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How the Rams can beat the Packers
1. Run the ball with efficiency out of 12 and 11 personnel
Rookie running back Cam Akers looked like a veteran in the wild-card win over the Seahawks, rushing for 131 yards and a score on 28 carries. That's good volume for a back with second-level juice. And I believe the Rams will be even more run-heavy in this matchup.

Look for coach Sean McVay to mix his personnel with one- and two-tight end sets, using inside/outside zone and gap schemes. Behind an offensive line that can create movement off the ball, that will open clean lanes for Akers to get up on the Packers' linebackers versus both base and sub-package fronts. And with that run-game efficiency, McVay can set up quarterback Jared Goff with clean platform throws off play-action against the Packers' zone coverages.

2. Close the throwing windows to Packers WR Davante Adams

We know defensive coordinator Brandon Staley's defense will scheme pressure and pass-rush one-on-ones for Aaron Donald and Leonard Floyd out of multiple fronts, getting some heat on Aaron Rodgers in the pocket. But let's not forget about the zone coverages in Staley's system and the elements that cater to star cornerback Jalen Ramsey. The Rams led the NFL during the regular season in Quarters coverage snaps (19.0%), and they also played a bunch of Cover 3 (25.4%). Expect to see a lot of both on Saturday, with the safeties cutting the crossers to Adams from an inside Quarters alignment or as a "robber" in three-deep.

When Adams does align as the boundary X receiver to the backside of 3x1 sets, the Rams will play Quarters "lock," which puts Ramsey in a man-technique situation against him. Winning the man matchup there frees your zone safety to go look for work. And don't be surprised if Ramsey gets some nickel reps this week, matching in quarters when Adams aligns inside.

How the Packers can beat the Rams
1. Move the pocket with Rodgers

In addition to varying the alignments for Adams -- both outside the numbers and in the slot -- I would really focus on moving the pocket for Rodgers against the Rams' defensive front. Yes, Rodgers will still throw quick-game passes, and the Packers can still scheme verticals on defined concepts in coach Matt LaFleur's system. Plus, Rodgers will take the one-on-ones when they are there.

But with boot and play-action (off pre-snap misdirection), the Packers can force the L.A. defensive front to work parallel to the line of scrimmage. And that gets Rodgers to the edge, where he has completed 82.9% of his passes and posted a QBR of 98.3 on designed rollouts this season. Give me boot flood and boot cross against the Rams' staple coverages.

2. Make Goff play outside of structure

I see Goff as a programmed thrower in McVay's system, in both play-action and dropback situations. By that, I mean timing throws with scripted voids to attack. When Goff has to go outside of the play structure, he can struggle. And because of that, I would bring some simulated pressure at Goff on Saturday and use interior stunts.

The idea is to muddy up the pocket and force him to reset his throwing window while also disrupting the timing of the process. Get bodies at his feet, with second-level defenders playing to depth in the Packers' split-safety zone schemes. You can't give Goff time -- or second-level windows -- to throw the in-breakers.

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What do you think about this?
I think it’s a decent analysis.

To me, if the Packers can get the run game going, that would help a lot. And having Rodgers move around also will help. Also, getting others involved in the passing game, taking pressure away from Adams is important. If they shut down Adams, and no one else steps up, that would be big trouble.
If MVS can get open downfield, he better catch the ball.

The Rams-we can’t allow their running game to get going.
And I’m pretty sure Goff will be QB. So you need to pressure the heck out of him. You can’t let him get on track.
And if our DBs get a chance to get an INT, catch the ball!
It strikes me that this is much like the Titans game. Packers should be able to handle the Rams.
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Originally Posted by: rabidgopher04 

It strikes me that this is much like the Titans game. Packers should be able to handle the Rams.

I've been reading a lot about the Rams D vs Packers O and honestly, I think it's going to be the Rams O vs Packers D that is going to have more impact on this game. If the Packers can stuff the run and make Jared Goff try to beat them -- it should be a slobber knocker.

I know folks are worried about the Packers special teams. Guess who's worse? The Rams! lol. Packers were ranked 29th, Rams 30th.
I hope that the Packers don’t make the mistake of taking the Rams lightly. Or it could blow up in their faces.
Originally Posted by: Cheesey 

I hope that the Packers don’t make the mistake of taking the Rams lightly. Or it could blow up in their faces.

I'm not sure it is possible to take a team lightly that has Aaron Donald and had the least amount of points scored against them. If you take that team lightly, you don't deserve the paycheck.

I'm more worried that the Packers play tight. They have everything to lose and Rams have nothing to lose.
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