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Elgton Jenkins, Robert Tonyan, and Christian Watson have been activated off of the PUP list. Great news here.

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most excellent
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I figured Jenkins and Watson would be soon. It's good to see Big Bob was too. Now Bak if you please.
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Originally Posted by: wpr 

I figured Jenkins and Watson would be soon. It's good to see Big Bob was too. Now Bak if you please.

Seemed like Hill was the most ready.
“Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don't do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time.”
Originally Posted by: wpr 

Now Bak if you please.

Yes! "Bak to the Future!"
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Originally Posted by: nerdmann 

Seemed like Hill was the most ready.

They don't care about Hill one way or the other. 3rd string RB with plenty of other options.
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Originally Posted by: beast 

Great one Tausher!

Tausher!! 😄
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dfosterf (19m) : Mmm mom mmm... knee... not good usually ... I'm sure it's nothing to be concerned about
dfosterf (29m) : Ya Dave, like Zero2Cool's experience, it's a buyer beware environment out there.
Zero2Cool (35m) : 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Cordarrelle Patterson out of Falcons practice again. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
dfosterf (41m) : Sec138 row 9 seats 1 and 2. Club level (2nd section up from field, but corner)
dfosterf (53m) : DC craigslist Guy is selling 2 tickets for 225 ea, but it's vip level, free food and parking
dfosterf (1h) : Dhazer I see tickets available directly from the Commanders website for 149.00
Zero2Cool (1h) : Packers WR @RomeoDoubs has been named @NFL Rookie of Week 3!
Zero2Cool (1h) : LaFleur says Jaire Alexander "Looked good for what we asked him to do," in jog through yesterday.
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dhazer (1h) : Hey Dave I was thinking about the Washinbgton game but searched for tickets and damn cheapest is 210
Zero2Cool (6h) : Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to someone else today.
Zero2Cool (6h) : Jordan Peterson is pretty good stuff.
Zero2Cool (6h) : Fleaflicker Trade Rejected By fossilboy
Zero2Cool (6h) : WOW!!!
Zero2Cool (6h) : Speaks to immense lack of creativity!
dfosterf (7h) : I addressed your generous trade offer, btw
dfosterf (7h) : My fleaflicker moniker speaks to my older brother like affection for Dave
Zero2Cool (7h) : Well, your clown ass has "dhazer" in your name. Genius. Unoriginal.
dfosterf (8h) : Was mentioned. I, personally, do not care for it at all, and would very much appreciate it if you would just go ahead and cut him. Thank you in advance ☺️
dfosterf (8h) : As to your acquisition of a qb, the matter has been discussed here previously. While some seem ambivalent about you having Trevor- something about regular season vs playoffs
dfosterf (8h) : It's all quite confusing
dfosterf (8h) : First Jersey confuses you with me, then you confuse Jersey with me, O hott
dhazer (14h) : ok shit I am taking down the marine my bad
dhazer (14h) : hell i am taking jersey down with guys I picked up off the waiver wire including my QB lol
Zero2Cool (16h) : You got all ya wanted and still gonna lose!!!
dfosterf (18h) : Logical? Did you really say logical? You traded away pretty much the whole front end of your draft to a guy that you definitely want talking smack up in here, lol
Zero2Cool (19h) : Why would I start a guy I skipped instead of the one I kept? Logical. Try it.
Zero2Cool (19h) : You ask me that question? If I would have started a guy that I could have picked on waiver or the guy I have? What?
dfosterf (21h) : Regardless, give me credit for getting a rise out of Jersey Cheese. He's talking smack to Dhazer, because he thinks he's me. He hasn't posted here in 12 YEARS
dfosterf (21h) : Higbee, that dog won't hunt. Lol
dfosterf (21h) : Ok Hign
dfosterf (22h) : As to you skipping Tyler Lockett, I got nothing. Maybe you should have slept in
dfosterf (22h) : Actually a pretty fascinating trade scenario
dfosterf (22h) : Go ahead. Punch it into that mainframe Cray that makes your cape look more better. Guarantee Tyler comes out on top of that analysis. I'm going on a mere hunch
dfosterf (22h) : You have to pay for expertise. In this case. It's a small fee
dfosterf (22h) : If you had to start one today which one would it be?
Zero2Cool (22h) : lmao what the heck man, another waiver pick up that I SKIPPED ??
dfosterf (22h) : Trade is up.
Zero2Cool (22h) : It was a jog through.
Zero2Cool (22h) : Alexander, Bakhtiari Practice for Packers
Zero2Cool (23h) : Bring it! I gave you two gifts for your scraps. What more from my cellar err STELLAR team do ya want?!?!?
Zero2Cool (23h) : You need your damn eyes checked. It's not even remotely close to that and it's offensive you continue to say it. I've explained it. Which NO ONE in over 25 years has ever had a qusetion.
dfosterf (23h) : So, let's come up with another trade
dfosterf (23h) : But I am done worrying about folks personal preferences, so am done on the subject as well
dfosterf (23h) : It may be an overlord, whatever that is. but to me he looks like he is catching it in the keester by a little black dog. so I remain unimpressed
Zero2Cool (28-Sep) : The avatar is an overlord. If you can't get that through your senile brain, that's you being an dumbass. Enough about it already.\
Zero2Cool (28-Sep) : CB Jaire Alexander suited up for #Packers jog thru practice Wednesday. Same for WR Christian Watson.
dfosterf (28-Sep) : It's just a one liner. 😆
dfosterf (28-Sep) : It's just a one liner. 😆
dfosterf (28-Sep) : Now we get to the true etymology of that avatar you roll with.
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