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Offline Zero2Cool  
#16 Posted : Friday, December 20, 2013 8:45:23 AM(UTC)

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I am very adamant that if we raise our children better and educate them better, WE as a nation will be better.

I have a very analytical personality and am amused while observing trends and what not. Some of the things I've experienced have me scratching my head thinking, if I can see this, why isn't anyone else? Perhaps others are and they aren't doing anything about it?

I am not one of those people who speaks loudly and does nothing about it. I'm extremely proactive with the schools my girls attend to the point their principal's know me well. If they are doing something I disagree with, they will know about it. I went the rounds with teacher after teacher telling them how idiotic it was to allow social networking access on their schools network. And you know what, some of the teachers said they "needed" it. When I asked them how, I completely blasted their reasoning out of the water. I told them it was an unnecessary no reward distraction. Repeatedly I was told they are young adults and should have self discipline. Are you freaking kidding me? These kids are between 14-18 and you expect them to display self control that most twice their age fail to do?

I do agree with their premise that to trust someone you have to give them an opportunity to build that trust. However, as I said, there is no reward for allowing Facebook. Those little teenagers use Facebook for attention, and drama and it spirals out of control. It should be blocked, period.

The High School principal told me they have it blocked and I said about what about the secured connection (HTTPS). Yep, that's how kids were accessing it and he had NO DAMN CLUE. He thanked me for the heads up. Some teachers say they need Facebook. Okay, so be it. Create permission roles then. Admin, Teacher and Student on your network proxy. IT IS NOT DIFFICULT TO DO!!! Students have NO ACCESS to social networking whereas admin and teachers DO.

Teacher Evaluation
As for teachers. The whole grading system is GARBAGE! I do not like paying their health benefits and I feel teachers should be compensated more via their earned salary.

I do not agree with how the teachers are evaluated for wage compensation either. The better their students do grade wise, the better teacher they are presumed to be. I flipped a bird when Lydia's teachers, one after another told me they give her the answers and they give a pre-test that is actually the real test. This is NOT educating. This is NOT learning. This is giving them every opportunity to earn a HIGH grade, rather than encouraging them to LEARN the material.

Grading should be done interdependently. Hey, there's a job market right there for ya. Teachers have NO incentive to grade hard on their students, none at all because if they have 20 students and 15 have D's or F's, it is assumed they are a bad teacher. Personally, I would rather my girls EARN a C and know the material very well than be given an A and be clueless. And do not think for a second this doesn't happen, it does!

School Duration
School should also be year round. Kids aren't needed to tend to the family farm anymore so the summer break is unnecessary. Summer break fragments the educational system and serves no benefit. Start school on the 2nd Monday of January (Jan 13th) and end it the Friday (Nov 21st) before Thanksgiving. That gives teachers nearly two months to do grades and prepare for the following year while giving both teachers and students plenty of time off to celebrate the "Holiday Season" as well.

Personally, I also think (and this is admittedly unethical) we should have every kid medically blocked from having kids until a certain age. I believe and strongly feel one of the issues we have with children is that children are trying to raise children.

If we raise our children better and they are more adequately educated, guess what happens. We become better from top to bottom.
Offline Cheesey  
#17 Posted : Friday, December 20, 2013 1:20:59 PM(UTC)

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Seems to me they are more concerned today about kid's "self asteem" then actually TEACHING them something.
Back when I was a kid, if a child acted up in class, there were concequences. Now, if a kid acts up, they want to drug them to control them.
I remember in junior high, when a boy kept causing trouble.
The teacher had warned him, and told him to straighten up. He didn't, and the teacher kicked the kid's desk, causing him to almost fall over. The boy jumped up, fists clenched, ready to attack. The teacher told him to throw a punch, that the first one would be his.
"Either hit me, or sit down and knock it off"
The kid never acted up again.
If that happened today, with all the kids feeling "entilted", the kid would come back and shoot up the place, or have his parents call a lawyer and have the teacher kicked out.
"You are SPECIAL and have RIGHTS" is what is taught. Not "There are consequences for your actions".
I would NOT want to be a teacher in today's public schools.
Offline texaspackerbacker  
#18 Posted : Friday, December 20, 2013 2:31:07 PM(UTC)

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It's a long time since I paid attention to the school situation "up north" in Wisconsin, but back in the day, one reason or justification for summer vacation was - believe it or not - so they wouldn't have to put air conditioning in the schools. I don't know why - maybe I'm still just a kid at heart, but for some reason, I don't like the idea of year around school - even with the enhanced Christmas vacation you described.

As I said previously, a lot of what is wrong with education is THE STUDENTS - as both Z2C and Cheesey kinda implied, and the reason for that is there are way too few good parents - and the reason for THAT is the modern culture and attitude of pervasive change in the country in general. To say any more would slip into that evil realm of politics .......

Yeah, many teachers and administrators don't have a clue - in a variety of ways. Perhaps worse, though, is that many of them THINK they do have a clue, and thus, put forth a bunch of horrible crap - like the social networking thing - that, in addition to the obvious potential for bad deed doing, detracts from teaching the nuts and bolts of material - reading, writing, 'rithmetic, science, history, and a VERY limited etc. Much as I don't like regulating from above in terms of curriculum, it probably is necessary because so many teachers are the type of psycho-babble loons who would depart too much from the norm to ....... let's just say, crap.

I still say, classroom management - the educator's euphemism for discipline - is the greatest need/shortcoming, and that my previously mentioned solution of disciplinary aides in each room would help greatly in fixing that.
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