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Today, is a the anniversary of a very significant day in my life, 11/27/05. It is one of the things that has happened in my life that has either led me to, or reinforced my faith, so I thought I would share it.

We were driving back from Wisconsin Dells, south in to Illinois on I 90, west of Rockford. I was driving a Chevy Tahoe with my wife riding shotgun, my step-daughters in the back seat, and my son in the 'way back'.

I was probably going to fast for conditions. We hit some black ice and I lost control. We went off the road, down and embankment. As we reached the bottom of the embankment, our right front bumper, hit the embankment and we flipped twice ass-over-front twice. We then rolled about 8 times until we came to rest approximately 40-50 yards off the road.

All of the windows were smashed out. None of the airbags deployed (thanks Chevy). I looked over at my wife....not a scratch on her. I looked at my daughters in the back seat, not a scratch. I yelled back to my son....but he was not there. I went into a panic.

I knew that 80% of the people thrown from cars don't make it, and those that do can be really messed up.

I got out of the car and looked on top or bottom, in case I had run him over. I was screaming his name in desperation.

Then about 10 yards off of the highway, some people were yelling to us. Some great people had stopped to help. My son was apparently thrown out of the car about 15 feet in the air over the car as we had begun to flip. He landed on the embankment with only a broken fibula. He looked up at me and waived.

I truly believe the providential hand of God protected me and my family that day. Why He should have rescued my family from calamity is beyond me....I certainly did not and do not deserve it. It was only by His grace and mercy.

So I thought I would share with you all today. I know some of you, and your friends and family, are going through some hard times and I wish you weren't. But I posted this because I believe God can do miracles in peoples' (even highly flawed people like me) lives.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving...and for those of us who believe...Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow.
KRK, how old were your kids when this happened?
I read it to my wife, and she wanted to know.
The way you handled it says a lot about you.
Someone else might have cursed God, saying “how could YOU allow me to get in such a serious accident???” Or “you let my son get hurt?”
But you gave God the glory, for allowing all of you to survive.
That’s REAL faith!
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My kids were all 15 at the time. My daughters (actually step-daughters) are twins and my son is just 6 months older.

They all thought I was mean by making go to school the next day.
Man....are you MEAN!!!🤣
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Thank you for sharing this.
Stressful tragic events will either draw us closer to the Lord or push us away. The choice is ours.
West of Rockford. You weren't very far from me.
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Cool!!! I didn't know you were a flat-lander.

I forgot to tell a funny postscript to the story...why I think the press is full of manure...

A day or two after, they had our names in the paper. My son's last name is the same as mine and a somewhat unusual name to bout (probably 1/100,000 people have it).

The paper said, "It is not known whether Will Kppppp and Kevin Kppppp are related."

I thought, "REALLY!!! No they are Not related, he just picked up a 15 year old hitchhiker with the same unusual last name!!"

[Note to Z2C, that would have been in the sarcastic font]
Originally Posted by: KRK 

The paper said, "It is not known whether Will Kppppp and Kevin Kppppp are related."

Your last name is Kayfivepeas!?!?
😂 🤣 😂
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That is a pretty wicked crash! Glad you all made it out alive and were able to fully recover.

A few winters ago we had a wicked storm. I was driving from Green Bay to Appleton to meet up with someone. This all happened in a matter of seconds. I was on 41 South and saw cars going around a corner really fast. I was confused why I saw two or three taillights zip around a corner because the highway was straight. As I kept driving, I realized it was a SUV rolling over on the frontage road. I was glad to see someone was pulling up to help them. Pretty surreal scene though.

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Yeesh!!!!! In those situations, it's hard to know what to do. Sometimes, by the time your realize what is happening, and if it is crowded, its too late to turn around and help as doing so would cause another accident.

I guess there was a 80+ car pile-up last year in December. A combination of fog and ice IIRC. Scary stuff, especially with smaller cars.
Don’t understand thanking the Bible’s God for the descried events; it also seems disrespectful of a supreme being.

The Bible’s God is the creator of the universe, infallible and omniscient. He sees every event from beginning to end. If true, doesn't this preclude His intervention in our lives with miracles?

Here’s the logic of the situation: (1) God saw you were going to crash and allowed it; or (2) God saw you were not going to crash and made you crash.

Then given the crash: (3) God saw that your family was going to be fine and allowed it; or (4) God saw it was going to be bad and made a little circlely wobbly motion with his hand and the family was saved.

If things happened the way in which the forces of nature command, it’s not a miracle. For it to be a miracle, “(4)” had to occur. Evangelicals pontificate of God’s divine omniscient plan and now we’re to believe God adjusted his kickass infallible plan because of one guy driving too fast for conditions? Sounds pretty arrogant, as well as disrespectful!

Hitler came close to death seven times in his life. Did God repeatedly save his ass too, so as to bring on 25 million deaths and the causing of untold misery on billions more? I hope not.

Evangelicals also have a failure of thinking regarding their overwhelming right wing extremism that they call "conservative." They say “God so loved the world…” then duplicitously ejaculate over Israel’s sodomizing of international law with violent cruelty toward Palestinians; over hating on LBGTQs; over hating on those to our south with idiotic wall talk and cruelty/separation of families at Southern Border; over support of Saudi Arabian exporting of world-wide hate, death and terrorism; over the gang-rape dry-humping of God’s planet, etc.

God states it’s actions that count, not words [James 2:14-26]. But Evangelicals testify every day that the Bible is bull-hooey because they idolize snakes like Jefferson, Adams and Madison [who adopted the philosophy] for penning words, “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights [blah blah blah];” when in reality Jefferson, Adams and Madison’s actions characterized the exact opposite thinking [They enslaved both personally and thru their governmental behavior, murdered and politically/economically enslaved more than 90% of the US population]. And where were these weasels when the peasants fought? These founding fathers should be held up as example of what not to be; pure evil fraudulent cowardly opportunists that use flowery Biblically justifiable speech to provide them cover for self-gain and deplorable acts against humanity and God. The only difference between Trump and Jefferson-Adams-Madison is that Trump possesses the mental acuity, temperament and attention span of a "toddler," as his own staff has said. EG: Trump said after arrived in Israel from Saudi Arabia that he just got back from the Middle East. Sondland: Mr. President I’m in Kyiv; Trump: are you in Ukraine? Trump believes Frederick Douglass is alive. That he can buy Greenland. Betsy DeVos. Scott Pruitt. Trump a supposed Presbyterian didn’t know Presbyterians were Christians. My God, his letter to Erdogan! The guy is just dumb. How could a Christian could support this embarrassment? Even world leaders make fun of him constantly.

Love for someone to explain these things to me the way Jesus would, calm and rationally. Most Evangelicals get angry when faced with their own duplicity of thought and reason. See, the power of God is not demonstrated through a series of miraculous events; but by personal witness. Nonbelievers watch Christians to determine if God's power is any stronger than a random fart in the windstorm.
Ok....you don’t really want answers. You already KNOW the answers. You aren’t stupid.
What you want is to twist your preconceived ideas to blast Christians and President Trump.
No matter what I, or anyone else says you would just poo poo it with your own “holier then thou” attitude.
Tell me how a wall to keep out ILLEGAL ALIENS is bad? To try to stop the influx of criminals (which anyone entering ILLEGALLY is)?
To try to stop drugs from entering the country, how is that “evil?”
God CAN do things in our lives. He can step in and alter events. He has His angels oversee us. Does that mean that things always go right for Christians? No. Satan has rule over the earth. Man is the reason for the evil and death in the world. Man (Adam) CHOSE to sin against God. God gave man free will, and man blew it.
“For God so loved the world”.....why didn’t you finish it? Why did you take it out of context? I know why, to fit what YOU want. He gave His son so that we could be forgiven of our sin. Sin entered the world through man, and it took Jesus’ sacrifice to cover that sin.
Christian people are not perfect, just forgiven.
Satan is the ruler of the world...,for now. But his end will come.
God can and does intervene. Of course it’s up to Him when or if he does.
For us to give Him thanks when we have endured something bad, and come out we’ll in the end, how is that wrong to do in YOUR mind?
In ALL things, give thanks.
My Dad died when I was 16. I was mad at God for several years. But we ALL will die at some time. Even you and I. I am secure that I am going to Heaven. Not because I’m “so great”, or so deserving. In fact my actions in life EARNED me a spot in HELL. The GIFT of God is salvation through the spilled blood of Christ.
There were men in the Bible that hated and killed Christians. Then later in their lives realized their errors and accepted Jesus as their savior. They are in Heaven now. Jesus blood can cover ALL sins. But each person has the choice to accept or deny Him.
As far as gay people, God says to practice gay sex is a sin. It’s in the Bible. So according to the ONE that created us, you shouldn’t do it.
But it’s sin, just like other sins, and can be forgiven by Him.
We are supposed to call sin what it is, SIN.
Abortion is killing innocent unborn children. What we are allowing to happen every day is straight up murder. Hitler would be proud of our nation. Millions of innocent beings killed for no other reason then “convienience”.
I’m sure you won’t allow anything I said to sway your opinion. Your mind was made up when you posted.
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When words are many, transgression is not lacking....
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