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Zero2Cool (31m) : OR maybe it was done out of spite? You don't like Redskins? Okay, we'll piss millions away with a crap name to show you we shouldn't have changed? Petty, unlikely, but that owner?
Zero2Cool (32m) : It really feels like they plucked that name hastily. Probably thought after all that time a knock-out great name woudl be picked.
wpr (41m) : I hope so. They couldn't have done much worse than the Commodores.
Zero2Cool (2h) : Commanders sale to be done shortly after Super Bowl. I wonder if they go new name?
Zero2Cool (2h) : Folks talk about the devices they'd be without, but ... nothing about wife, kids, family. People more worried about "missing out" than what they should be. People.
Zero2Cool (2h) : lol oh you actually listed electronic devices haha. I see why you thought something. I was just venting in general, but your comment ... yeah, that's the issue.
Zero2Cool (2h) : Damn, it's not THAT Greg Williams though.
Zero2Cool (2h) : But, what was the point you were making? I am curious.
Zero2Cool (2h) : Packers expected to hire Cardinals corners coach Greg Williams, per league sources.
Zero2Cool (2h) : I wasn't responding to you.
go.pack.go. (3h) : Vikings updated their defense by hiring Brian Flores as DC. Packers were like nah we like to suck
go.pack.go. (3h) : I was not making a big deal about not having his phone. You overlooked the point
civic (6h) : I enjoy his chats with Mcafee. His world is nothing like my world. He certainly a different kinda cat.
Zero2Cool (7h) : That being said, four days I would lose my shit. I'm good with 48 hours. I've also been in the hole in jail though. They left the light on.
Zero2Cool (7h) : It's kind of sad how some people cannot fathom how solitude benefits you. God forbid we be away from our phones. THE HORROR!!!
go.pack.go. (18h) : And have people drop food into your room through a hole in the door….it’s like putting yourself into solitary confinement
go.pack.go. (18h) : Rodgers is an interesting character. Not breaking news by any means. But who the hell wants to go sit in a completely dark room for 4 straight days/nights with no phone, TV, etc?
Zero2Cool (7-Feb) : Rodgers said his "not going to san fran" was indeed a joke between buddies. LIKE I TOLD YOU.
Zero2Cool (7-Feb) : Rodgers said "I am not a free agent, I'm under contract with Packers"
Mucky Tundra (7-Feb) : @FieldYates Andy Reid asked about playing in Mexico City: “The fans in Mexico were excellent. I loved every minute of it. And the food was good too. I loved the Chile Relleno.”
Zero2Cool (6-Feb) : A.J. Green announces his retirement.
dhazer (6-Feb) : I do like how Adams said his neighborhood not Mr Rodgers neighborhood lol
Zero2Cool (6-Feb) : He could have just said I really am into that Green and Gold.
Zero2Cool (6-Feb) : When he was asked about favorite colors or something, basically asking what team...
Zero2Cool (6-Feb) : It really seems Rodgers is loving the attention.
Mucky Tundra (6-Feb) : But how do we know he's not trolling when he says he's trolling with his tweets?! :P
Zero2Cool (6-Feb) : You never listen to me though
Zero2Cool (6-Feb) : Davante to reporters after the game: "I am first-team all troll so don't take none of (the tweets) too serious, but that would be a dream scenario."
Zero2Cool (2-Feb) : If you were two hours ahead of me, that means you're 4 weeks behind! Buwahahahaha
buckeyepackfan (2-Feb) : I was 2 hr ahead of you! 😂😂😂
Zero2Cool (2-Feb) : Ugh, you copy me too~!!!!!@@@!!
buckeyepackfan (2-Feb) : 😃😃
buckeyepackfan (2-Feb) : buckeyepackfan (14h) : Brady officially retires "FOR GOOD"! Aaron will definately play 1 more year. But where?
go.pack.go. (2-Feb) : I’m kinda excited to see what MM can do calling plays without Rodgers
Zero2Cool (1-Feb) : Jerry Jones said Mike McCarthy will call the plays and a version of the offenses he ran in Green Bay will be coming to Dallas.
Zero2Cool (1-Feb) : We agree. 😁
Zero2Cool (1-Feb) : lol me too man, I said it last year as well. YOU SEARCH IT BRUH!!!
dhazer (1-Feb) : But Kevin you search back and you will see I was even saying this last year and most of this year lol
Zero2Cool (1-Feb) : dhazer, thanks for reading my comments, appreciate it. care to repeat anything else I said? MR ECHO!!!!! (only teasing, work is slow, leave me alone)
dhazer (1-Feb) : Well Rodgers wont retire now as Brady just announced his retirement. As i stated Rodgers ego wont allow him to be an opening act at the HOF ceremony
Zero2Cool (1-Feb) : But yes, the location is likely because he has numerous friends in the area for Suspended Sunrise Recordings.
Zero2Cool (1-Feb) : Rodgers does not have a house in/around Nashville. He allegedly bought land.
beast (1-Feb) : Also, Rodgers already has a house around Nashville (I believe for his Music Record Business)
beast (1-Feb) : With AFC Contender will offer the most for Rodgers? Jets is the logical answer, BUT Dolphins seem to be going all in, and Titans have been interested in Rodgers and really.use an upgrade
Zero2Cool (1-Feb) : Tom Brady retires. Rodgers playing in2023. prediction
go.pack.go. (1-Feb) : Well Leonhard was offered the DC job before Barry was hired. So it’s not unrealistic
buckeyepackfan (1-Feb) : Brady officially retires "FOR GOOD"! Aaron will definately play 1 more year. But where?
beast (1-Feb) : He's only coached one place... you usually don't go straight to a coordinator job unless an owner loves you (Jeff Saturday to head coach style)
Mucky Tundra (1-Feb) : Saints get a 2023 1st rounder and a 2024 2nd rounder and give up Payton and a 2024 3rd rounder
Mucky Tundra (1-Feb) : Looks like Sean Payton is going to Denver
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