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6 years ago
I think I'm supposed to say why I'm a Packers fan, so here goes. It was 1967, and I was 7 years old. We were living in Durham, NC at the time. My Dad was teaching Marine Corps ROTC classes at Duke University. He was a Packers fan since his childhood and he had me sit down and watch the Ice Bowl with him. And that's all it took, because I was hooked on The Pack and have been ever since. My Dad has since passed on, but I'm grateful to him for introducing me to the best team in NFL history. I'm a shareholder and have seen the Packers play three times here in California. But I've never had the honor to see them at historic Lambeau Field. But I hope too. Go Pack Go!
6 years ago
Welcome Aboard to you crixus.

If I recall correctly, a character in the classic film Spartacus, one of my all time favorites. Like you I too became a Packer Fan in North Carolina, but a few years earlier. Around 1963 my earliest Packer Fan memories began at my Uncles rural home with my cousins, my brother , and I. We would all lay in front of the TV on the plush carpet with blankets covering us and heads propped up on lots of pillows as we watched Sunday Football . The grown-ups sat in chairs and couches behind us as we watched such star players as Johnny Unitas, Roman Gabriel, and of course Bart Starr. I became a Packer Fan because my closest cousin was a Packer Fanatic. I've been a Packer fan ever sense.

California is a long way from Richmond , Va. where I live. I hope to read many "crixus" post in the future and again bid you a hearty welcome. [thumbup]

[cheers] GO PACK GO ! [cheers]

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6 years ago
Thanks Smokey. That's a really cool life you've lead. Yes, Crixus was basically a free lance fighter for Spartacus and became a General under him. I chose that name because I went to college at San Jose State (home of the Spartans). San Jose State claimed that nickname before Michigan State did.
6 years ago
Welcome crixus, we look forward to your comments!
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6 years ago
Good to meet you.

I am from. IL. We move in Minneapolis when I was in 1st grade. 1965. Even though the Vikings were around almost everyone was a Packers fan. Coming from Peoria, I was amazed at the media coverage.

We moved back to Peoria after a year but I had found my forever football team.

When I was 18-20 I asked. My girlfriend if I should get on the season ticket waiting list. It was only 20 years long in the 70s. 50,000 people IIRC. She said I should. When they expanded the stadium I was around 5000th. They gave me the the option to purchase the Gold package. Since I live 4 hrs away that was good for me.

I married that girl. She was smart.

Look forward to seeing your posts.

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