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Fan Shout
yooperfan (10h) : The Packers certainly can't afford Sheldon Richardson
Cheesey (16-Apr) : “Bozo the Clowney”???😂
buckeyepackfan (16-Apr) : Guess they had to make room for Clowney.
buckeyepackfan (16-Apr) : Browns relesse DTSheldon Richardson.! He's a good one!
Zero2Cool (15-Apr) : didn't know Eliot Wolf was with Patriots
Zero2Cool (15-Apr) : Falcons cut RB Ito Smith.
Zero2Cool (15-Apr) : Texans sign guard Lane Taylor.
Zero2Cool (14-Apr) : WR/returner Cordarrelle Patterson is in Atlanta visiting the #Falcons
Zero2Cool (14-Apr) : Browns are signing Jadeveon Clowney to a 1 year deal up to $10 million
Zero2Cool (13-Apr) : James Jones 89JonesNTAF says it takes years for receivers to build real chemistry with QB's
Zero2Cool (12-Apr) : @RapSheet The #Patriots have terminated the contract of WR Julian Edelman, per the wire. He’s listed as a failed physical.
Cheesey (10-Apr) : “Hip hop”...sounds like something rabbits do!😂
Zero2Cool (10-Apr) : I really didn't know he was as popular as it seems. I figured he was just a dude I watched in few movies.
beast (10-Apr) : DMX technically is a rapper, but I would consider him more hardcore hip-hop (or some label him East Coast Hip-hop), and less a rapper.
Zero2Cool (10-Apr) : @Gil_Brandt Happy 85th birthday, John Madden. Most people think of John as a coach and Madden game-maker but he was quite an athlete, too.
Cheesey (10-Apr) : Some rapper. I never heard of him either. They said drugs caused his death.
packerfanoutwest (10-Apr) : Who?
Zero2Cool (9-Apr) : Earl Simmons aka DMX, 50. 1970-2021.
Mucky Tundra (8-Apr) : i briefly got excited at the idea of GB signing Bernard and then I remembered he was in the same draft class as Eddie Lacy and Le'veon Bell
Zero2Cool (7-Apr) : Bengals announced they released HB Giovani Bernard.
Zero2Cool (6-Apr) : Aaron Rodgers opening admits he does NOT like ESPN and does NOT like NFL Network. I love it!
Zero2Cool (6-Apr) : "I still love playing. I don't want to give that up. I want to keep playing. I still have the passion and the fire. I feel I can do this for a number of years."
TheKanataThrilla (5-Apr) : I think Aaron is doing a good job. May need to loosen up a bit, but for a first episode impressed.
Zero2Cool (5-Apr) : Sources: The #Panthers have traded for #Jets QB Sam Darnold.
Mucky Tundra (3-Apr) : Exactly, he''s the #4 Safety and he's a good ST player. If someone comes along who's better then they'll cut him
Zero2Cool (3-Apr) : I'm good with the signing. It's not like we inked him for $10 million for the season. It's a roster spot and could be improved via draft.
Mucky Tundra (3-Apr) : i'm not sure what the hand wringing over Redmond is about; he's basically Jarrett Bush 2.0
Zero2Cool (2-Apr) : LET'S GO!!
Zero2Cool (2-Apr) : Hell yeah! You gotta fill out the roster, ya know that right? I mean, it's not just starters that play. COME ON MAN
yooperfan (2-Apr) : Redmond! Seriously!😳
Zero2Cool (2-Apr) : @mattschneidman Packers announce they re-signed safety Will Redmond.
Zero2Cool (2-Apr) : @KenIngalls 👀Will Redmond returning to the Packers?
Cheesey (31-Mar) : Gado love that!🤪😂
Zero2Cool (31-Mar) : Samkon Gado is now an ENT doctor!
Zero2Cool (31-Mar) : @AdamSchefter Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers will be hosting Jeopardy for two weeks, starting Monday April 5 and continuing through the week of Monday April 12.
Zero2Cool (30-Mar) : Roger Goodell: We expect full stadiums in 2021
Zero2Cool (30-Mar) : beast, I couldn't find anything on why Ravens was suspended. It is funny though lol
Zero2Cool (30-Mar) : @greenbaytoday The #Packers have been in contact/had a virtual visit with Memphis RB Kenneth Gainwell - per a source.
Zero2Cool (29-Mar) : DB Morgan Burnett announced his retirement from the NFL on Instagram. Third-round pick of Packers in 2010. Played 113 games with GB.
beast (29-Mar) : Any idea why the official account was suspended? Lol
Zero2Cool (29-Mar) : Ravens verified Twitter account is suspended lol
Zero2Cool (27-Mar) : Packers free-agent returner Tyler Ervin visiting with Bills
Mucky Tundra (27-Mar) : There's a saying in MLB baseball: want a starting pitcher? draft 10 and send them to the minors.
Cheesey (26-Mar) : You are right about the home run kanata! That’s a lot to give up.
TheKanataThrilla (26-Mar) : I think Jordan can run Matt's system. His year before his draft year has incredible film.
wpr (26-Mar) : Jordan Love is a sure thing. :)
TheKanataThrilla (26-Mar) : I agree Cheesey, but to give up so many first rounders you better hit a homerun.
Cheesey (26-Mar) : Yeah, but look how many first round picks end up as busts. None are a sure thing.
Zero2Cool (26-Mar) : @fantasysportsso Report: Seahawks cutting Jarran Reed after no trade develops
TheKanataThrilla (26-Mar) : Holy shit. San Fran better hit on their pick. Huge trade. Miami is stacked with first round picks. Wow.
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