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It's not just the Year 2 players who must make big gains. The Year 3 players, including 2021 Packers draft picks Josh Myers, TJ Slaton and Eric Stokes, need to take steps forward, as well.

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Coaches talk about second-year jumps so frequently that it’s practically joined death and taxes as the three sure things in life.

“Devonte, Year 1 to Year 2, I expect a massive jump for him,” Green Bay Packers defensive line coach Jerry Montgomery said of Devonte Wyatt, the second of last year’s first-round picks.

What about players in Year 3? Those players can take big leaps, as well.

Second round: C Josh Myers
Fifth round: DT TJ Slaton
First round: CB Eric Stokes
Sixth round: LB Isaiah McDuffie
Fourth round: G Royce Newman
Fifth round: CB Shemar Jean-Charles
Also: Jake Hanson, Patrick Taylor

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Quite interesting read. What third year guy do you think will have big impact on the teams success?
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4 months ago

Quite interesting read. What third year guy do you think will have big impact on the teams success?

Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

I am only interested in 1st and second round players Stokes and Myers. I don't expect 5th or 6th round players to have a break out year. It's kind of difficult for them to do so sitting on the bench. Yeah I know Newman is a 4th round player but he is still a backup.
Between Stokes and Myers, I think I would prefer Myers to have a better year.
4 months ago

Quite interesting read. What third year guy do you think will have big impact on the teams success?

Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

If I had to put them in order

1) DT TJ Slaton
The Packers defensive scheme specifically targets limiting the passing attack, which makes stopping the run extremely hard, but the Packers need a run defendinf NT to stop up, and Slaton might be the best option.

Don't get me wrong, I've loved Clark, and being only 28, and fully capable of having a major bounce back year, but according to PFF Clarks overall grade has declined each year since 2019, and last year NT seemingly was his worst role.

2) C Josh Myers
Honestly this is by default, assuming he stays healthy, he'll probably get more chances than anyone else... while I'm huge on Tom and his pass blocking potential, I'm thinking keeping him at OT is best, and not sure I see another Center worthy of knocking Myers off, unless they're considering Jenkins (Center in college), but that just opens a huge hole at LG.

Large gap between the top 2 and #3 for me.

3) CB [color=var(--bs-body-color)]Eric Stokes
I don't have faith that Stokes will, because when healthy, he has all the physical potential in the world, but he was consistently getting burned by Doubs last training camp, not by physical potential, but by football instincts... Stokes just doesn't seem to have them... and can be easily fooled and has been among leaders in missed tackles for the Packers every season in the NFL so far, and I simply believe Douglas is better because he has the zone CB instincts, even if he doesn't have the physical abilities to hold up in man coverage. But whom knows, we might run more man coverage, like against the Vikings to make sure we get Alexander locked up on someone.[/color]4) LB Isaiah McDuffie
If Campbell and Walker stay healthy, McDuffie might never get a chance, but McDuffie shocked me with how much he seemed to improve last year. He might be higher on my list if I thought there was more opportunities for him.
5) G Royce Newman
I might be overly biased against him, as last year left such a bitter taste in my mouth, which wasn't all Newman's fault... Last years Newman's passive style will NEVER work well with an extremely overaggressive Jenkins style on the outside of him ... teams can run a simple stunt on it and get a high chance to get a pass rusher free with it, coaches should of switched something up much much sooner. But Newman looked WAY WAY too passive and like he lost his confidence last year. I think Newman still has potential, and maybe should be higher on this list, but not playing as passively as he was last season. Newman should probably be higher, as potential one IOL injury away from potentially being on the field.

Big jump between #5 and #6

6) [color=var(--bs-body-color)] CB Shemar Jean-Charles
They just haven't seemed to be a fan of Jean -Charles, not even in STs, despite him supposed to being the smart and versatile guy when drafted, he hasn't seemed to find a place to be good at. I only have him above others, because I think he makes the 53 man roster as CB is lacking in talent depth.

7) RB Patrick Taylor
Consistent 3rd RB potential, but won't ever wow you, but RB Goodson clearly has more raw potential and they just drafted a power runner in the 7th.[/color]

 😎 C Jake Hanson
Last year, Hanson actually held his own in run blocking, which is MUCH MUCH better than most of the OL could say. That being said... a tall unmoving tree stump might of been better in pass protection than him.... it was absolutely shockingly bad, I actually wondered if I could go in and do equally as well, just be getting in the way... and playing not to lose as quickly. I wouldn't ever beat the DL... but I might not lose as quickly.


Not 3rd year guys, but I'm thinking we might see large improvement from

2nd year guys like OT Tom, DL Waytt, OLB Engebare, WR Toure...

Also, maybe some 4th year guys in RB Dillon, RG Runyan, TE Dugara and TE Taylor.
4 months ago
Let Stokes get right, and then see what he's got. He's tall and lanky, so guys will often cut in front of him and get a step. Needs to bend his knees, cut with his guy. 

I do expect him to maintain his top speed, not to jinx. 
“Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don't do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time.”
4 months ago
I think we will see improvement from Myers Slaton and Stokes.   IIRC Meyers was nicked up part of last year.  Further, I do not agree with the relatively low PFF grade he received.   Slaton needs to step up, and I think he will.   And as Nerdmann suggested, once Stokes is healthy he should be very good. 

I expect absolutely nothing from the other guys....especially Newman and Hanson.   If either plays a significant number of reps, we are probably in for a long year.
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