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Myles Simmons wrote:

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers told reporters after Sunday's victory over the Rams that he would decide whether to have surgery to repair his fractured toe in the morning. A choice has apparently been made. According to NFL Media, Rodgers will not undergo surgery at this time. With the Packers' bye this week, Rodgers will rest [more]

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Might as well just "Ronnie Lott" that little piggy.
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As expected. Just tape it to the toe next door and let's roll.
"Well, they might kill you, but they won’t eat you." Uncle Teddy
Seen with a famous foot doctor . No other information.
“Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don't do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time.”
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go.pack.go. (4h) : NFL needs to change overtime rules
Zero2Cool (5h) : Bills. Damn.
Mucky Tundra (5h) : Speed kills
Mucky Tundra (5h) : Another crazy game with Buffalo and Kansas City
Zero2Cool (6h) : Dillon fractured ribs from Oren Burks knee.
Zero2Cool (6h) : I wish people would ignore social media. They can't share anything without folks getting nuts. Lol 🤦
go.pack.go. (6h) : Zadarius Smith on Instagram: “Thank you GreenBay 🙏🏼“ …I guess he’s leaving? 😩
go.pack.go. (7h) : Packers are out of it, but I’m so glad the Bucs & Cowboys are too
Mucky Tundra (7h) : Nice choke Brady /s
Cheesey (8h) : Seeing Brady lose in the playoffs.....PRICELESS
Mucky Tundra (9h) : Brady loses the ball on a sack, gets the ball back on the next snap when Stafford wasnt ready for the snap. How typical.
Mucky Tundra (9h) : Rams are losing control of this game
TheKanataThrilla (10h) : Rams leaving points off the board. Can't have that turnover.
Zero2Cool (10h) : Rodgers and 49ers in playoffs is just not good.
Cheesey (11h) : Well, he can’t do anymore damage....this season, at least
packerfanwayoutwest (14h) : It's Sunday morning and Drayton is still on the roster?
TheKanataThrilla (15h) : Mo should have been fired last night. The fact he hasn't been tells me MLF needs to grow a set of balls.
bboystyle (15h) : Jimmy G is pathetic and gets carried.
Zero2Cool (16h) : Yep, but was also at the Giants and Seahawks game we won.
go.pack.go. (19h) : Jimmy G also yelled “Fuck the Packers” after the game
Cheesey (23h) : Me and Yooperfan were at the “snow bowl” win in 2007. Maybe we should have gone this week.🤪
Mucky Tundra (23-Jan) : Didn't he go the wild card game back in the 2013 season as well vs San Fran? Starting to sense a trend here... (JK Zero, I still love ya)
Cheesey (23-Jan) : Suckage! Dang spell check!🤪
Cheesey (23-Jan) : Yes, he did go to the game. To see sick age in person.
Mucky Tundra (23-Jan) : Didn't Zero go to the game? Bet waiting in traffic afterwards sucked.
Cheesey (23-Jan) : Well, if I cussed, I’d probably say that too.😉
go.pack.go. (23-Jan) : There is video of Robbie Gould on the field after the game saying “Fuck the Packers”
Cheesey (23-Jan) : Another disappointing end to a season. I’m so disgusted
Mucky Tundra (23-Jan) : Well, there's usually at least one road team that wins in the divisional round
Cheesey (23-Jan) : No Bahk on the o-line. Crap
TheKanataThrilla (23-Jan) : Congrats Bengals. If they can get themselves and OL they could be a scary team. Lots of young talent.
Zero2Cool (23-Jan) : At the game. Boom.
Nonstopdrivel (23-Jan) : Packers were the least-penalized team in the league this year. What a change from the McCarthy era.
Nonstopdrivel (23-Jan) : Anyone coming to the chat room/
Nonstopdrivel (23-Jan) : I am genuinely baffled why Henry hesitated on that last run.
go.pack.go. (22-Jan) : Bakhtiari will NOT play tonight
buckeyepackfan (22-Jan) : GO! PACK! GO!
buckeyepackfan (22-Jan) : GAMENIGHT! 3-1/2 HOURS TILL KICKOFF!
buckeyepackfan (22-Jan) : GOOD AFTERNOON PACKER FANS! GAIGHT
Cheesey (22-Jan) : Howdy BRO. LJ.here -b-safe! Have a blast!🎒have a hotdog 4me😁
Zero2Cool (22-Jan) : @KurtBenkert No lie, the thing I’m most excited for tomorrow is watching our Defense play.
packerfanwayoutwest (22-Jan) : Everything is on the line now. All women, children, and injured must fight.
yooperfan (22-Jan) : Game day!! GO PACK GO!!!!
wpr (22-Jan) : Game day. Fly the banner baby
yooperfan (22-Jan) : I'm glad that I was wrong🤕
nerdmann (21-Jan) : ACTIVATED!
Zero2Cool (21-Jan) : 49ers announced that DL Nick Bosa has cleared concussion protocol and has no injury designation against the Green Bay Packers.
Cheesey (21-Jan) : No huge surprise there. Have to make room for the fresh guys.
Zero2Cool (21-Jan) : Packers released CB Isaac Yiadom and DL Jack Heflin to make room for Za'Darius Smith and Whitney Mercilus.
Zero2Cool (21-Jan) : Packers have activated Za'Darius Smith & Whitney Mercilus off of injured reserve.
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