2 months ago
NFL Pick'em
Mucky Tundra and pokethebear lead this week in NFL picks going 11-5

Power Rankings Big Movers
Bengals, Cowboys moved up 16 spots.
Giants drops 14 spots.

  • Buffalo Bills
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Miami Dolphins
  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Houston Texans
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Green Bay Packers
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • LA Chargers
  • Carolina Panthers
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Detroit Lions
  • LA Rams
  • Denver Broncos
  • New Orleans Saints
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Seattle Seahawks
  • New York Giants
  • Washington Commanders
  • Las Vegas Raiders
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • New England Patriots
  • Tennessee Titans
  • New York Jets
  • Chicago Bears
  • [*] Arizona Cardinals[/list]
    • wpr
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    2 months ago
    Texans 9th? After losing to the 31st bares? Who were 27th, won and are now 31st. Interesting.
    no signature
    2 months ago
    Power rankings.....that and a buck seventy five gets you a cup of coffee!
    • wpr
    • Preferred Member
    2 months ago
    Originally Posted by: Cheesey 

    Power rankings.....that and a buck seventy five gets you a cup of coffee!

    Not at Star buckies.
    no signature
    2 months ago
    That buffalo and miami game was cool - well they needed it to be cool everyone was cramping up ... but a good game.
    The eagles look really good their QB looks like he is having fun ... almost like rodgers in the old days where he would run and get the yards.
    2 months ago
    Originally Posted by: wpr 

    Not at Star buckies.

    Nope! At that fine French restaurant,
    LeMcDonaldes! 😏
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    dfosterf (3m) : The American people are suckers. They are increasing the value of Paul Whelan to Putin as the bargaining chip he holds. Chain Chain Chain...
    dfosterf (1h) : He's no Jared Goff
    Zero2Cool (1h) : Derek Care. Bad pickup.
    buckeyepackfan (10h) : 98 yds, no timeouts, no problem
    Zero2Cool (18h) : Rush of 10+ or Reception of 20+. Packers have 86
    Zero2Cool (18h) : Only 5 teams have more explosive offensive plays than Packers.
    Zero2Cool (18h) : I suppose too if there are any career statistics he wants to aim for himself, or Lewis or Cobb maybe?
    Zero2Cool (18h) : UNLESS ... Rodgers is leaning towards retirement and says he'd rather finish his career on the field, not the bench.
    Zero2Cool (18h) : I'm wiling to bet once eliminated, we'll see Jordan Love finish out the season.
    Zero2Cool (18h) : That's why Rodgers is still playing.
    Zero2Cool (18h) : I think he's full of crap. Packers are still hopeful for Playoffs.
    Zero2Cool (18h) : He also thinks Seahawks are perfect trading partner to get Love.
    Zero2Cool (18h) : Cowherd thinks Packers are hiding Jordan Love.
    dfosterf (18h) : Lord of War movie. The planes used in its production were his.
    dfosterf (18h) : Merchant of death. Ain al Asad Airbase, Baghdad. US Airforce gave his pilots cards for free fuel when he flew God knows what into Iraq for US contractors. Over 500,000 gallons
    Zero2Cool (18h) : I had them nearly full time, but they spent Winter Break with the mom. So I had 7-10 days to get it done without having to hide it
    Zero2Cool (18h) : For many years, the girls spent Christmas with their mother's, so I'd get their presents few days after Christmas.
    dfosterf (18h) : A lot of activity. Reminds me of one year I had to do all my Christmas shopping an hour before the Kmart closed on Christmas eve, the only store open
    Zero2Cool (19h) : K. Walker injury has me concerned. So, had to panic-add RB Akers ...
    Zero2Cool (19h) : I just plunked Akers up and started him. Baker at QB, I'm hoping lots of rushing haha. I dunno. Not convinced
    dfosterf (19h) : Maybe VOR won't realize he doesn't have a QB, WR and kicker. You'd have a shot this week
    dfosterf (19h) : Carr will probably get hurt in the 1st quarter trying to run. ?Statham? can come in and toss to Adams
    Zero2Cool (19h) : No Aaron Donald. Hopefully Derek Carr runs for three TD's and throws 2 TD's to WR Hollins
    Zero2Cool (19h) : Adams is gonna torch Rams today. I hope for shootout!!
    Zero2Cool (20h) : RB Aaron Jones topped 5,000 yards career. Pretty nice!
    Zero2Cool (20h) : Folks saying Leonhard is why Rex Ryan defense was so good. He's got the cure for RPO's.
    Zero2Cool (20h) : Reading lots of good things about Jim Leonhard.
    Zero2Cool (20h) : Seeing some talk that Packers are poised to make post-bye run.
    dhazer (20h) : packfan she is a black lesbian that hates america, it checks all the boxes for a democrat
    Zero2Cool (21h) : Keisean Nixon makes PFF’s third-quarter All-Pro team
    Zero2Cool (21h) : Only thing I've seen is that we brought back someone from WNBA while we have a former Marine hitting four years.
    Zero2Cool (21h) : Haven't seen media call Paul a hero, not once.
    dfosterf (21h) : I hate Biden, but Whelan is not as a cut and dried a Marine hero type the media is portrayIng
    dfosterf (21h) : CIA says not a spy. I believe them, but he was doing something very odd the day they arrested him.
    dfosterf (21h) : he held subsequent to his time in service. He may or may not have done something nefarious while in Russia, supposedly receiving a thumb drive containing the names of a security apparatus in Russia. C
    dfosterf (21h) : Paul Whelan is a former Marine, but also stole from the US government while a Marine. He was given a bad conduct discharge and reduced in grade from Staff Sergeant to Corporal. He lied to get the job
    Zero2Cool (21h) : let's go brandon
    packerfanwayoutwest (22h) : Griner is a freak/'s what the White House loves
    buckeyepackfan (22h) : Since the subject was brought up. This just shows what a weak ass President The U.S. has, and he could care less about The brave men and women who sacrifice everything for their Country.
    Martha Careful (22h) : typo: Should have exchanged for Marine Paul Whelan, not a person who hates American and wanted to smoke weed in Russiasian custody.
    Martha Careful (22h) : Should have exchanged for to see Griner home for Marine Paul Whelan, not a person who hates American and wanted to smoke weed in Russiasian custody.
    Zero2Cool (23h) : We are a Country in North America called United States. 😁 History class dismissed. Or is that geography class?
    Zero2Cool (23h) : America is all the continents, Canada, Mexico, etc.
    Zero2Cool (23h) : Whoa, whoa. This wasn't America.
    go.pack.go. (23h) : We should’ve at least got a first round draft pick along with the deal
    go.pack.go. (23h) : Dumbasses. We gave them a Russian arms dealer in exchange. Good idea America. Idiots
    Zero2Cool (8-Dec) : WNBA star in US Custody in exchange for Russian prisoner. Meanwhile, Marine is going on 4 years imprisoned in Russia.
    Zero2Cool (7-Dec) : LB Von Miller. ACL. Damn.
    Zero2Cool (7-Dec) : Joe Barry shaking
    go.pack.go. (7-Dec) : Jim Leonhard announced that he is leaving Wisconsin after their bowl game
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