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Michael David Smith wrote:

Packers CEO Mark Murphy has once again weighed in on the Aaron Rodgers situation, invoking the late Packers General Manager Ted Thompson as describing Rodgers as "a complicated fella.' Speaking at an event at Lambeau Field, Murphy made a halting remark indicating that Thompson, who drafted Rodgers, considered Rodgers to be "complicated.' "I'm often reminded [more]

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More and more, I'm leaning to the front office issue being Mark Murphy.
I wonder if “complicated fella” is politically correct speech for “he’s an A-hole”!😂

I wish Rodgers would just come out and say what his problem is, instead of letting his “friends” give out little snippets of information.
I can’t help but feel (I don’t know if I’m right or wrong) that Rodgers doesn’t speak up so that he can appear to be the “victim” in all this. To try to keep fans on his side.

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear to be a jerk, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt. 🤪😁😂

“I’m often reminded though of Ted Thompson, as most of you know, just a great general manager, passed away this past year — excuse me, earlier this year, often talked about Aaron, that he’s a comp — and it wasn’t just Aaron, a lot of different players. He would say ‘He’s a complicated fella.’ So, I’ll just say that,” Murphy said, via NBC 26 in Green Bay.

I think Thompson had a dry, clear sense of humor and Murphy just totally butchered that phase...

While not that exact phrase, the South (where Thompson is from) has a lot of short and sweet phrases, categorizing people or their moods or problems...

Like he's a simple boy = not hard to figure out, one track mind etc.

This seems like the same exact thing but the opposite... "complicated fella" meaning it's muliple things, they're focused on determine their mood.

The phrase fits absolutely perfectly with Ted Thompson, the Southern phrases and the Rodgers situation, but Mark Murphy (a Northerner)'s delivery of the phrase (at least in out of context print) looks absolutely horrible! And lacking of context clues to what he means by it... and it's easy to read that he meant to mean something else, when he probably doesn't...

I think Murphy meant to be cute and simple, barrow an interesting line from Thompson, but the context (at least the context of that article) was horrible and the execution of it was horrible by Murphy. He meant well, just trying to say Rodgers thinks about a lot of things... but that end result doesn't look pretty. Hopefully Rodgers knew Thompson well enough to know what (I assume) Murphy was going for there.
You could be right, Beast.
I guess we will never know for sure.
All we have to go on is Rodgers silence on the matter.
And that can make people go off in a hundred different directions on the meaning of it all.
We hear “he’ll never play for the Packers again” all the way to “it’s fixable”.
So what’s the truth?
Who the heck knows.
Personally I'm not bothered by anything Mark Murphy has said as regards Aaron Rodgers. I am bothered about how it gets spun by so many. There is no rhetorical crime to see here, unless one chooses to do so.
As to the latest "gaff"...give me a break. Rodgers is very obviously a " complicated fellow", and that has to be about as charitable as a descriptor one could generate. Florio and those like him will get their klicks, but I'm not buying.
damn skippy I'm an owner. I currently own a full .00001924537805515393 % of the Green Bay Packers.
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He is a complicated guy...so what's the problem in pointing that out.

That statement is not a negative, in fact is is a compliment IMO. The converse would be to say "he is not a complicated fella" which would be considered by most people to mean, "he is a simpleton."

I think he is on a higher mental capacity than 99% of NFL players...and a very high percentage of the overall population for that matter.

He thinks quickly, deeply, and often, which is one of the reasons why he is a great quarterback.

But perhaps, as with some of the smartest people I know, they think too damn much....they ascribe motives to actions observed when they may not exist...especially when those actions are taken by people who may not be deep thinkers.

Lets be honest, 12 would appear to have some relationship issues with people close to him, probably because he is a complicated fella.

But to be frank, i am more interested in how Love looks than what Murphy says.
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To me, it came off as negative, though I think that was partly Murphy's delivery leading up to it, and not just saying complex fella.
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Beast beckoned

To me, it came off as negative, though I think that was partly Murphy's delivery leading up to it, and not just saying complex fella.

You are one of my favorite posters...I value your perspectives, especially when I disagree with you.

You have well thought opinions which sometimes I do not understand....you must be a complicated fella 😊
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Didn't Murphy recently say that the less they speak about it, the better?
“Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don't do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time.”
Hearing the full clip. Feels less story worthy.


“Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don't do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time.”
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