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I'm not so sure it's safe to say that...

10th best in points scored against at 20.6 per game. And a lot more rookies playing in a brand new system.

Originally Posted by: beast 

Also the point others fail to remember is I think they were 9th ranked scoring defense and 10th in passing yards allowed.

So we have rookies to replace some veterans and you are implementing a defense that is an unknown as we know how his defenses played in college, but even for Vets, we will see mistakes because they will be thinking first instead of reacting.

Also we have what half our team is in the 2nd year or 3rd year so they will have a drop off as is the case in the majority of players.

As far as a deep playoff run I will be happy to make it over 500, last year I was confident we would be a good team if we actually ran the ball but early in the year we couldn't do that and we looked like a team that was getting a top 10 pick. Jones got healthy and we started running the ball which got our wideouts plenty of room to work and Love picked up the pace with guys running with no one around them for 5 yards. I personally hope Love gets rid of the backfoot lob passes as he gets his guys killed by doing that and is taught to step into his throws.

But back to the defense, I think we will struggle as the CB room is weak and the WR rooms of our division rivals are stacked. Also, did we actually do anything to slow down the running game? I have no clue as you can say we drafted these guys but it won't help if they can't get off blocks like we have seen or the usual over run a play that is a well known play with a Packers defense.

Just Imagine this for the next 6-9 years. What a ride it will be 🙂 (PS, Zero should charge for this)
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Why does that matter? I actually read it, but you can basically assume what it says based on it being the off-season and the headline.

To super over summarize
~ The guys we lost, sucked!
~ The guys we added, rule!
~ Ergo, we will be better!

Originally Posted by: beast 

You forgot to add the last DC was so bad he was criminally insane. The new DC part is amazing. The Packers will have him for half a season before he takes over as HC for Carolina AND Washington.

To answer Zero's query, I only read the part he quoted in his post. All the rest is the same stuff we always see this time of year. Or so I assumed.
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I read it as well. Beasts summary is largely correct.

Nevertheless, I can't remember the timeline, but was Hadley hired before we signed McKinney and bid adieu to Savage?

If so, that might indicate to me that his acceptance of the job may have been provisional, i.e. "yea I would love the job, but don't expect much unless we have some real safeties as your guys stink."

Another theory might be if our guys were so bad, perhaps our deployment and schemes were appropriate and Barry may have overachieved relative to the talent with which he had to work.

Originally Posted by: Martha Careful 

The Packers front office more or less bid farewell to Savage BEFORE the season ended. He could have gotten a PFF (I know you are not a fan but this is an exaggerated illustration.) grade of 99 for the last 6 weeks and it wouldn't have mattered.
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I didn't read it but didn't comment either. I agree I'm pretty sure I'm good knowing what the article said from the headline.
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2023 - 2024 Defenses League Wide(pulled this from packers.com)

Only three defenses in the NFL last season allowed fewer than 300 total points (17.6 per game), and only one of those was under 294 (Baltimore at 280). Only four allowed fewer than 5,000 yards (294.1 per game), and only one of those was under 4,900 (Cleveland at 4,593). When those are the top numbers/averages, that means the very best defenses are giving up 20-plus points and/or 300-plus yards plenty of times throughout the course of a season.

The difference for this year may come down to not playing the soft keep everything in front of you and hope the other team makes a mistake or creating timely turnovers.

Being more aggressive may end up in allowing a few more big scoring plays, but the alternative is watching teams move the ball slowly down the field, knowing they would score.

I was addicted to The Hokey Pokey, but I turned myself around!
a month ago
Facing rookie QBs might be helpful with the more aggressive scheme, though teams are improving their OLs and we didn't improve our DL.

So we're probably going to need to run blitz a lot more.
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