3 months ago
What do we know about this? I keep hearing about files, but what we got?

Any truth being spoken from ole Tucker boy?

3 months ago
Regrettably, as the myriad of Twitter expose's now reveal, our government lies to us, manipulates us, and obfuscate the truth.

I was watching TV live when I saw Ruby kill Oswald.  I ran to the kitchen and told my dad what happened and he thought I was mistaken.  Then he came to see what happened and said "this is keep Oswald from talking."  He suspected then what most of us believe now.  The CIA had hand in Kennedy's death.

The recent Twitter disclosures which involve silencing anyone who does not go along with the government narrative further convince me this was the case.

Sorry to such a downer, but you asked.


P.S.  in better news, see my cookie recipe in another thread 
3 months ago
What does good ol Tucker have to say about 9/11?
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