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Fan Shout
Zero2Cool (8h) : Watson OUT for Monday. Walker is Doubtful.
Zero2Cool (8-Dec) : Patriots held teams under ten points and still lose.
hardrocker950 (8-Dec) : Not like the Patriots have looked inspired lately either
hardrocker950 (8-Dec) : Not like the Patriots have l
buckeyepackfan (8-Dec) : why the hell did I take Pittsburgh tonight? they have really went down hill
packerfanoutwest (8-Dec) : fire Chris Gizzi!
Zero2Cool (8-Dec) : Packers Injury Report: Aaron Jones returns to practice
Zero2Cool (7-Dec) : Consensus is strengthen back so hamstrings don't overcompensate
Zero2Cool (7-Dec) : Watson consulted with doctor about hamstring.
buckeyepackfan (7-Dec) : Rams sogn Mason Crosby.
Zero2Cool (7-Dec) : I like that the Packers are playing well. I hope they destroy Giants!!
beast (6-Dec) : If you actually read the posts, I probably post about other teams than anyone else... I can't understand why you are so hung up on crap
Zero2Cool (6-Dec) : Packers are winning. Good time to be alivet
beast (6-Dec) : Pwof take the stick out of your ass! I don't give a fuck what you post about...
packerfanoutwest (6-Dec) : but it's ok for you to do something similar, regarding McCarthy?
packerfanoutwest (6-Dec) : beast, you questioned me when I posted something about Rodgers
Martha Careful (6-Dec) : It is a amazing how much that surgery has progressed. I think it is arthroscopic..
beast (6-Dec) : Mike McCarthy has appendicitis, plans to have surgery today and coach on Sunday
packerfanoutwest (6-Dec) : Packers sign Kenyan Drake to practice squad
packerfanoutwest (6-Dec) : Packers sign Kenyan Drake to practice squad
beast (6-Dec) : Packers were beating Giants 20-10 at halftime before going to sleep in London last year
Zero2Cool (6-Dec) : I think we were 3-1 last year when we faced them.
Zero2Cool (6-Dec) : I don't think anyone is saying Giants are a walkover.
dfosterf (6-Dec) : Amen to that, Martha
Martha Careful (5-Dec) : A .500 team has not walkovers. Every game will be a challenge. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Zero2Cool (5-Dec) : I think we thought Giants would be W last year. We got beat thoroughly didn't we?
beast (5-Dec) : I don't like overlooking opponents, but honestly I'm totally overlooking the Giants with that OL
beast (5-Dec) : Lions would have to lose 3 of their last 5 for there to be a chance, they got Cowboys, Broncos, Bears, Vikings(x2)... I think they got it
buckeyepackfan (5-Dec) : Just beat The Giants!!!
Zero2Cool (5-Dec) : Officials were crap for both teams.
dhazer (5-Dec) : Interesting looking at the remaining schedules and I don't think its far fetched for the Packers to win the division lol
Mucky Tundra (5-Dec) : hardrocker tell your boss to, in the words of nerdmann, to stop shitting himself
Mucky Tundra (5-Dec) : Haed
Martha Careful (5-Dec) : Tell him, “ Martha says,’ got an issue, get a tissue!’”
umair_010 (5-Dec) : To be fair the refs were horrible
hardrocker950 (5-Dec) : One of the supervisors at my workplace is a Chiefs fan - he spent the whole night whining about the refs...
Mucky Tundra (5-Dec) : 10 points.
Zero2Cool (5-Dec) : Dang. Four of the losses by a total of what 12 points?
Zero2Cool (4-Dec) : The Packers claimed CB David Long off waivers after he was released by Carolina
umair_010 (4-Dec) : Love put himself on the radar yesterday by beating Mahomes
Mucky Tundra (4-Dec) : Big oof
beast (4-Dec) : NFL teams are 54-3 this season when allowing 10 or fewer points. The Patriots are 0-3 in this stat the last 3 weeks.
beast (4-Dec) : Seems like Alexander might of been on to something.
beast (4-Dec) : I can't find it now, but Alexander said something about he thinks the Packers will run the table a few weeks ago and everyone laughed...
beast (4-Dec) : I think Packers have more class, 49ers player got ejected for throwing punches, no class there 😋
Zero2Cool (4-Dec) : Hope Watson is okay
Zero2Cool (4-Dec) : Packers win!!
Martha Careful (4-Dec) : SF is the class of the NFC
wpr (4-Dec) : Samori won't be on the team next year.
buckeyepackfan (4-Dec) : whoops
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