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    Fan Shout
    Martha Careful (2h) : sad news tonight. Willie Mays passes away. He was the greatest of all time
    Martha Careful (16-Jun) : Amen Z2C, I hope all of you fathers have a terrific Fathers' Day. Be great fathers!!!
    Zero2Cool (16-Jun) : Happy Father's Day to the dad's
    Zero2Cool (14-Jun) : YOU BROKE IT
    buckeyepackfan (14-Jun) : Welcome to "The Dead Zone" may the only Packer News we hear is positive!!
    buckeyepackfan (14-Jun) : Trevor Lawrence-5yr 275mil-200mil guaranteed. J-10VE is next.
    Mucky Tundra (13-Jun) : @AaronWilson_NFL #Packers have signed first-round pick Jordan Morgan to $14.185 million deal that includes $7.135 million signing bonus
    jdlax (11-Jun) : Hahaha hellllllll no, Sunday is king! It's those Thursday night games that hurt
    Mucky Tundra (11-Jun) : @AndyHermanNFL Looks like Tucker Kraft is out of the sling. Progress!
    Zero2Cool (11-Jun) : That's also my oldests birthday
    Zero2Cool (11-Jun) : Thought it was I fucking hate SNF. I went what why it's consistently way better than any other game
    Zero2Cool (11-Jun) : Whoa. I read that so wrong before Jared lol
    wpr (10-Jun) : that's great jdlax
    jdlax (10-Jun) : God I hate the Shithawks
    jdlax (10-Jun) : Sunday Night fucking Football
    jdlax (10-Jun) : I just got my tickets to represent in Seattle December 15th woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Martha Careful (9-Jun) : I really enjoyed game 1 of the Stanley Cup final. Sergei Bobrovsky G - FL was incredibly good.
    Mucky Tundra (4-Jun) : *NFL
    Mucky Tundra (4-Jun) : @ByRyanWood Pads or no pads, welcome to the N
    Mucky Tundra (4-Jun) : @ByRyanWood Rashan Gary just steamrolled Jordan Morgan on a bull rush. Drove right over him to the ground.
    Mucky Tundra (3-Jun) : God and a lot of money brought Reggie to GB
    Mucky Tundra (3-Jun) : yep. became the highest paid defensive player in the league and 3rd highest behind Elway and Marino
    Zero2Cool (3-Jun) : Packers signed second-round pick Javon Bullard
    Zero2Cool (3-Jun) : Reggie White got something like 4 years $17m total right?
    buckeyepackfan (3-Jun) : 110mil guaranteed!!!
    Zero2Cool (3-Jun) : Justin Jefferson. 4/$140m ??? wow
    Mucky Tundra (31-May) : @AndyHermanNFL Sean Rhyan getting some reps at center in walkthroughs. They are rotating guys everywhere.
    Mucky Tundra (31-May) : or that might have been an individual drill thing
    Mucky Tundra (31-May) : that was from the 29th but I've seen other combs (including Rhyan@C)
    Mucky Tundra (31-May) : @ByRyanWood Without Elgton Jenkins and Zach Tom, #Packers starting OL: Rasheed Walker, Jordan Morgan, Josh Myers, Sean Rhyan, Andre Dillard.
    Martha Careful (31-May) : I have never seen an OTA, but who is lining up at LT and RG with starters? or is it all individual drills?
    Zero2Cool (30-May) : Bears are the first team to be selected for Hard Knocks
    dfosterf (29-May) : Andy Herman and his Pack a day podcast put up GB strengths yesterday. This morning he did weaknesses. They are both very good.
    Zero2Cool (25-May) : Yes.
    beast (24-May) : Does he say what it is?
    Zero2Cool (22-May) : Christian Watson believes he has discovered the root cause his soft-tissue leg injuries
    Zero2Cool (22-May) : Savage played last half of season with tear in rotator cuff
    Zero2Cool (22-May) : SISSIES!!!!
    Mucky Tundra (22-May) : Sounds like both Kraft and Tom were injuried before OTAs began
    buckeyepackfan (22-May) : Not serious but waiting for strength and conditioning coach referwnces.
    buckeyepackfan (22-May) : Tom and Kraft both injured(pectoral muscle),
    Zero2Cool (20-May) : I feel similar about person and product/service.
    beast (17-May) : Not sure why a players views reflect on GB... instead of simply on the player
    Martha Careful (17-May) : I bet some of us have had 6+ mRNA jabs, a UKR flag on our walls, and still think Fauci has a thread of integrity
    Zero2Cool (16-May) : From what I've read, it's all Jets , not us.
    CanPackFan (16-May) : Will there ever be a time when Rodgers' whacko views will not reflect on GB? He is the past, thank god.
    Zero2Cool (16-May) : Jan 4th gonna be rough with that start time lol
    Zero2Cool (16-May) : Packers schedule listed. Boom.
    buckeyepackfan (15-May) : Let the leaks begin. Colts @ Packers week 2, Vikings @ Packers week 4
    Zero2Cool (14-May) : WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling to Bills
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