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Today marks the eighth (that is a weird word to spell) year of PackersHome. Crazy, right? If this website was a kid, it would be entering what, third grade? Hey, I'm just glad we're out of the potty training stage!

This upcoming year is going to be incredibly exciting. This recent off-season we started our responsive layout design transition and went from our traditional hard to read dark green to a more clean whiter look. The forum software is essentially the last piece to be transitioned and the goal is complete that prior to the 2015 season. We have many more new features and add-on's that will continue to be implemented as time permits.

We have added some fantastic new members who contribute often, we have our long time veteran members who continue adding the awesomeness and of course the Packers are doing their thing.

Our two in-season competitions, NFL Picks and Fantasy Football League are doing great! We have a healthy social media footprint hitting nearly 4,000 connections between Facebook and Twitter and it is all because of YOU!

Always remember that PackersHome is what each of us make it and I think that is what separates us above the rest. You.

As always, THANK YOU for making [my little hobby] PackersHome such a great place!
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Happy birthday to PackersHome.com. It has been a lot of fun. I remember coming here in its earliest days to watch the post game videos.
I started to make a few comments but didn't do a whole lot because most of the membership was also posting on a different site as well. By the time I was ready to make the move and come over here full time I had forgotten my old user name and password. What I do remember is you making the exception to allow a 3 letter user name. I feel honored. 👍 Most likely you knew that I couldn't remember too many more letters than 3 so you cut me some slack.

I brought the cake.

"Well, they might kill you, but they won’t eat you." Uncle Teddy
What no ice cream ?

Give the forum a present, two new categories in Lambeau Field. 1)Hobbies , and 2) Smack Talk .

Good job, Kev, especially in light of the fact that you accept no ads, gratuities, etc. Your website skills very obviously evidence the ability to turn a coin doing this, yet you have stuck to your guns in your vision of making this a "true" Packer fan site. Props, young man... just know, many of us know.

damn skippy I'm an owner. I currently own a full .00001924537805515393 % of the Green Bay Packers.
This place is an awesome site for Packers fans... thank you for putting in all your hard work into it, making it such a great place [happy] ...

and for not kicking me out (yet) 🖐
Laser Gunns
I've really enjoyed reading and chatting with this great collection of people over the years. And I hope we can continue to add to it! It's kind of funny to look back how much has changed in my life since I first started coming to this site, and yet I'm still here, at least once, every day.

Honestly this site has had a real positive impact on my entire NFL experience, Packershome is nowadays the only site I feel I need to get my Packers fix. And the ONLY place I have ever felt comfortable enough to actually make a post. Which is entirely a credit to you and this band of "cheese heads with wifi."

Looking above me there are 3 guys who have been here for six, going on seven years.

That is really cool.

The work you put into this joint is really appreciated. And I'm very happy to see that you enjoy it, and that this will continue to be an awesome place to be.

Dec, 11, 2012 - FOREVER!
Expand the categories and bring back the Shout Area ! Please !](*,)
I agree with the others. PH has the best community when it comes to football forums. I feel fortunate and proud to be a part of this forum, and everyone else should too.

Thank you guys for keeping it classy (back alley aside😆 )

And most of all - thank you Zero for putting up with our shenanigans[grin1]
"I enjoy being just one of 53 on the team." - Aaron Rodgers
Make that NINE years of PackersHome...

Thanks, Zero, for giving us a terrific place to hang out!
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Zero2Cool (9h) : Site was down. Host had server issues.
KRK (14h) : Weird, I could get the site with great wifi, but via cellular, no dice
beast (17h) : Patriots also have an OL coach that's not coaching this year... Media speculating he doesn't want to get the vaccine
beast (17h) : So was the site down or could I just not load it for a while there today?
Zero2Cool (18h) : Rick Dennison is out as Vikings offensive line coach/run game coordinator after refusing the COVID-19 vaccine.
Zero2Cool (20h) : Ah, there we go.
Zero2Cool (20h) : Nope, the data is there, it's just not pulling shouts.
Zero2Cool (20h) : I feel some stuff was deleted with whatever my host messed up.
Cheesey (21h) : “Guardians”? Of what? 😂 I hope that doesn’t offend some “guardian” out there.😉
Zero2Cool (23h) : Cleveland is changing its name from the Indians to the Guardians
Cheesey (22-Jul) : As I said before, they have NO IDEA if the vaccine is safe. What will it do to people a year, five or ten years from now? They pushed it through without any idea.
Zero2Cool (22-Jul) : @DeAndreHopkins Never thought I would say this, But being put in a position to hurt my team because I don’t want to partake in the vaccine is making me question my future in the @Nfl
Cheesey (22-Jul) : It’s going to be televised on Bally network. (Used to be Fox Sports network)
Zero2Cool (21-Jul) : I read it starts at 11 AM
Cheesey (21-Jul) : The parade is tomorrow, but I don’t know what time. I’d love to go see it live, but it’s going to be a madhouse in downtown Milwaukee.
Cheesey (21-Jul) : Really, by the standards of “big city” champs, it was a very well behaved group. No cars tipped over, no windows smashed, no fires started.
dfosterf (21-Jul) : 1 light pole climbing, a couple of river swimmers, 1 crowd surfer, and only 3 shot during the celebration. Church-like behavior by NBA fan standards
Zero2Cool (21-Jul) : Aaron Rodgers @AaronRodgers12 8h Incredible job by Wes and Mark, Peter, Jon Horst our GM made some incredible moves, and our stars played like stars. Can’t stop 34 💪🏼💪🏼 #champs
Zero2Cool (21-Jul) : So damn incredible.
Mucky Tundra (21-Jul) : Giannis on staying in Milwaukee: “I could’ve gone to a super team. I did it the hard way. I fucking did it.”
Mucky Tundra (21-Jul) : Aaron Rodgers now has two championship rings ;)
Cheesey (21-Jul) : I didn’t think I’d live to see this!
Cheesey (21-Jul) : I have to admit...I teared up!
Mucky Tundra (21-Jul) : Giannis Attemptafreethrow
Zero2Cool (21-Jul) : Bucks did it! The fucking Bucks did it!!!
Cheesey (20-Jul) : But he is a good QB. Now, if we could rid him of his character flaws. (Good luck with that!)😂
Cheesey (20-Jul) : Rodgers is just another Californy nut job.🤪
Cheesey (20-Jul) : Dfoster, you are getting soft! Tell us how you REALLY feel!😁
dfosterf (20-Jul) : ystem so there is that, but I personally don't care for it.
dfosterf (20-Jul) : He is a Diva whack bird arsty craftsy touchy Feely man bun packing commie pinko tree hugging b#itch prima Donna mother f word a hole convict loving a hole. Hell of an arm and master of reads and our s
Cheesey (20-Jul) : Unless he wants even MORE money then they offered. Maybe he wants to be QB/GM “The mighty and powerful Wizard of GB
Zero2Cool (20-Jul) : Terrible news. Rams RB Cam Akers suffers torn Achilles (per @TomPelissero)
Zero2Cool (20-Jul) : Yep, you all guessed it. It's the same crap that's been said since April. News is slow.
Zero2Cool (20-Jul) : That comes to you from Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter
Zero2Cool (20-Jul) : Rodgers declined the offer, proof it’s not about the money.
Zero2Cool (20-Jul) : This off-season, the Packers offered Aaron Rodgers a two-year contract extension that would have tied him to Green Bay for five more seasons and made him the highest-paid QB and player in football. R
Zero2Cool (20-Jul) : uh oh Hotel Desk Manager just made a great point. @Bucks have closed out every series on the road.
dfosterf (19-Jul) : Bucks looked a bit chokey to me at the end of thar last game...think they can close it? I remain doubtful, but rooting for you!
dfosterf (19-Jul) : Willie Davis was the man, btw, notwithstanding all you youngins that aren't even expected to know no better...We know...just sayin'...
dfosterf (19-Jul) : Razzle dazzle has cost us so many games. We are a simple people
Zero2Cool (19-Jul) : foster, too many words for the simple folks haha
dfosterf (19-Jul) : I'm chopped liver around here, lol
Cheesey (19-Jul) : (Bears locker room....😂) good one Zero!👍
Zero2Cool (19-Jul) : You going to the meeting? I have four tickets, but no one to bring lol
dfosterf (19-Jul) : They moved (replaced) that tank in order to make room for an undisclosed expansion to Lambeau. There is a lot of (humor) material to work with here in the upcoming shareholders meeting
dfosterf (19-Jul) : The construction workers in 2003 put a sign on the old tank that read: "Minnesota Vikings locker room"
Zero2Cool (19-Jul) : We have Bears locker room under the parking lot?
dfosterf (19-Jul) : Plus we moved the 400,000 gallon poop collection tank to under the player parking lot, so we have that going for us as well!
Zero2Cool (19-Jul) : I think that's a great point. I believe it's millions expected earned that were not earned. I'm not sure.
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