3 years ago
Looking back at my post not to long ago loool, the only game the Packers decided to lose at home this year seems to be the one I ended up going too!
Glad To Be A Packers Fan.
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    Zero2Cool (2h) : Good discussion idea!
    beast (2h) : George Kittle, Josh Oliver, Dallas Goedert are actually really damn good at blocking... or at least a Mercedes Lewis or Jake Ferguson.
    beast (2h) : What TE isn't a damn good blocker to you? Kelce and Kraft rank as 55 & 71 best run blockers PFF grade of the 88 with at least 50 run blocks
    Zero2Cool (3h) : Why we calling a TE a WR just cuz he's good at receiving? He's damn good blocker too!
    Zero2Cool (3h) : I bet Chiefs felt Packers were hard W too. 😕
    jdlax (9h) : Tomorrow isn't even a question mark on the schedule. It's a hard w.
    Mucky Tundra (10h) : I know hes a TE in name only but that's his official position so I had to be technical
    beast (11h) : Kelce is a WR... a 250 lb one... best receiving TE in the game and a poor blocker. He's basically a WR.
    Mucky Tundra (12h) : That was a poorly worded sentence since I seem to be implying Kelce is a WR
    Mucky Tundra (13h) : Outside of Kelce, I think the only WR Mahomes has any trust in these days is Rice
    Mucky Tundra (13h) : I mean it's just not what happened today. He's had some drops at bad times this season and he's not lighting up the stat sheet
    Zero2Cool (14h) : He made a mistake. Cut him? No chance. Chiefs shouldn't be in that situation. Coaching.
    Mucky Tundra (15h) : By all rights they should but in the middle of a playoff push and theres probably no one they can pick up that's worthwhile he might stick a
    buckeyepackfan (15h) : I wouldn't be surprised to see him get cut .
    Mucky Tundra (15h) : Or maybe not. I thought they got Toney in the offseason, I forgot he helped them win a Super Bowl
    Mucky Tundra (15h) : I'd imagine some in the Giants front office are laughing their asses off
    TheKanataThrilla (15h) : The WR should be unemployed tomorrow.
    Mucky Tundra (15h) : Mahomes may have been yelling at the Refs but Toney was practically lines up in the Bill's side of the LoS
    Mucky Tundra (15h) : I'd be furious too if I were Mahomes. Perfectly executed and an all time banger of a play wiped out by a WR that seems to find ways to fail
    buckeyepackfan (15h) : Mahones just melted down on the sidelines. Never seen that before.
    Mucky Tundra (16h) : Minnesota Twins defeat the Las Vegas Athletics thanks to a 3 run HR in the top of the 9th
    Mucky Tundra (16h) : Pretty sure this Minnesota-LV is setting the game of football back by 40-50 years
    Mucky Tundra (17h) : Nooo Herbert went out djcubez has Mahomes and Deebo still playing with Mostert tomorrow
    Zero2Cool (17h) : BTW, the Broncos loss wasn't bad. I pointed it out. No one listened.
    Zero2Cool (17h) : So, yeah, Jaire won't play again. That sucks.
    Martha Careful (17h) : an excellent point Mucky
    Mucky Tundra (18h) : Martha, in contrast, the loss to the Broncos doesnt look as bad as it did at the time
    Martha Careful (18h) : nevertheless, I remain enthusiastic, but tomorrow night is going to be more of a fight than most of us think
    Martha Careful (18h) : on the surface, it would appear that the quality of opponent that we had in our last two big wins, may not have merited such enthusiasm.
    Zero2Cool (18h) : Packers rule out Jaire Alexander for Week 14 game vs. Giants
    buckeyepackfan (18h) : Easy dhazer. Look at some of the finals today. Nothing ss guaranteed! The Boys need to stay focused! Just Beat The Giants!
    Mucky Tundra (18h) : Rams and Lions lose with the Vikings+Seahawks currently in close games. Lot of things trending right for GB atm
    dhazer (19h) : Like I said GB is going to win the division as I called at the beginning of the season
    Mucky Tundra (19h) : Lions look like they're in a free fall at the moment
    Mucky Tundra (21h) : Former Titans TE Frank Wychek dead at age 52
    dhazer (22h) : Lets go Bears
    Zero2Cool (9-Dec) : Watson OUT for Monday. Walker is Doubtful.
    Zero2Cool (8-Dec) : Patriots held teams under ten points and still lose.
    hardrocker950 (8-Dec) : Not like the Patriots have looked inspired lately either
    hardrocker950 (8-Dec) : Not like the Patriots have l
    buckeyepackfan (8-Dec) : why the hell did I take Pittsburgh tonight? they have really went down hill
    packerfanoutwest (8-Dec) : fire Chris Gizzi!
    Zero2Cool (8-Dec) : Packers Injury Report: Aaron Jones returns to practice
    Zero2Cool (7-Dec) : Consensus is strengthen back so hamstrings don't overcompensate
    Zero2Cool (7-Dec) : Watson consulted with doctor about hamstring.
    buckeyepackfan (7-Dec) : Rams sogn Mason Crosby.
    Zero2Cool (7-Dec) : I like that the Packers are playing well. I hope they destroy Giants!!
    beast (6-Dec) : If you actually read the posts, I probably post about other teams than anyone else... I can't understand why you are so hung up on crap
    Zero2Cool (6-Dec) : Packers are winning. Good time to be alivet
    beast (6-Dec) : Pwof take the stick out of your ass! I don't give a fuck what you post about...
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