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Zach Kruse wrote:

During an interview that often felt more like an episode of “Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis,” Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers did eventually get a chance to talk a little football with the boys at “Pardon My Take.”

Late in the interview, the NFL MVP dove into why he doesn’t always love the motion involved in Matt LaFleur’s scheme. The frustrations revolve around alternating tempos and some of the pass protection complications that go into running all the motion looks in the current Packers offense.

“When you have so much motion, it’s hard to get tempo going. You always have to make sure you’re set, and you have a motion, or a double motion, or a jet off of it,” Rodgers said.

Motion is used in so many NFL offenses now because it puts considerable lateral stress on the defense during the pivotal moments right before the snap. It can allow offenses to get a numbers advantage at the point of attack or on the edges or provide better blocking angles in the run game by manipulating defenders. It’s a staple component of the Shanahan/McVay/LaFleur offenses.

Rodgers, who admitted he sometimes “gets after” LaFleur for running too much motion, said he likes “to switch the tempo” at times. Motion takes time, so pushing the tempo and going fast really isn’t always an option.

Rodgers said he used to “marvel at Peyton Manning” who ran a static offense in simple two-by-two (two receivers, two tight ends) and three-by-one (three receivers, one tight end) formations. The static pre-snap look gave Manning a clear picture of the defense and allowed him to use his “cadence variation” to get the defense to show their hand early.

Rodgers still calls the West Coast offense the “most beautiful offense ever created.” He grew up in the system early in his career under Mike McCarthy.

Motion can sometimes complicate what is engrained in Rodgers’ mind in terms of setting pass protections and alignments pre-snap.

But don’t get it twisted: Rodgers still very much appreciates the schematic advantages of the current scheme.

“In this offense, it does put a lot of stress on the defense,” Rodgers said. “You have a motion, you have an outside zone look, you have a guy sealing backside. Off that, we have a run, we have a screen, we have a keeper, we have an action pass, we have so different looks off the same stuff. That’s why it works.”

Rodgers has won back-to-back MVPs in LaFleur’s offense. Motion works.

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I remember few years ago someone was saying Aaron Rodgers doesn't like motion because it makes hit harder for him to read the defense and basically that he wasn't smart enough.
Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

I remember few years ago someone was saying Aaron Rodgers doesn't like motion because it makes hit harder for him to read the defense and basically that he wasn't smart enough.

That's BS...

Though in MM's scheme, which was similar to what the Colts ran with Peyton Manning, you get isolated matchups, and it is easier for both teams to read, and harder for the defense to throw complex stuff into it, it's make pick your matchup you want and run a ton of isolation routes.

Motion does add more movement, but as the article talks about, it puts more stress on the defense laterally, which is why this scheme is taking the NFL by storm, as I believe over 25% of teams are now running it, after basically only Shanahan and Kubiak teams were the only ones that ran it for years.

Now, with the motion, the defense can surprise and do something unexpected, but it's rare, usually the defensive guys all have to be on the same page, or some player has to purposely go off script, and they usually don't unless they're a star and have earned the coaches trust to take chances.

It's not the motion that makes it more complex for the offense, it's the combo routes, instead of the isolation routes that Mike McCarthy ran, LaFleur a lot more routes that work together...

And honestly, I think Rodgers biggest issue was willingness to take the short throws when open... of course, part of MM's scheme and a QB natural instincts is to hold the ball and look for a even bigger play... Rodgers had to get over that and clear was over it last year.

In this Wide Zone scheme run by LaFleur, you look for a lot.of.run after the catch opportunities, which often means short throw, and hopefully long run. Rodgers had to adjust to that after doing the exact opposite under Mike McCarthy for over a decade.

And in Rodgers first year in this scheme, he was asked why don't they do more up tempo things, and he replied, a bit more around about, but basically said they didn't have the right personnel (they didn't have the h-backs for it) and other guys were still learning the system.

Adjustments cleared needed to be made, but I don't believe for a second Rodgers intelligence was one of them... he surely knew where the hot routes were, and if he didn't, well in this scheme just find where the RB or TEs are... and basically you got your answer.

Originally Posted by: beast 

That's BS...

No, it's true, it was something that surprised me, but I know what I read. I'm not that old, yet.

I hadn't even noticed Packers didn't use motion much until that comment. Then I started goofing around with Madden playbooks and saw tons of motion for 49ers, and limited for Packers. Yes, not science, but it was the off-season and we just got our new HC. I also looked at old highlights and didn't really notice much motion there. The other part was something about it makes it harder for Rodgers to get defense on the hard-count.

This posted article shows why he doesn't like them, even if someone took that as "not smart enough", which to say about Aaron Rodgers shows either some bias or blatantly never talking to or listening to the man speak at length.

Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

The other part was something about it makes it harder for Rodgers to get defense on the hard-count.

This posted article shows why he doesn't like them, even if someone took that as "not smart enough", which to say about Aaron Rodgers shows either some bias or blatantly never talking to or listening to the man speak at length.

I meant the "not smart enough" talk was bs... not what you said, but what they said.

As far as harder to get them on the hard count, that's because with motion, there is timing, the ball needs to be snaps when the motion is in a certain spot for the timing to be right.

Where with the hard count, it's about there being no timing, and the QB playing games trying to trick the DL with the timing...

Which Rodgers is great at the hard count, but to a certain degree, I feel like he over does it... meaning in certain situations, everyone knows it's freaking coming... and the announcers even say it, you can't make it too predictable....

3rd and short... sure hard count, but but when you do it too often, defenses just call your bluff, like you aren't actually running a play...

So actually run a freaking play! And show them you aren't just bluffing... and THEN do the hard counts.

Also, I know Rodgers is great... but I'd like to see them trust Dillon and the OL a bit more on short yardage.

It's 4th and 2? Maybe instead of a short pass play, try a hard run play, I mean the OL and Dillon have to earn it and prove it, but that will get the defense bitting on everything, if you can pick up those 4th downs with hard runs.

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