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NFL Pick'em
We have a tie for most correct picks this week. Zero2Cool, MuckyTundra, GoPack1984 each got 11 correct while Smokey took over first place.

Power Rankings Big Movers
+6 Vikings
-5 Seahawks and Titans

I'm not sure the Packers should be top five. Anyhow, the numbers have spoken.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs 0
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers 0
  3. Las Vegas Raiders 4
  4. Green Bay Packers 2
  5. New Orleans Saints 0
  6. LA Rams 4
  7. Indianapolis Colts 2
  8. Seattle Seahawks -5
  9. Tennessee Titans -5
  10. Miami Dolphins 1
  11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2
  12. Buffalo Bills -4
  13. Arizona Cardinals 1
  14. Baltimore Ravens -2
  15. LA Chargers 0
  16. Cleveland Browns 3
  17. Minnesota Vikings 6
  18. Chicago Bears -2
  19. Carolina Panthers -2
  20. San Francisco 49ers -2
  21. Detroit Lions 4
  22. Houston Texans 0
  23. Atlanta Falcons 1
  24. Cincinnati Bengals -4
  25. Washington Football Team -4
  26. New England Patriots 4
  27. New York Giants 4
  28. Dallas Cowboys -1
  29. Jacksonville Jaguars -3
  30. Philadelphia Eagles -1
  31. Denver Broncos -3
  32. New York Jets 0
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Eagles are 30th. Aren't they "winning" the NFC Least?
Originally Posted by: wpr 

Eagles are 30th. Aren't they "winning" the NFC Least?

That's the problem when your league makes eight divisions with four teams, instead of four divisions with eight teams.
I have never understood your Power Rankings But then again they are all judgmental.

Here is my list as of today

1 KC
1 Steelers
3 Saints
4 Colts
5 Packers
6 Ravens
7 Tampa
8 Miami
9 Rams
10 Cards
11 Bills
12 Raiders
13 Titans
14 Browns
15 Seahawks
16 Queens
17 Falcons
18 Niners
19 Patriots
20 Panthers
21 Giants
22 Eagles
23 Lions
24 Chargers
25 Bears who still suck
26 Bengals
27 Broncos
28 Texans
29 Skins
30 Jags
31 Team with 1 Star rating
32 Jets
Originally Posted by: packerfanoutwest 

I have never understood your Power Rankings But then again they are all judgmental.

Actually, my rankings are based off a statistical algorithm, however, they are based off statistics I judged to be of importance. 😁

Thanks for your sharing list! I like seeing how other people rank teams!
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Fan Shout
Smokey (7h) : MCL sprain is better than a tear, but still will require careful recovery. Nothing that needs to be rushed.
Zero2Cool (7h) : Antonio Brown been with Tampa Bay for four games. They are 1-3.
Zero2Cool (12h) : Report: Packers C Corey Linsley has MCL sprain
KRK (30-Nov) : I am not thinking happy thoughts about this game
Zero2Cool (30-Nov) : The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.
yooperfan (30-Nov) : GO PACK GO
buckeyepackfan (30-Nov) : GO! PACK! GO!
Zero2Cool (29-Nov) : Phone says 37° with 14 mph winds. Yikes. Also, not excited for this game. More nervous.
Mucky Tundra (29-Nov) : Neither Denver or New Orleans have QBs under center today ;)
Cheesey (29-Nov) : Looks like low 30s and 16mph wind
beast (29-Nov) : Browns can't shake the Jags
Smokey (29-Nov) : What is the forcast?
Zero2Cool (29-Nov) : Wind is about 16 mph right now. I don't see any flags so can't tell how it compares to previous weeks.
yooperfan (29-Nov) : I hope it's not as windy in Green Bay as it is here. That would throw a wrench into our passing game.
packerfanoutwest (29-Nov) : The only way Hinton survives this game is if the Saints yell “three Mississippi” before rushing. Otherwise, just hand it off on every play.
Zero2Cool (29-Nov) : Saints rolling with a TE/WR/QB at QB. Broncos got WR playing QB. Should be loads of entertainment. :-)
Zero2Cool (29-Nov) : Fly that flag high!!!
Zero2Cool (29-Nov) : Never read such a report about Wade failing to do that. Keep your fake news off your keyboard, mate.
Zero2Cool (29-Nov) : Broncos starting a WR at GB. That's gonna be fun!
beast (29-Nov) : Wade Phillips reportedly fired for failure to do that. And that logic fails to address the Packers situation of not having the horse no matter what scheme you run.
beast (29-Nov) : Will the Jets Final win one?
yooperfan (29-Nov) : The Packers flag is up and flying in the breeze. GO PACK GO!
Zero2Cool (29-Nov) : As Wade Philips said, you scheme to maximize the players you have, not force players into scheme. He's right.
beast (29-Nov) : The scheme leaves DL on Island, it'd work if the DL and ILBers were better, and we might already have rookies that will be good ILBers, now need the DTs.
Zero2Cool (29-Nov) : They've invested tons into defense. They need a better scheme.
Mucky Tundra (29-Nov) : *WR Kendall Hinton
Mucky Tundra (29-Nov) : Looks like the Broncos will roll with either RB Royce Freeman or Kendall Hinton. Hinton was a QB for 3 years at Wake Forest
Mucky Tundra (29-Nov) : Broncos have no eligible QBs available for Sundays game vs the Saints due to covid restrictions
beast (29-Nov) : I think they need to consider keeping Pettine but getting him better players. That being said, if the impatient Elway fires Vic Fangio, I'm on the phone.
beast (29-Nov) : No matter who we get to coach, we need better players. Pettine system needs a much better run defenders for it to ever have a chance.
Zero2Cool (29-Nov) : Patriots defense was more aggressive and improved after he left.
Zero2Cool (29-Nov) : You should read up on Patricia's defense before speaking such things. He's known for bend don't break and not being aggressive.
KRK (29-Nov) : If we part with Pettine, Patricia should be high on the list for replacements
Zero2Cool (28-Nov) : Lions relieved HC Matt Patricia and GM Bob Quinn of their duties.
Zero2Cool (27-Nov) : Ravens-Steelers being tentatively moved from Sunday to Tuesday night
beast (27-Nov) : I remember when I wanted WR Terry McLaurin and we selected TE Sternberger one pick before Terry McLaurin, now he's a stud for the Deadskins
beast (27-Nov) : I remember when I wanted WR Terry McLaurin and we selected TE Sternberger one pick before Terry McLaurin, now he's a stud for the Deadskins
TheKanataThrilla (27-Nov) : Remember when Packer fans wanted Montez Sweat. He is pretty good.
TheKanataThrilla (27-Nov) : Fake punt where was nerd...huge fail on that play Cowboys
nerdmann (26-Nov) : Like Mike's early days, sliding Daryn Colledge out to LT against the Vikes.
nerdmann (26-Nov) : Cowboys lose both Ts on first drive.
nerdmann (26-Nov) : Texans passing pretty much at will.
nerdmann (26-Nov) : Lions running the ball up the middle with Apete.
nerdmann (26-Nov) : Lions running the ball up the middle with Apete.
Zero2Cool (26-Nov) : First Thanksgiving was in September in Florida.
yooperfan (26-Nov) : Happy Thanksgiving to all from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
KRK (26-Nov) : Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!
Zero2Cool (26-Nov) : Passer rating allowed in coverage for #Packers defense this season: Man Coverage: 83.2 (3rd) Zone Coverage: 104.3 (28th)
Cheesey (25-Nov) : I’d love to see what Dillon can do. Especially in 3rd and one.
Zero2Cool (25-Nov) : Matt LaFleur said RB AJ Dillon has returned to the building and is still working through the Covid-19 protocols. He said he still believes Dillon can contribute a lot to the team once he returns.
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