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The NFL are using fines to PR validate wrong referring calls!

Roger Goodell is all about PR, and often has tried to sweep things under the rug, but since he finally got a great ass kissing official head ref, the NFL has failed to follow the rules book!

First off all (before the new ass kissing head ref), they were fining players for a few years there when ever the announcers talked about a huge hit on ST, if the announces noticed it and pointed it out to the audience, the player would get fined even if a legal hit, where if the announcers didn't mention it, then the player wouldn't get fined even if it was an illegal hit.

Then with the ass kissing head ref they changed how they were calling the catch rule, before the rule was changed, and the next off-season, changed the rule to match the way the way they were calling it.

Samething has happened with other rules too, change the way they rule it, before any rule book changes.

And then the new rules they added are vague as hell! Usually rules are specific and clear, but the new rules added recently can have a 1,000 different interpretation based on the person reading it, and the NFL wants I that way, so they can change their interpretation and be correct and point to it, and say they followed the rule.

Now (and read the whole article for more), they're fining players over controversial bad calls! From my understanding of the rules and former official head refs understanding of the rules, this was a perfect text book hit! And yet the player is now getting fined for it, (in my opinion) not because of the hit but for the controversial opinion that it's a completely wrong call and the NFL wants to back up themselves with PR.)

the league office to fine Bills right tackle Cody Ford $28,075 for a blindside block that knocked Buffalo out of range for a potential game-winning field goal in overtime. The officials flagged Ford, prompting a widespread outcry — including a claim from former NFL V.P. of officiating Mike Pereira that it was a bad call.

Yeah, and they didn’t fine Clowney for the head first dive he took at Wentz that took him out of the game.
And I say again, watch for him to try to pull something like that against the Packers tomorrow.
I mean, why wouldn’t he, when he knows the NFL will let him do it with no punishment?

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The rules and calls/non calls are frustrating. When they can not in 3 words tell us is and is not a catch. A receiver has a different requirement than a running back does. It's stupid.
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It took more than 14 months for the NFL to finally tell the truth, but they (probably forgot they lied and) freaking finally told the f***ing truth!

The best part, might be that the NFL probably didn't even mean to tell the truth... just someone creating a training video came across the play as an excellent example and they didn't remember the lie they once told, and the truth slipped out!

Now, will said player please get his fined money back?

NFL now says Cody Ford block that drew big flag in playoff game was legal
Posted by Michael David Smith on April 10, 2021, 7:13 AM EDT

In overtime of a playoff loss in January of 2020, Bills lineman Cody Ford was hit with a huge penalty for an illegal blindside block that knocked Buffalo out of field goal range. At the time, rules experts said it was a bad call, but the NFL insisted it was the correct call, even fining Ford for it.

Now? Not.

The NFL is now saying Ford’s block was legal, even using it as an example of a legal block in an officiating video released on Friday. In the video, NFL Senior VP of Officiating Training and Development Walt Anderson says Ford’s block didn’t meet the “forcible” standard that is required for a flag to be thrown.

Here is the officiating video on twitter.

“Back towards his own end line, and again just makes really more of a nudge block,” Anderson says as Ford’s block is shown. “Not the type of forcible contact threshold that has to be met for a blindside block rule.”

No explanation is given for why the NFL is now using Ford’s block as an example of a legal block if it was worthy of a 15-yard penalty and fine in last year’s postseason.

The call was a big one: If it hadn’t been called, the Bills would have been able to try a 56-yard field goal to win the game. Instead they were pushed out of field goal range, punted, and the Texans won the game with a field goal on the ensuing possession.

The NFL corporation is a complete ass clown shit show.
Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

The NFL corporation is a complete ass clown shit show.

You are being too kind to them😂
The NFL big wigs spend more time covering their collective asses then admitting they are ever wrong.
What good does it do for the Bills now?
Just like I believe it was the Rams the season before getting hosed by the refs on a obvious pass interference call that wasn’t called in the playoffs.
I think In such an obvious missed call, or obvious wrong call, the NFL should step in and fix it before a game is ruined. At least in the playoffs, where it can change the whole game.
After all, they step in otherwise.
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