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ESPN has ranked Lambeau Field, home to the Green Bay Packers, the best NFL stadium in the country.
The ranking , which was decided based on atmosphere, features, traditions, tailgating, location, cost and history, was shared Wednesday.
According to ESPN’s breakdown, Lambeau ranked first in the nation for atmosphere, traditions and history. It placed third for features and tailgating. While it ranked in the top three for five of seven categories, Lambeau’s location and cost were both ranked in the bottom half of NFL stadiums.
Lambeau’s history seemed to play a large role in its first-place ranking. ESPN praised Lambeau for being home to the “Ice Bowl” and the Packers’ runs to 15 division titles, nine conference titles and seven overall championships, four of which were Super Bowl titles.
However, NFL Nation reporters surveyed for the ranking said one part of Lambeau was better than the rest: the Lambeau Leap.
According to ESPN, Green Bay’s location, which is more than 100 miles from Milwaukee, is the reason Lambeau scored 27th (out of 28) in the nation for that metric.

Yeah, location is better than 27th but oh well.

From the ESPN page: (Link above)


The formula we used is outlined below.

Features (20%): The bells and whistles that make each stadium unique. Reporters listed the best and worst features for their home stadium as well as others they had visited.

Traditions (15%): The distinct rituals that each stadium and fan base engage in on Sundays, gathered and rated by NFL Nation reporters.

Tailgating (15%): The party outside of the stadium before and after the game, rated by NFL Nation reporters.

Location (10%): Where the stadium is situated in relation to dining, entertainment and hotels, proximity to major tourist attractions, plus a mobility score accounting for public transportation to and from the game.

Cost (10%): The combined cost of a ticket, regular hot dog, 12 ounces of domestic beer and parking fees. Ticket prices are a three-year, secondary-market average set by SeatGeek, while hot dog, beer and parking prices are Team Marketing figures from 2019. Also, we added SeatGeek's get-in price (to the 10th percentile in 2019) to give the thriftier fan a dream scenario.

History (10%): A ranking based on the importance and significance of past games played at a stadium. Super Bowls, name plays and legendary games were factored in the most, but wins in football and in non-NFL events (college bowls, Final Fours, etc.) were also considered.

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More from the ESPN page.


Atmosphere: 1
Features: 3
Traditions: 1
Tailgating: 3
Location: 27
Cost: 24
History: 1

What's good about it: A lot. Lambeau has history as the host of three NFL championship games, including the "Ice Bowl," and has been home to the Packers during runs to 15 division titles, nine conference titles and seven overall championships (including four Super Bowl titles). Originally named City Stadium, it was renamed to Lambeau in 1965. It has preserved much of its aesthetic history during multiple renovations, even preserving some of the original bricks. But when surveying our NFL Nation reporters, one aspect of the stadium seemed to stand out among the rest: the Lambeau Leap. Packers players jumping into the stands after a touchdown has become a Sunday staple in Green Bay and on NFL RedZone. Bottom line: This is the bucket list stadium in the NFL.

What you pay at Lambeau Field
Ticket: $260 (get-in price: $135)
12 oz of domestic beer: $6.36
Hot dog: $6
Parking: $40
Total: $312.36

What needs work: Lambeau ranked in the top three in five of seven categories. It got dinged for its location, more than 100 miles from Milwaukee and set within a town of just more than 100,000 people. An overall lack of hotels, restaurants, bars and points of interest in the immediate area is mostly mitigated by the stadium's extraordinary tailgate scene, and it does have the Titletown complex. Besides, the neighborhood surroundings can be part of the charm. Lambeau's cost is also on the higher end, but that's the price of success and having the best stadium in the league.

NFL Nation commentary: "If you're fortunate enough to walk through the tunnel at Lambeau Field, you will cross the same bricks that the likes of Bart Starr and Ray Nitschke crossed. The same bricks that Brett Favre, Reggie White and Aaron Rodgers crossed. Throughout its various renovations and expansions, one thing has remained intact: history. It's why the Packers kept a strip of brick -- embedded into the new concrete -- from the original walkway to the field. Above it is a plaque that reads: 'Proud generations of Green Bay Packers Players, World Champions a record 13 times, have run over this very concrete to Greatness.' It's enough to give you chills." -- Rob Demovsky

Originally Posted by: wpr 

Yeah, location is better than 27th but oh well.

I disagree. I heard all the time how cool it was that the Packers stadium was basically downtown and had neighborhoods so close. That location is pretty cool. Lots of stadiums and arenas are in very rural areas (kinda like Oneida was in the '50s lol).
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packerfanoutwest (25-Oct) : Jones is out for the game with a calf strain
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