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Sports Illustrated wrote:

Entering Sunday night's Packers-49ers showdown, Nick Bosa had 12 career sacks while Yosh Nijman had played 14 meaningless snaps on offense.

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I thought he was going to be released in the cut down to the final 53. If he went back to the PS I was fine with that. Heck of a game by him. Well done Yosh.
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So is he one of our best 5?

When Jenkins returns, does he go back to G? Or do we sit Nijman down and put Jenkins back at LT?
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Originally Posted by: nerdmann 

So is he one of our best 5?

When Jenkins returns, does he go back to G? Or do we sit Nijman down and put Jenkins back at LT?

Sit his butt back down.
"Well, they might kill you, but they won’t eat you." Uncle Teddy
I thot he was going to be released when they signed Kelly, but Kelly really sucked in pass protection and Nijman out played him.

As far as what to do, first off, don't over react... Nijman survived when they game planned for a lot of runs and short passes... that doesn't put him anywhere near Bahk or Jenkins... if they're healthy, they're starting at LT period!

And while this says good things about Nijman, PFF said he still came away with a bad grade...

But Nijman is #3 LT and maybe try him as the #2 RT. So he can be the swing OT on both sides.

They don't seem to have any interest in him inside, at least not yet.
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I thought the kid did a helluva job. I dk what PFF says...

Notwithstanding the foregoing, one game does not make starter. I remember being super excited when the Packers drafted a LT who, in his senior year, really was outstanding against one of the Bosa's when they were at OSU. That tackle was Justin Spriggs....and that did not turn out so well.

Regardless, back to the main point, the kid played pretty damn well, albeit with a game plan to get rid of the ball quickly.

BTW, is there any reason we should be using this type of game plan all the time?!? Doing so makes the deep threats more effective when called.
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Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

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I follow/quote the PFF grades as much as anyone but it has flaws. His pass blocking grade is 60.5 and run blocking grade 57.7. That's not bad for who he is. Who he was facing and how much playing time he has had to date. What doesn't make sense is how does PFF give him an overall grade of 50.4? Pass block. Run block. What else do you want from an OL?
GB had 59 offensive plays. 34 were passing and 25 rushing. If you average the two grades based on the plays ran he should have a grade around 58-59. Totally acceptable for him.
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