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Ignoring the salary cap, what players do you want to see wearing the Packers uniform in 2021?
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CB, JJ Watt, CB, CB, etc.. ALSO long snapper and returners.

I'll just go through all the positions

QB: No Thanks

RB: They keep saying they want at least two top guys at RB and reportedly Gute has offered Aaron Jones top 5 money and he's looking for more...

There are more interesting names, but do teams.let them get away? How about RB James White? Patriots offense has lacked weapons in recent years but White is a verstility weapon that might be ready to leave like the rest of the offensive weapons have. Also, I've always wanted to see

RB Ty Montgomery in this wide zone system, as it favors RB/WR which he is.

FBs: I think we got a lot of H-backs coming back already next year

WR: Allen Robinson is a top NFL WR who's never had a top QB... he turned down Packers matching offer because he liked the Bears system... he might be willing to reconsider now that he still hasn't had a decent QB.

OT: Draft pick or Veldeer... not great options, but need to hold up as a 3rd option until Bak gets healthy.

OG: Lane Taylor, assuming he's very cheap. Hasn't stayed healthy, but he's good when he could.

WR Corey Davis isn't seen a star, but this system uses large body WRs for a lot of blocking, and supposively Davis is one of the best blockers and he's a large down field possession receiver. Think about having a more talented Lazard, and really having two of them now.

TE: Jared Cook, he's a down field threat at TE we don't currently have, and might be cheaper due to age and Saints might not be able.to.resign him.

DL: JJ Watt or Leonard Williams... if this new system is just sending four all day like some have claimed, then we could use an upgrade pass rusher, plus they need help should Clark get injured. Gerald McCoymight be an interesting cheap option to roll the dice on.

LBers: I like what we got at LBers (both OLB.and Barnes and Martin), but might be able to use a better pure coverage ILB, though I'm guessing they'll keep going with a SS

LB Lavonte David, Haason Reddick, Matt Milano

CB Patrick Peterson, has seemed to want to leave to join a contender for a couple of years now.

CB Shaquill Griffin, always been a fan, and Seahawks haven't had much pass rush, might sudden get better with a good pass rush. (Quinton Dunbar from Seahawks too)

CB Xavier Rhodes, why in the hell didn't we sign him? We grabbed the Vikings DB coach, but not their best CB....Rhodes had a horrible 2019 as the teams #1... but I thought it was clear he'd have a bounce back year, NFL teams didn't agree, as he only got a one year, 4 million deal... Packers should have signed him, as he did pretty well.

S Stay put as if their top 3 guys stay healthy they're good and had some young guys looked like they might have potential... though, if Redmond would of played better, Packers might of beat the Buccaneers, such as catching the pass that was thrown right at you... though he looked so horrible on that attempt, I assume maybe he lost it in the sun, or he's just horrible at catching.

Golden Tate  is available. Interesting opportunity here.

Let's see if any of these players have something left in the tank. Gonna be some good ones released and not a lot of teams will necessarily be able to afford them.
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Zero2Cool (7h) : Lions had a better record than the Rams in the month of November
Zero2Cool (9h) : Kelly made them shovel snow all night instead.
Zero2Cool (9h) : Matt Lafleur and Robert Saleh (Graduate Assistants at the time) thought they were invited to a party at then Central Michigan head coach Brian Kelly's house. Kelly made them shovel snow all night in
hardrocker950 (13h) : Also 2 forced fumbles in that span
beast (21h) : Gary has 5 sacks in his last 5 games
beast (21h) : How would it feel to be a Rams fans, knowing you probably aren't going to win the Superbowl and you only have a 3rd, 5th and two 7th round picks in the draft...
beast (23h) : #34 is Ahman Green in 2009!
Mucky Tundra (30-Nov) : had to look up Middleton, a little before my time I must say
Mucky Tundra (30-Nov) : Thanks Zero!
Zero2Cool (30-Nov) : Seriously though, congrats!
Zero2Cool (30-Nov) : I think you mean Terdell Middleton or at least Mike McKenzie.
Mucky Tundra (30-Nov) : Started a new job today and for my locker the combo is 4-34-12. In other words, Favre-Bennett-Rodgers. Easiest combo I ever had to learn
Zero2Cool (29-Nov) : Panthers have placed RB Christian McCaffrey on Injured Reserve. Out for the season.
yooperfan (29-Nov) : Imagine that, obesity is a precondition for all kinds of health issues.
Zero2Cool (29-Nov) : HC Mike McCarthy has tested positive for COVID
Zero2Cool (29-Nov) : His wife probably says the same thing.
Zero2Cool (29-Nov) : Kirk Cousins on lining up behind the guard: "Just got under the wrong guy."
go.pack.go. (29-Nov) : Darnell Savage tweeted that he is okay
Zero2Cool (29-Nov) : Aaron Rodgers will have tests on his broken toe today, but it sounds like surgery is a very real option. He shouldn’t miss time, regardless.
beast (29-Nov) : Yes Gute clearly values OL, RB, Edge rusher and DBs... I think we need to invest in DBs and DL a bit more with possible losing guys.
dfosterf (29-Nov) : And the refs didn't ruin a football game for once
dfosterf (29-Nov) : Thats a major prop to Gute. I was wondering about his point of emphasis regarding the o line. I don't wonder anymore
Zero2Cool (29-Nov) : Matt LaFleur on #Packers undisputed top pass rusher: "Rashan Gary is a force on every play. Just how much energy he brings."
dfosterf (29-Nov) : To go down to the 3rd string against that d line and hold our own...
Zero2Cool (29-Nov) : Packers dominated time of possession.
Zero2Cool (29-Nov) : Aaron Rodgers said he gave Yosh Nijman a big hug after the game, told him he’s proud of him and wasn’t worried about his blindside. Commended the entire O-line for job it did vs Rams front. Only sacke
dfosterf (29-Nov) : Great to see NSD back in here!
Mucky Tundra (29-Nov) : Adams going scorched earth on Ramsey and Odell
wpr (29-Nov) : love it
Zero2Cool (29-Nov) : Davante Adams says that he sent Odell Beckham Jr. his game jersey, but told Beckham that if he puts another hole in the wall inside of Lambeau Field, he’s taking it back.
yooperfan (29-Nov) : Just sit King down for the rest of the season, we have better players to put out there
Nonstopdrivel (29-Nov) : At this point it's essentially flagrant malpractice to settle for a field goal attempt.
Mucky Tundra (28-Nov) : Bucs dodge a bullet
Mucky Tundra (28-Nov) : @mattschneidman · 14m Aaron Jones, Rashan Gary and Allen Lazard are active.
Mucky Tundra (28-Nov) : Inactives: Kevin King Vernon Scott David Bakhtiari Malik Taylor Jack Heflin
buckeyepackfan (28-Nov) : GOOD MORNING PACKER FANS! GAMEDAY! GO! PACK! GO!
Zero2Cool (28-Nov) : Packers OLB Rashan Gary (elbow) is expected to return to the lineup today against #Rams, per source.
Mucky Tundra (27-Nov) : @colecubelic · Nov 26 Air Force just beat UNLV by 34 & did not attempt a forward pass.
Mucky Tundra (26-Nov) : @AaronNagler · 4m EQ, who speaks English, French and German, just had an exchange with a German reporter that I couldn't understand so I'm just going to assume he guaranteed a championship.
Mucky Tundra (25-Nov) : Thought with the Bears circling in the drain and reportedly the locker room turning on Nagy would allow the Lions to steal one but I guess not
Zero2Cool (25-Nov) : I didn't think I did lol. Gotta pay more attention to those pre Sunday games lol
Mucky Tundra (25-Nov) : knew I shouldn't have picked the Lions
Mucky Tundra (25-Nov) : and with a 3rd down pick up, the Bears can milk the clock and kick a chip shot FG for the win
Mucky Tundra (25-Nov) : Oh Detroit, calling back to back timeouts for a delay of game on defense
Zero2Cool (25-Nov) : I picked Lions? 🤦 A gift to you.
wpr (25-Nov) : Happy Thanksgiving
yooperfan (25-Nov) : Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!!!
Mucky Tundra (24-Nov) : @packers · 1h #Packers sign G/T Jon Dietzen to the practice squad & place LB Jonathan Garvin on the reserve/COVID-19 list.
Zero2Cool (24-Nov) : ramp up to come back from the COVID-19
Mucky Tundra (24-Nov) : By ramp up, do you mean a workout that got more intense as it went along or the lead up to the season?
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