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    Fan Shout
    Zero2Cool (18h) : Trevor Bauer stuff, wow
    buckeyepackfan (18h) : Walker, Jenkins, Thom, Runyan, Nijman!!!
    buckeyepackfan (18h) : Walker. Jenkins, Thom, Runyan.
    Zero2Cool (18h) : Jaire and Elgton also practicing
    Zero2Cool (18h) : Stokes Starts Practicing Following Foot Injury
    Zero2Cool (2-Oct) : David B for Garret W ... LET'S DO IT
    go.pack.go. (2-Oct) : Yes. But I think the team needs the rest
    umair_010 (2-Oct) : What happened to cheesey? He was on here a lot
    beast (1-Oct) : Is it considered cruel and unusual punishment to make fans watch all other teams play twice, before their team plays once? TNF to MNF...
    greengold (1-Oct) : Wow do the bares ever suck.
    Mucky Tundra (1-Oct) : Didn't realize the Eagles-Commanders game went to OT
    Zero2Cool (1-Oct) : Puka giveth me points, taketh NFL Pick win
    Mucky Tundra (1-Oct) : Nacua with the the walk off TD!
    Mucky Tundra (1-Oct) : no u! :P
    Zero2Cool (1-Oct) : shush!!!
    Mucky Tundra (1-Oct) : oh wow the Colts came back to tie it
    Mucky Tundra (1-Oct) : lol you and 3 others
    Zero2Cool (1-Oct) : stop the count! I'm in 1st place!!
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