PackersHome Champions
20201st PlaceGoPack1984Fantasy Football
20202nd PlaceTezzyFantasy Football
20203rd PlaceZero2CoolFantasy Football
20201st PlaceSmokeyNFL Pick'em
20202nd PlaceGoPack1984NFL Pick'em
20203rd Placehardrocker950NFL Pick'em
20191st PlacemacbobFantasy Football
20192nd PlacesteveishereFantasy Football
20193rd PlaceGoPack1984Fantasy Football
20191st Placeporky88NFL Pick'em
20192nd PlacebeastNFL Pick'em
20193rd Placehardrocker950NFL Pick'em
20181st PlacedjcubezFantasy Football
20182nd Placeporky88Fantasy Football
20183rd PlacedhazerFantasy Football
20181st PlacegotaraceNFL Pick'em
20182nd PlaceSINCITYCHEEZENFL Pick'em
20183rd PlaceGoPack1984NFL Pick'em
20171st PlacedhazerFantasy Football
20172nd PlaceGrabacrFantasy Football
20173rd PlaceyinzerFantasy Football
20171st PlacebeastNFL Pick'em
20172nd PlaceyooperfanNFL Pick'em
20172nd PlaceSmokeyNFL Pick'em
20161st PlaceDoddPowerFantasy Football
20162nd PlaceyinzerFantasy Football
20163rd PlaceZero2CoolFantasy Football
20161st PlacemacbobNCAA March Madness
20162nd PlacedhazerNCAA March Madness
20163rd PlaceyinzerNCAA March Madness
20161st Placeporky88NFL Pick'em
20162nd PlaceyooperfanNFL Pick'em
20163rd PlaceGoPack1984NFL Pick'em
20151st PlaceyinzerFantasy Football
20152nd PlaceGrabacrFantasy Football
20153rd PlaceDoddPowerFantasy Football
20151st PlaceZero2CoolNCAA March Madness
20152nd PlacetexaspackerbackerNCAA March Madness
20153rd PlaceMucky TundraNCAA March Madness
20151st PlaceMucky TundraNFL Pick'em
20152nd Placeporky88NFL Pick'em
20153rd PlaceSINCITYCHEEZENFL Pick'em
20141st PlacedjcubezFantasy Football
20142nd PlacewprFantasy Football
20143rd PlacemacbobFantasy Football
20141st PlacetexaspackerbackerNCAA March Madness
20142nd Placeporky88NCAA March Madness
20143rd PlacebuckeyepackfanNCAA March Madness
20141st PlacemacbobNFL Pick'em
20142nd PlaceyooperfanNFL Pick'em
20143rd Placehardrocker950NFL Pick'em
20131st PlacesteveishereFantasy Football
20132nd PlacedhazerFantasy Football
20133rd PlacewprFantasy Football
20131st PlacemacbobNCAA March Madness
20132nd Placeporky88NCAA March Madness
20133rd PlaceZero2CoolNCAA March Madness
20131st PlacewprNFL Pick'em
20132nd PlaceMaverickNFL Pick'em
20133rd PlacedhazerNFL Pick'em
20122nd PlacemacbobFantasy Football
20123rd PlacebuckeyepackfanFantasy Football
20121st PlacewprNFL Pick'em
20122nd PlacemacbobNFL Pick'em
20123rd PlacePack93zNFL Pick'em
20111st PlaceDoddPowerFantasy Football
20112nd PlaceZero2CoolNCAA March Madness
20101st PlaceTengoJuegoFantasy Football
20102nd PlaceZero2CoolFantasy Football
20103rd PlaceRockmolderFantasy Football
20101st PlaceIronManNCAA March Madness
20103rd PlaceZero2CoolNCAA March Madness
20091st PlaceZero2CoolFantasy Football
20092nd PlaceMattG04Fantasy Football
20093rd PlacedhazerFantasy Football
20091st Place68mdNCAA March Madness

Fan Shout
Zero2Cool (11h) : Aaron Rodgers: No reason I wouldn’t be back, but no absolutes
Mucky Tundra (12h) : that said i'll probably remember that one when arguing with people about Rodgers
Mucky Tundra (12h) : Getting really tired of hearing those type of factoids in connection when the Packers lose
Zero2Cool (15h) : @NFLonCBS Aaron Rodgers is the only QB in NFL history to have 3 playoff losses in games where he threw 3+ Pass TD.
Zero2Cool (25-Jan) : During his post game, he even said he understood it.
Zero2Cool (25-Jan) : I don't think Rodgers was against the FG, he just wasn't aware that was the plan. Huge difference there. Understand it, please.
nerdmann (25-Jan) : Taking the FG is proof that Matt is smarter than Aaron.
Zero2Cool (25-Jan) : "The funny stuff that happens every day that half of it you can't share, and the other half of it you don't want to. That's what I'm going to remember."
Zero2Cool (25-Jan) : Corey Linsley on what he'll remember from the 2020 #Packers season: "The funny stuff that happens every day that half of it you can't share, and the other half of it you don't want to. That's what I'm
Zero2Cool (25-Jan) : Reading the comments from all over is disheartening how ungrateful the squeaky wheel fan base is.
yooperfan (25-Jan) : Oh believe me I was Cheesey
Cheesey (25-Jan) : A warden?!? I hope you were on the right side of the bars, Yoop!😂🤪😂
yooperfan (25-Jan) : If I was Rodgers I would retire. I retired 15 years ago because we had a warden who didn’t know how to run a prison and couldn’t tell the truth.
nerdmann (25-Jan) : Kevin King is like Burt Favor. Untrustworthy. Kevin is paying back gambling debts, Burt Favor was blackmailed for his texting habits.
nerdmann (25-Jan) : I'd be shocked if Aaron completed a pass from goal to go in a big game. Or ran it in with a wide open field.
Zero2Cool (25-Jan) : I wouldn't be shocked if Aaron Rodgers retires.
Zero2Cool (25-Jan) : That's a coincidence, not irony, lol. Packers always picking late in the round. Gooder drafting is needed though.
TheKanataThrilla (25-Jan) : The same position when the traded down to 33 to draft Kevin King. Irony.
Mucky Tundra (25-Jan) : Packers will pick at the #29 position in the NFL draft
Zero2Cool (25-Jan) : “I sure as hell hope so,” LaFleur said when asked if he thought Rodgers would be back in green and gold in 2021. “The guy’s the MVP of this league. He is the heart and soul of our football team, so he
Zero2Cool (25-Jan) : NFL MVP won't be winning Super Bowl, again. Annoying.
Mucky Tundra (25-Jan) : and I dont think Josh Allen is gonna get it done against Brady
Mucky Tundra (25-Jan) : I'm rooting for KC cuz I can't stomach Tampa Bay after that game
Cheesey (25-Jan) : So many chances, so many screw ups. KING
Cheesey (25-Jan) : Now I don’t care who wins the SB.
Mucky Tundra (25-Jan) : whatever problems KC had midseason seem to be gone now
Mucky Tundra (25-Jan) : oh man TJ Lang from the top rope on Bostick
Mucky Tundra (25-Jan) : @TJLang70 Nah I think they all actually tried to do their job.
Mucky Tundra (25-Jan) : @Bostick11 They Still Gonna Blame Me...
Mucky Tundra (24-Jan) : i just want to sit here for the rest of the day and not do anything but that's counterproductive
Zero2Cool (24-Jan) : 😥😥😥
Zero2Cool (24-Jan) : @RobDemovsky This is the 2011 playoffs all over again. JPP causing havoc. Hail Mary to end the half.
Zero2Cool (24-Jan) : Let's fucking go!!!
Tezzy (24-Jan) : Go Pack Go!
Mucky Tundra (24-Jan) : i guess they had the tarp down or the photos were old ones because I'm not seeing any snow on the field now
Cheesey (24-Jan) : I’m a nervous wreck right now.
Mucky Tundra (24-Jan) : Just looked at the Packers facebook page; a nice little layer of snow on the ground
nerdmann (24-Jan) : They released Dexter Williams from the PS this week.
Zero2Cool (24-Jan) : Kevin King is active. Tramon Williams is active. Inactive: Kingsley Keke, Jordan Love, Jonathan Garvin, Jace Sternberger, Josh Jackson, Vernon Scott, Ka’dar Hollman
Zero2Cool (24-Jan) : As eagle-eyed @mattschneidman noticed, Kevin King is going through a warm-up on the field. There's no trainer by him, for what it's worth - only Jaire Alexander, with King working on press coverage
nerdmann (24-Jan) : Run it up the gut. See what Vea's got.
Zero2Cool (24-Jan) : amesPalmerTV confirmed Arians plan for Vita Vea today is 20 to 25 snaps...
Zero2Cool (24-Jan) : Not looking good for Winfield Jr per what was just said.
Cheesey (24-Jan) : Keep the flag flying, Yoop!!!😁
Zero2Cool (24-Jan) : Green Bay is 15-1 in their last 16 games at home against Tampa Bay.
Zero2Cool (24-Jan) : Geez. Rodgers has less wins more losses than Brady when sub 40°
buckeyepackfan (24-Jan) : GAME DAY! GO! PACK! GO!
Zero2Cool (24-Jan) : It's snowing here, but we only have few inches so far, nothing major.
yooperfan (24-Jan) : Snowing like crazy here in Ishpeming. I’m wishing for snow 150 miles south of here. GO PACK GO!!!
Zero2Cool (24-Jan) : 27° with 8 mph wind currently.
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