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21 days ago

The Green Bay Packers are riding high after their Week One thrashing of the Chicago Bears.  The Packers left Solider Field with their heads held high after a 38-20 victory over their hated rivals.  Now just days later, the Packers have made a surprising move to clear up some salary cap space. The Green Bay [...]

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Not this article, but just in general, I hate Wisportsheroics headlines, it's clickbait to make the story sound more interesting than it actually is. So I'm always disappointed when I actually read the articles.

Anyways, looks like the Packers added an additional 4 fake years into Nijman's contract, which gives him about $2.54 million signing bonus and Packers $2.54 more in cap space, giving them the 6th most 2023 cap space.

Basically they just kicked the can down the road, and it all even out in 2024. The bigger question (which is not yet answered) is why?

There is seemingly absolutely no reason to do this move, unless Packers are bringing in someone, and/or getting rid of Nijman (and the other team demanded his cap number be lower for the deal to go though).

So potential trade happening in the next week?

I believe the Giants and Ravens both had injuries to their LTs, and ironically Nijman has had good games against both the last two years.

In 2021, Nijman's 2nd best Game as graded by PFF was against the Ravens where he was well rounded scoring above average in both the run and pass blocking.

In 2022, Nijman game against the Giants had poor run blocking, but was basically elite pass blocking, with possible his second best graded NFL game in pass protection.

Also in 2021, Nijman played the Browns, and was below average all around, but the Browns RT Jack Conklin is out for the season with an ACL. And they play the wide zone like the Packers.

Or whom knows, maybe Gute is trading to get a player. Or maybe there will be no trades at all, and this was to randomly get more cap space for no reason.
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20 days ago
As of now it doesn't make sense. It will be interesting to see what happens next.
19 days ago
I think this is a good spot to discuss what the Packers got up their sleeves in regards to that restructure.

Nijman was originally scheduled to cost $4.304 million against the cap for the Packers during the 2023 season. Nijman’s cap hit has been reduced to about $1.724 million and will now owe roughly $2.579 million to Nijman in 2024.

According to Over the Cap, the Packers have about $10.01 million in effective cap space for 2023 after restructuring Nijman’s contract.

What are you thoughts? Trading for someone? Trading away Yosh? I can't imagine they'd push money into the next year salary cap for no reason. It seems we were about $7m and change below the cap already. I was thinking Rashan Gary extension, but wouldn't an extension actually lower our 2023 salary cap anyway? So that's probably not it.

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