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Offline dhazer  
#1 Posted : Saturday, April 19, 2014 6:24:37 AM(UTC)

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As you folks know I live in the middle of Steeler Country and close to Latrobe Pa. Latrobe is known for the Steelers mini camp but also is known to be the home of Arnold Palmer. I started a new job back in March and I love this place, the owners take real good care of you, in fact he buys me lunch everyday he goes out. And he is also a very big hotshot at the local country club to the point he has his statue in front of it. But anyway he made me a promise that if I could get a certain contract back that he would get me a membership to the country club. Well that right there is a $1500 bonus (even though I am sure he just makes a phone call and says give it to him at no cost) which drove me hard to get this back. Now most of the guys in the office are older but they all play golf and of course when I was hired I got asked if I played and I said yes but I'm better at drinking beer than getting the ball in the hole lol. Well I worked and talked my butt off and pulled the miracle I mended the fences and got the contract back.I actually forgot about the whole golf membership thing, just was happy to show I can get things done. Well one of the old guys found out about the whole golf thing and how I said I wasn't very good and asked me to go for a ride with him one day. So I asked the boss if I could and he smiled and said yes enjoy your day it will probably be a day you remember forever. So I was stumped thinking, big deal I get to go and have a membership which is cool but not like I will remember it forever. Well we started driving and we kept driving until we got to Latrobe. He turned into this one driveway and it had a speaker box when I heard a voice say is he with you? The guy said yes he is, and then I heard "Ok I will meet you out back". Now I am sitting here wondering what the heck is going on. Well we pull up to this nice garage and we go inside. The guy yells " Hey Old Man where are you" and I hear I am out back come out here". We walk out back and their in front of my eyes stands Arnold Palmer. He looks at me and says Congratulations Dave on making Jack very happy, but I hear we have a problem. I look at him dumbfounded and ask ummm what problem? He says " I hear your better at drinking beer than playing golf, and no its not chasing the little white ball around either." Now I am really embarrassed, but the worst was yet to come. The 3 of us sit and talk for about an hour when the guy I came with looks at me and says " Hey we could use a laugh show us your golf swing". I was like their is no where to hit a ball and then I was like oh duh I am at Arnies house. Arnie starts to laugh and says ok lets go and see who can hit the longest drive. We go out back and there sits some clubs all ready to go on this driving range. So the guy I rode with tees up and cranks one about 250 but a little to the right. Arnie gets up and hits one about 260 but straight as an arrow. Now its my turn and I am nervous as all hell but then my adrenaline kicks in and the nerves go away. I am like hell I hit my drives around 280 to 290 so this should be easy. I get squared up and take my swing and poof the ball explodes, and yes I mean literally explodes as in one of the joke balls. They are both just rolling with laughter and making comments like damn you crushed that one. I finally start to laugh and said ok give me a real ball and I will show you guys how to drive. I tee it up take my back swing and boom I crush it, its going awesome until the fade comes in and next thing you know I am around 100 yards to the right of everyone else but I did out drive them. And then the thing I will never forget is Arnie looks at me and says" I have to admit you are awesome at driving then a pause because son with you driving like that I am sure you have to drive your cart alot on the course, maybe you better stick to drinking your beer lol.

It was such an awesome day and I will never forget it and how such a legend can be such a nice and normal guy.

Just Imagine this for the next 6-9 years. What a ride it will be :)
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Offline dfosterf  
#2 Posted : Thursday, May 8, 2014 5:07:09 PM(UTC)

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Your story came out very fast, I think I followed it, lol

Good for you, Dave.
damn skippy I'm an owner. I currently own a full .00001924537805515393 % of the Green Bay Packers.

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