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28 days ago
Just want Zero2Cool loves before every season opener, PFF just came out with their 2024 1st round Mock Draft! 

PFF gave the Packers picks #11 and #26, they don't say which one is which, so I'll go ahead and assume #11 is from the Jets and #26 is from the Packers making the playoffs.

List the top 10.
(Note Cardinals have Texans pick)


So where do the Packers go with #11?
Bring on the Kool-Aid! (Real Name: Ga'Quincy)

McKinstry made a lot of plays on the ball last season, forcing 18 incompletions. He’s also very comfortable and confident in press-man coverage as a shutdown cornerback. To open the 2023 season, he allowed just one catch for four yards on 33 coverage snaps.

Absolutely, potentially the next Jaire Alexander but two inches taller, but same weight and speed. 3rd most coverage snaps of any college CB in 2022, and only one missed tackle. The only down side I see is that he's best in man coverage, and zone coverage needs some work, while Packers mainly run zone coverage.

Then at #26

Morgan looked like a starting-caliber NFL offensive tackle last season before tearing his ACL in November, ultimately earning an 82.6 pass-blocking grade. He recovered quickly enough to start the Wildcats’ season opener in 2023. We’re just hoping for a fully healthy season from him.

To this I say no... sure the Packers might need OT help, but this is the 4th OT in 6 picks, if Gute is doing this, he's trading #26 and a 4th round pick to move up to #20, and the Seahawks trade back as they usually do, and Packers grab the #3 OT (instead of the #6 OT) and get OT GRAHAM BARTON, DUKE

Also, other than QB, Gute hasn't gone offense in round 1. So I'm thinking the Packers are more more likely to go S, especially with the #1 FS still there.

Kinchens brings really nice all-around ability to the back end of the Hurricanes defense. He has incredible range in coverage, which led to six interceptions in 2022. Kinchens is also versatile, as he played 393 snaps as a free safety and 169 as a box defender He earned an elite 90.6 coverage grade in 2022 and is one of the top defensive backs in the upcoming class.

He's played great in zone coverage, worse in man coverage, but Packers mainly have played zone.

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28 days ago
Oh come on now. EVERYBODY knows GB is going to need WR help.

Nabers has the talent to be one of the most natural receivers in college football this season. His first game of 2023 against Florida State wasn’t his best, as he earned just a 67.1 receiving grade. But he placed above the 70th percentile in separation percentage all throughout last season. He’s still a dynamic playmaker and a natural catcher.

The 6-foot-4, 215-pound Coleman put on quite the show in his first game with the Seminoles against LSU. He hauled in three touchdowns and both of his contested catches for 115 receiving yards. He is a true “go up and get it” stud who has all the talent to be a first-round wide receiver.

Not impressed? How about

Simply put, DeJean is one of the best football players in the country, regardless of position. He plays outside cornerback right now, but he could even play some slot corner or safety at the next level — he is that naturally talented. He hauled in five interceptions and forced six incompletions a season ago. He’s a do-it-all defensive back destined for the first round.

As for their second selection a trade with Seattle and grab

Newton is a master of his craft. He earned an elite 91.9 run-defense grade and an 84.7 pass-rush grade in 2022. His first step is very quick, and he combines it with fast and violent hands, allowing him to shoot gaps and stay unblocked to make plays in the backfield. Given how quickly and consistently he creates disruption, he should be considered in the first round.

We need more Illinois boys in Green Bay.

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28 days ago

Oh come on now. EVERYBODY knows GB is going to need WR help.

Not impressed? How about

As for their second selection a trade with Seattle and grab

We need more Illinois boys in Green Bay.

Originally Posted by: wpr 

Packers seem to prefer to grab their offensive players in rounds 2 through 4.

Oh, CB/S COOPER DEJEAN, IOWA certainly is on my radar, with Nixon being in a contract year, we could certainly use a future Slot CB.

That being said, he's a bit of a tweener and a lot of tweeners seem to be struggling lately. But Iowa kids usually seem to do well for themselves. Question is, on the NFL level, is he only a jack of all trades, or is he actually king of a couple of them? Also, how does he fit into your system.

Example, S Minkah Fitzpatrick, extremely talented, but didn't fit into the then Dolphins system well, now on the Steelers and fits amazingly.

I've been on the lookout for a talented NT, and not seeing much, they all seem like lighter pass rushers, which we have a lot of already, but whom knows, we might keep getting more of them, especially if Clark doesn't have a bounce back season
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18 days ago
Well, since the Packers aren't going to be getting a 1st round pick from the Jets, I'll have to do a new mock draft.

Using PFF Mock Simulator 

And the website isn't allowing me to upload pictures right now, so I'll have to type it out.

Trade: Packers get the #11 pick overall. Which the Packers trade the #11 pick overall and a 6th round pick to the Saints for their #19 overall pick and their 2025 1st round pick. Saints select a DT.

1.19: OT Graham Barton, Duke
PFF mentions Barton will most likely get the "Peter Skoronski treatment", which Bakhtiari and Tom also get, you know, they're too short and short armed to be a quality starting OT in the NFL... but they're elite athletes and you simply aren't beating them too often in the passing game. Like Skoronski, Barton also shows elite potential I the run blocking game which is why he MIGHT be a 1st rounder.

Runyan is a FA, and people currently want Myers replaced, which might be Tom if they ever got enough good OTs.

Also I still don't have a freaking clue why Tom dropped to the 4th round, nor why we drafted Rhyan in the 3rd over him, sorry, rant for a different time.

2.43: S Calendar Bullock, USC
With the 43rd overall, the Packers get an elite coverage S that can be used as a Single High FS and get the job done. Though does he fit the system? Or would they even be willing to change the system? Bullock is elite in coverage, and he tackles WRs extremely well... but he also drops this far in part because film suggestion he doesn't want nothing to do with tackling those RBs. So Bullock is best as a sole deep FS. But Savage seems best as a SS, and the two Safety the Packers currently have signed for 2024 are more used to playing towards the box, so an opposite type would be good, and maybe Packers could tweak the system a bit like they have been tweaking it. But if the system can work, then an elite FS can free up the SS to be more aggressive underneath and fly around more.

Trade: Bills offer a 3rd round pick to trade up in the 2nd, so I let them.

2.60: CB Max Melton, Rutgers
Rutgers football program sucks, but that doesn't mean all their players do. And I expect Melton to get higher and higher hyped as the draft gets near. As an highly competitive player, that's feisty in press coverage and shows good athleticism, he's been one of the few to give Ohio State's Marvin Harrison Jr. some troubles.

He is also brother of Green Bay Packers PS wide receiver Bo Melton.

3.75: OT Kingsley Suamataia, BYU
6'6" 315 lbs, now that's the size teams like to see at OT and Suamataia has the movement skills to succeed, he's had the general pass blocking down, and is starting to improve the run blocking. That being said, while he has the potential, he also has a lot to be coached up on, specifically hand placement, knowing when he can get away with a grab vs when you can't, balance and footwork. He needs to become a better student and maybe have better teachers of the game.

If Runyan isn't resigned, can possibly
put him at RG, or RT if Tom is moved inside and Barton is playing backup at LT

Trade: With the additional 2025 1st round pick, the Packers want to trade up for more picks now (2024 is supposed to be a deeper draft), so the Packers trade their 2024 4th round pick and 2025 3rd round pick to the 49ers for two late 3rd round picks, #92 and #100)

3.92: RB Audric Estime, Notre Dame
Larger RB at 230 lbs, with surprisingly good football and vision for a guy of his size, and he knows how to be physically. Not known for being used in the passing game, but he's caught every ball throw to him, and PFF has his route running going up each year. PFF loved his extremely low stuff rate, which means he doesn't get stopped in the backfield often. I didn't see this until now, PFF has him low grade on fumbles (which is bad), as he's averaging about one fumble for every 50 carries. That clearly needs to improve, and someone needs to teach him how to block, I think he clearly can, and would, but I don't think he's had the right teacher, or they haven't demanded he learn it.

RB Dillon will be a FA

3.98: C Zach Frazier, West Virginia
6'3" 310 lb. In 2022, looking at all the Centers AND all the OGs, PFF had Frazier graded out top 15 overall. With a top 20 run blocking. His pass blocking wasn't as good, but it was still good.

Maybe keep Tom at OT after all? Or at least more competition for the interior OL

This is how the mock draft fell, and hopefully a much improved OL for Jones, Love, Watson, Doubs and Musgrave, I'll take it!

3.100: TE Cade Stover, Ohio State
Probability unlikely selection, Gute has drafted 3rd round TEs in back to back years before, but last year was 2nd AND 3rd round TEs. Though maybe if you consider Musgrave more of a large WR it might make more sense.

Kyle Shanahan/Matt LaFleaur offense need versatile players that can be used in multiple different ways, and if the Packers don't resign Dugara (whom hasn't exactly lit it up yet) then they basically have no one whom can fill the H-back, Move TE/FB blocking roles extremely well.

Which I believe Stover can be the jack of all trades this scheme needs, at least if he truly buys into the TE position switch, as some rumors have suggested his heart is still on defense.

Stover's position history
Ohio's Mr. Football
Recruited as an LB (signed with Ohio State)
2019 moved to 4-3 DE
2020 moved to TE
2021 moved back to LB
2022 moved back to TE
2022 Rose Bowl, due to injuries played LB.
2023 back at TE

There are guys that have spent their entire careers at a single position, even starting in college at that position and still look undeveloped.

Stover has been moved around a lot, and yet, he never has looked out of place. TE is his best position though, and he's has done everything very well, though not everything at the same exact time. But at times he's looked good at everything but needs to put it all together at once and if he's able to, he could be one hell of a versatile chess piece.

18 days ago
The updated quoting much better
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18 days ago

The updated quoting much better

Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

True, and it looks absolutely great 👍

But I was unable to upload a picture from my phone, when I downloaded the PFF Mock draft.

18 days ago

True, and it looks absolutely great 👍

But I was unable to upload a picture from my phone, when I downloaded the PFF Mock draft.

Originally Posted by: beast 

That's a true, just tried and failed. I always use my laptop. I wonder what's up with that.
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11 days ago
Looks like the photo uploading is working again. pff_mock_results - 2023-09-22T105215.907.png You have insufficient rights to see the content.

CB McKinstry is considered the best CB in this upcoming draft. Hopefully this would free up Alexander for the slot.

WR Odunze is great value, this draft seems loaded with WRs, and some good WR is going to fall to the 2nd, and I think Odunze should be rated higher, get him in one on ones and he just wins with size and quickness with more shake than you expect from a guy his size.

S Moore, supposed to be the most well rounded Safety and well rounded is what I think a S needs in this scheme, good coverage but also willing to get physical.

RB Estime, currently the #1 ranked RB in 2023, though that probably because he has some good Sr. blockers in front of him too, but I like that he has very good quickness and vision for his 225 lb size, and I think vision is important for this offensive scheme, as I think the hole more fluid depending on wide zone call and OL and defensive execution.

OL Beebe, longtime starter where he has played LT, LG and RT, not the most athletic, so probably OG will be his NFL position, but despite doubters and questions of length, and athletic abilities, he just keeps getting the job done where they put him. Has been top 22 every year in PFF grade so far the last three years.

TE Stover, jack of all trades. He's been above aspect at every aspect, but not all at once, he's a versatile piece that LaFleaur can use in many different ways.

C Frazier, seemed like they were trying to replace Meyers, and that aren't many highly rated Center in this draft year. Frazier is best in pass protection, but he's also gotten some good push in power run blocking, zone blocking is his weakness. But the options are thin at Center right now.

Wouldn't be surprised if Gute targets the Center from Georgia in the 2nd, especially since it seems you need to be 6'4" for Gute to draft you as an OL. But due to my trade back he was off the board, plus I was debating between three different guys still very happy to get S Moore at that spot.
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11 days ago
All things considered I would rather GB keep the Jets 2nd round pick, roughly # 35. Then trade the Packers 2nd round pick, # 64, for first round selection in 2025.
Hopefully with da bares. With the front office in Halas Hall, they are going to get the 1st round pick 3 years in a row. How awesome would it be to not only have two first round picks, they get to open the draft in GB.
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10 days ago

All things considered I would rather GB keep the Jets 2nd round pick, roughly # 35. Then trade the Packers 2nd round pick, # 64, for first round selection in 2025.
Hopefully with da bares. With the front office in Halas Hall, they are going to get the 1st round pick 3 years in a row. How awesome would it be to not only have two first round picks, they get to open the draft in GB.

Originally Posted by: wpr 

I don't think trading pick #64 straight up for the #1 overall pick is realistic.
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