7 years ago

We're obviously discussing in hindsight, but that's what one does to learn lessons for the future. I didn't necessarily mind Hayward leaving, but several people complained about Peppers salary. Michael Rodney also was in favor of keeping Hayward under the "you just don't let a good young CB go." Moreover, it was just a general statement that Peppers money could undoubtedly be better spent elsewhere. Peppers is done.

Originally Posted by: DoddPower 

To be fair, people also often complain that Teddy doesn't go out and get veteran free agents. Not that Hayward was super young or anything, but Peppers is the definition of a veteran.
7 years ago

To be fair, people also often complain that Teddy doesn't go out and get veteran free agents. Not that Hayward was super young or anything, but Peppers is the definition of a veteran.

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To use Julius Peppers in this argument, we should have gone and gotten him before he ever played for the Bears. Not after the Bears used the shit out of him. But that would have cost a boatload of money, which is the argument most of us that would like to see a splash free agent make every spring. Julius Peppers was on his last legs, but he has given us more than most thought possible. I would imagine his snap count is being held down to keep him fresh for playoff pass rushing.
7 years ago

To be fair, people also often complain that Teddy doesn't go out and get veteran free agents. Not that Hayward was super young or anything, but Peppers is the definition of a veteran.

Originally Posted by: Porforis 

Peppers was definitely a good signing. I just don't think he's much more than a situational #3/4 player at best at this point, with the exception of a few splash plays a season followed by lots of disappearing. I would have rather he restructure his contract, ideally.
7 years ago

I thought we liked Julius Peppers and when his contract was signed we felt it was a fair deal? We do not feel that way anymore?

I wonder if in some peoples eyes the rookie season Hayward had gave him unrealistic expectations and therefore we soured on him sooner than we should have. I thought when he was healthy he was solid in the slot. Did we get a compensatory pick for him?

I want to say this "Casey Hayward signed a 3 year, $15,300,000 contract" seems like a lot for a CB3. But, I can see the flip side of not having too many good CB's. I would rather a more punishing Defensive front than ball hawking secondary myself.

Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

I liked it at the time. Things change fast in the NFL though, especially for older players. He's just pretty expensive now. Also, would Casey Hayward be the #3 CB on the Packers this season? He's been playing pretty well this season matched up against some good players. Have you watched?

With the way Randall and Rollins have been playing, he would likely be the next best corner after Shields, and possibly the best with the injury situation. Gunter is impressing, but he still needs to improve, and the jury is still very much out on Rollins and Randall. With the injury concerns for Shields, the Packers will likely need to draft another CB in the first 3-4 rounds next season anyway, and will likely only get a 5th for Hayward.

I didn't have a big problem letting him go, but based on how he's been playing this season, he would be nice to have around. It looks like he's improved a little bit more. I'm not basing this off his rookie season. I always thought he was overvalued because of that season. A few of those interceptions were literally thrown directly to him. But at least he caught him, which the Packers seem to be struggling with this season.
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Martha Careful (24-Feb) : ty, and ty dfosterf for the new thread.
Zero2Cool (24-Feb) : Which came off like he's not ready
Zero2Cool (24-Feb) : Last I recall hearing was from GM who said he was "in the process"
Martha Careful (24-Feb) : Are there any relatively current reports on whether Bakhtiari is going to be ready to play?
Zero2Cool (23-Feb) : That's a nice jump isn't it from 2023?
Zero2Cool (23-Feb) : Bahaha
Zero2Cool (23-Feb) : NFL announced today that the 2024 Salary Cap will be $255.4 million per club
buckeyepackfan (23-Feb) : 255.4mil!!!!
buckeyepackfan (23-Feb) : NFL anounces 2024 salary cap at 25.4mil, a 30mil increase from 2023.
Zero2Cool (23-Feb) : Chiefs sign Matt Araiza after punter dropped from lawsuit
buckeyepackfan (21-Feb) : Miracles can happen.
packerfanoutwest (20-Feb) : hope Aaron Hill can put an end to all these ridiculous hammie injuries
Zero2Cool (20-Feb) : ource says 2024 salary will be closer to $250 million than $243 million.
Zero2Cool (20-Feb) : Packers are hiring 49ers assistant strength coach Aaron Hill as their new head of strength and conditioning
Martha Careful (18-Feb) : No worries…Happy President's Day. I hope most of you have the day off.
dhazer (18-Feb) : Sorry Martha didn't see the story your on it already
beast (18-Feb) : I'm pretty sure those cap hits are going to hit no matter what, if the players are released, re-sign, whatever, the cap hits are earned
Martha Careful (18-Feb) : DH, 10.4 I agree. Z2C IIRC they could sign later, but lose ability to adjust void years/dead cap
Zero2Cool (18-Feb) : They could release before Monday. Then sign later, yea?
Zero2Cool (18-Feb) : Doesn't meant they won't be on Packers in 2024 does it?
dhazer (18-Feb) : @martha That's why said I guess we will know about Savage because if no extension we get a $5 million cap hit for him
Martha Careful (17-Feb) : Per Packers cap expert Ken Ingalls, Nixon, Savage, and Nijman have void provisions that will trigger on Feb. 19.
Zero2Cool (17-Feb) : I just looked at the contract overview. Not sure what Monday means
Zero2Cool (16-Feb) : How's that work? They can't sign him via free agency?
dhazer (16-Feb) : I am guessing we will know if they are bringing Savage back by Monday, if not extended his cap hit for void years is almost $6 million
Martha Careful (15-Feb) : Kudos to them for the quick hook.
Martha Careful (15-Feb) : Wilks looked clueless and frozen in the 4th Q and OT. I think Shanahan was telling him to dial up pressure and he was in capable.
Mucky Tundra (15-Feb) : *them
Mucky Tundra (15-Feb) : And it looks like San Fran missed out on all the good coordinators from the hiring cycle. I will now play the worlds smallest violin for the
Zero2Cool (15-Feb) : 49ers fire D-coordinator Steve Wilks after one season
packerfanoutwest (14-Feb) : So where were thet for the Championship games?
Martha Careful (13-Feb) : I think they were a reaction to prevent another incident like the Philly game earlier where an asst. coach got involved w/ an opp. playerg
packerfanoutwest (13-Feb) : what's up with the Ninja sideline officials?
umair_010 (12-Feb) : Watching mahomes roll on the floor after winning looked so fake and phoney. I can’t be the only one
Mucky Tundra (12-Feb) : The Chicago Bears are now on the clock
Mucky Tundra (12-Feb) : Blocked XP didnt help either
Mucky Tundra (12-Feb) : Taylor Swift starts to follow the Chiefs and watches a Super Bowl win her 1st year. Other fanbases watch enviously
Mucky Tundra (12-Feb) : San Fran lost this game in the 1st quarter when they piled up yards but didnt score
buckeyepackfan (12-Feb) : lol
buckeyepackfan (12-Feb) : Don't know how Vegas does it. 46.5 over/under I took the under
Martha Careful (12-Feb) : they had a chance to win it. Second, and five on the 5 yard line running left successfully and chose to run, right
Mucky Tundra (12-Feb) : Sucks to suck San Fran
Mucky Tundra (12-Feb) : Winner winner chicken dinner!
TheKanataThrilla (12-Feb) : Calling TD to Kelce...the perfect NFL marketing ending
TheKanataThrilla (12-Feb) : MVS was a dumb play there
Mucky Tundra (12-Feb) : Ack what was that?
Mucky Tundra (12-Feb) : Oh is it already down to this?
Mucky Tundra (12-Feb) : Between the McCaffrey and Juszyzck plays I thought they were cooked
Mucky Tundra (12-Feb) : Wow the Chiefs hang on
Mucky Tundra (12-Feb) : Giving up a 15 yard completion on 2nd & 12? Joe Barry level stuff
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