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This is basically my summation of what I've read and mixing in my knowledge!

Packers reach out to the Texans for WR Will Fuller. Texans are most likely getting a 3rd round compensatory pick in 2022 for when the WR leaves after this season. The Texans want a 2nd round pick while the Packers offer up a 4th round pick.

I've read complaints about why not just meet in the middle and give up a 3rd! The NFL salary cap is going to be lower next year and therefore those draft picks are going to be that much more important.

Fuller would have been a seven game (plus playoffs) rental (not eight due to COVID-19 rules) for a 3rd round pick.

Let's not forget Fuller's injury history.

I'm guessing if the Packers could have secured a multi-year (2-4 years) deal, they would have dropped a 3rd round pick on him, or a 2nd round pick.

We should keep in mind that the smaller cap in 2021 to work with and a plethora of free agents to re-sign or let go.

Personally, I don't feel WR is why won't win the Super Bowl. I also think if this would have been someone like Darius Leonard, the Packers would have dropped a 3rd round to rent him for 7 games plus playoffs including Super Bowl.
I agree. He’s not the reason we won’t win the super bowl.
Our lack of a decent defense is why.
Like last year, we will beat lesser teams, and if we have to go up against a good team, we will get smoked.
Crap, I forgot to elaborate on contract negations. Packers have Davante Adams averaging something like $14 million on his latest contract. I can see Fuller camp looking at other WR contracts recently and wanting $14-$16 and the Packers going, whoa, hold on ... we're not paying him more than Adams.
I think it's simple, due to the decrease in Cap space, we don't have the cash to resign Jones, Bak, Linsley, King and all of our other FAs.

So we don't have enough cap, bringing in another guy at a different position isn't going to help this...

As we have seen with the Bears and trading for Mack, trading for a player and then paying them is really paying the price twice, which we can't afford to do, and it doesn't maximum value, as the Raiders have rebuild and the Bears had one good year.

And a WR would really help, but it's not going to put us over the top... a star DT might, but not a WR, plus Lazard is hopefully coming back.
Texans WR Will Fuller V says on Instagram he's been suspended for six games for violating the league's PED policy.

He's now out for the rest of the 2020 season and will miss the 2021 season opener.

Fuller is scheduled to be a free agent in March.
Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

Texans WR Will Fuller V says on Instagram he's been suspended for six games for violating the league's PED policy.

He's now out for the rest of the 2020 season and will miss the 2021 season opener.

Fuller is scheduled to be a free agent in March.

Another good non-move from Gute.

I wonder how much that NT from the Giants would have cost.

Another problem with contract year guys, everyone is wanting prices like the market is still going up, and we know it's going down... so it'd be harder to resign anyone right now.

I'm still thinking we might franchise tag Aaron Jones if we can't work out a long term deal. Which will t let the market reset a bit and give Dillon another year to show he's ready and another year for the Packers to get some depth, as Dexter Williams looked horrible reading blocks between the tackles.

If UDFA RB Patrick Taylor can get healthy, I think he might be interesting to watch... one year play maker in college but showed a lot of potential.
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Cheesey (14-Jan) : That’s good. If he did practice with the team, others could be infected.
Zero2Cool (14-Jan) : Nope. Contact tracing was good.
Cheesey (14-Jan) : Oh geez. I wonder if we will lose any other players now?
Zero2Cool (14-Jan) : The Packers have placed recently signed OT Jared Veldheer on the COVID-19 list as a result of a positive test
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packerfanoutwest (13-Jan) : see my post 16 hrs ago
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packerfanoutwest (13-Jan) : you forgot,"and warmer too"
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Zero2Cool (12-Jan) : Obviously it hasn't been allowed before. Does not change anything.
wpr (12-Jan) : In a way it remind me of the Cards/Cubs trading players between games of a doubleheader. 1922
beast (12-Jan) : Never been allowed before... as active roster guys aren't allowed, and before 2020 PS players have never been allowed to play in games before. And might never be allowed again
Zero2Cool (12-Jan) : If he plays, it'll be two teams one playoff. Never been done before.
Cheesey (12-Jan) : Yup pfow. Thanks
packerfanoutwest (12-Jan) : or packers.com
packerfanoutwest (12-Jan) : Or nfl.com
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packerfanoutwest (12-Jan) : or go to the thread yooper started
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KRK (12-Jan) : for those of you who want to enjoy the Natl Chmpship, watch ESPN2 which has coaches doing live analysis
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Cheesey (11-Jan) : 3years removed from winning the super bowl. It’s a “what have you done for me lately” league.
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Zero2Cool (11-Jan) : That was a messed up game. I was not expecting it at all.
yooperfan (11-Jan) : Whew, I was glad to wake up this morning and find that the Browns held on for the win!
packerfanoutwest (11-Jan) : all that for a loss? FUCK PITTSBURG!!
Mucky Tundra (11-Jan) : hell of a stat line for Roethlesbooger
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