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Fan Shout
Zero2Cool (1h) : LaFleur on Bakhitiari. No updates. "Still monitoring and still getting him looked at. We should know more as the week progresses."
Zero2Cool (1h) : Which is also a guy I wanted us to get so that's my scouting talent for ya.
Zero2Cool (1h) : Remember that Saints trade that helped us get Jaire? Saints might trade the guy they moved up for.
Zero2Cool (2h) : Report: David Njoku looking for a trade again
Zero2Cool (2h) : Bring Dan Quinn into be DC.
hardrocker950 (8h) : Huh, I sure see a lot of people on social media wanting the officials investigated from the game yesterday
TheKanataThrilla (18-Oct) : Broncos playing for Trevor at this point? Why are you throwing picks at this time?
TheKanataThrilla (18-Oct) : Garbage PI call against the Bears to keep the game close
TheKanataThrilla (18-Oct) : Was there any doubt that Carolina was going to miss that 54 yard FG?
Mucky Tundra (18-Oct) : Packers inactives are: Jordan Love Tyler Ervin Kevin King
Tezzy (18-Oct) : Cool, I am double posting. Going to be that kind of day.
Tezzy (18-Oct) : Go Pack Go! Packers Xmas sweater for our first snow in Iowa today.
Tezzy (18-Oct) : Go Pack Go! Packers Xmas sweater for our first snow in Iowa today.
Zero2Cool (18-Oct) : Porky is not picking a winner for Dolphins jets. Two crap teams lol
Cheesey (18-Oct) : We can always count on you, Yoop! Fly it proudly!
yooperfan (18-Oct) : The Green Bay Packers flag is flying high over Ishpeming Michigan
gbguy20 (18-Oct) : LFG
Zero2Cool (17-Oct) : Packers activate WR @Equanimeous St. Brown
wpr (17-Oct) : The Sunday night game is Rams vs 9ers.
Smokey (17-Oct) : CST
Cheesey (17-Oct) : It’s not “night” game, it’s at 3:25 pm, afternoon game.
Zero2Cool (17-Oct) : What?
packerfanoutwest (17-Oct) : Who is not watching the game Sunday nite?
Cheesey (16-Oct) : Good one, Mucky!!!😂
Zero2Cool (16-Oct) : The #Falcons have been cleared to reopen their facility, per source.
Mucky Tundra (16-Oct) : That's the first positive for the Falcons all season!
Zero2Cool (15-Oct) : False alarm. The media was being dickheads and misreported.
Zero2Cool (15-Oct) : Guessing we're gonna get Falcons Vickings TUESDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!@
Zero2Cool (15-Oct) : @AdamSchefter Falcons are shutting down their facility after multiple positive tests, sources tell ESPN.
Zero2Cool (14-Oct) : @FieldYates The NFL has announced that this year's Pro Bowl rosters will be named, but no game will be played. Instead, the game will be replaced by "a variety of engaging activities."
Cheesey (14-Oct) : Melvin Gordon...stupid man!
Zero2Cool (14-Oct) : I liked that Moncrief dude. If Jets cutting him though, yikes.
Zero2Cool (14-Oct) : Jets released WR Donte Moncrief from their practice squad.
Zero2Cool (14-Oct) : Packers have allowed seven passing touchdowns this season, second-fewest in the NFL.
Zero2Cool (14-Oct) : Melvin Gordon' arrested. DUI. Glad I don't drink.
Zero2Cool (14-Oct) : Why the hell not, Wayne! Give me my football!
wpr (14-Oct) : Correct. No game tomorrow.
Zero2Cool (14-Oct) : No thursday game this week, i don't think anyway
Zero2Cool (14-Oct) : dunno, only fixing one week at a time because of how much it changes
Zero2Cool (14-Oct) : dunno, only fixing one week at a time because of how much it changes
Mucky Tundra (14-Oct) : oh damn it, had the wrong week
Mucky Tundra (14-Oct) : Hey Zero, Pick'em has NY vs Philly as a Thursday night game while NFL.com has BAL@PHIL and WASH@NYG
Zero2Cool (14-Oct) : Wow. Leveon Bell released!!!
Zero2Cool (14-Oct) : Josh Norman momentum did him no favors there lol
TheKanataThrilla (14-Oct) : I we drafted Dillon to be a Derrick Henry I sure hope he even gets to 80%. Henry is an absolute beast.
TheKanataThrilla (13-Oct) : Josh Allen is pretty darn good.
Zero2Cool (13-Oct) : Packers makes Deguara to IR official and add a WR to the practice squad.
Cheesey (13-Oct) : Maybe Bell had Greg Jennings sister whispering in his ear how GREAT he was!🤪
Zero2Cool (13-Oct) : Screw up was holding out a year and burning Steelers bridges. he had a great thing there
Zero2Cool (13-Oct) : lol Jets wanna trade Bell, or maybe Bell wants to be traded. Insane how that guy screwed up
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