pressures forced incompletions that contributed to Green Bay getting just two field goals out of three trips to the red zone in the first half. It was interesting to note that Sean Rhyan continued to alternate with Jon Runyan at right guard, but in the fourth quarter, with the game on the line, the coaches kept Runyan in the game on all drives.

Could this indicate the coaches don’t have enough confidence in Rhyan to take over this coming season as the full time starter? At the very least, the Packers figure to draft competition for Rhyan and perhaps for center Josh Myers as well. Zach Tom was having a solid game at right tackle before leaving with an injury in the second half. Yosh Nijman did okay in his place, but Nijman is now a Carolina Panther. It’s a good draft for tackles, and Green Bay needs one not only for depth, but to push Rasheed Walker on the other side.

Christian Watson kind of disappeared in this game. He had just two targets and one catch for eleven yards. In a draft class loaded once again at the receiver position, would the Packers select a deep ball threat with an eye to moving on from Watson after this year? Especially if he continues to struggle with injuries?

Really though, when you finish watching this game, you shake your head and wonder how the Packers lost this thing. With 8:32 remaining in the game, they had the ball with a first and five at the San Francisco 32 yard line, leading 21-17. You’d have to like your chances in that situation.

A missed 41 yard field goal, a pass rush that couldn’t get home in the clutch, and a very bad decision by Jordan Love to throw late over the middle, did them in.

Yet, when I turned off the TV, I couldn’t help but feel this team is getting close to greatness. One more good draft could push them to a season that ends up Super.

I thought this was an excellent column and spot on.
Go Packers!!!!
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Zero2Cool (4h) : Yes.
beast (19h) : Does he say what it is?
Zero2Cool (22-May) : Christian Watson believes he has discovered the root cause his soft-tissue leg injuries
Zero2Cool (22-May) : Savage played last half of season with tear in rotator cuff
Zero2Cool (22-May) : SISSIES!!!!
Mucky Tundra (22-May) : Sounds like both Kraft and Tom were injuried before OTAs began
buckeyepackfan (22-May) : Not serious but waiting for strength and conditioning coach referwnces.
buckeyepackfan (22-May) : Tom and Kraft both injured(pectoral muscle),
Zero2Cool (20-May) : I feel similar about person and product/service.
beast (17-May) : Not sure why a players views reflect on GB... instead of simply on the player
Martha Careful (17-May) : I bet some of us have had 6+ mRNA jabs, a UKR flag on our walls, and still think Fauci has a thread of integrity
Zero2Cool (16-May) : From what I've read, it's all Jets , not us.
CanPackFan (16-May) : Will there ever be a time when Rodgers' whacko views will not reflect on GB? He is the past, thank god.
Zero2Cool (16-May) : Jan 4th gonna be rough with that start time lol
Zero2Cool (16-May) : Packers schedule listed. Boom.
buckeyepackfan (15-May) : Let the leaks begin. Colts @ Packers week 2, Vikings @ Packers week 4
Zero2Cool (14-May) : WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling to Bills
Zero2Cool (14-May) : Jets and Aaron Rodgers open up on Monday Night Football,
Zero2Cool (13-May) : $170 guaranteed. This might impact Jordan Love
Zero2Cool (13-May) : Lions are signing QB Jared Goff to a four-year, $212 million extension
Zero2Cool (13-May) : I know we moved on. That tidbit just makes me a touch happier.
Zero2Cool (13-May) : Sources spoke of many, many times last summer where Hackett called a play, then Rodgers changed it completely at the line
Martha Careful (10-May) : 1. this is true of all our linemen. 2. His run block is fine. 3. If all OL played like he has, we would win SB.
beast (10-May) : Meyers pass blocking is really good, his run blocking is really not.
Zero2Cool (9-May) : Packers have claimed DE Spencer Waege off of waivers from the 49ers and waived DT Rodney Mathews.
Zero2Cool (9-May) : And the OL protections seem to be good.
Zero2Cool (9-May) : I really don't know lol. I don't see him getting blown up.
Zero2Cool (9-May) : -3 buwahhhahaaha
Mucky Tundra (9-May) : 4th
Zero2Cool (9-May) : because he's 1st
Mucky Tundra (9-May) : Myers isn't even the 3rd best C on the roster atm
Martha Careful (9-May) : I am not sure I understand the Myers hate. He was consistently our third best lineman. RG and LT were worse.
beast (9-May) : Just saying I don't think moving Myers would help Myers.
beast (9-May) : Center is usually considered the easiest position physically if you can handle the snap stuff.
Mucky Tundra (8-May) : Bust it is then
Zero2Cool (8-May) : Context. Sounds like Myers won't be cross-trained. C or bust.
Mucky Tundra (8-May) : @BookOfEli_NFL Packers pass game coordinator, Jason Vrable said that Jayden Reed and Dontayvion Wicks shared a placed in Florida while train
Mucky Tundra (8-May) : For now...
Zero2Cool (8-May) : Packers go about evaluating their "best five," OL coach Luke Butkus makes on thing clear: "Josh Myers is our center."
beast (8-May) : Though I'm a bit surprised letting go of CBs, I thought we needed more not less
beast (8-May) : It was confusing with two DB Anthony Johnson anyways
Zero2Cool (8-May) : Packers actually had Ray Lewis on the phone.
Zero2Cool (8-May) : Packers wanted to draft Ray Lewis. Ravens stole him.
Martha Careful (6-May) : Happy 93rd Birthday to the Greatest Baseball Player of All-Time...Willie Mays
Zero2Cool (6-May) : Walter Stanely's son
buckeyepackfan (6-May) : and released CB Anthony Johnson and DL Deandre Johnson and waived/injured WR Thyrick Pitts (thigh-rick).
buckeyepackfan (6-May) : The Green Bay Packers have signed WR Julian Hicks, OL Lecitus Smith (luh-SEET-us) and WR Dimitri Stanley
Zero2Cool (6-May) : Petty, but it's annoying me how the NFL is making the schedule release an event.
Mucky Tundra (4-May) : @mattschneidman Matt LaFleur on how he tore his pec: “Got in a fight with the bench press. I lost.”
Zero2Cool (3-May) : Jordan Love CAN sign an extension as of today. Might tak weeks/months though
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