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Originally Posted by: wpr 

Well, you know, I'm ok with greatness like that.


You DID get it, right?
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Originally Posted by: Cheesey 

You DID get it, right?

yes sir and I shuffled the deck on you leaving you with 2s and 3s.
Originally Posted by: wpr 

yes sir and I shuffled the deck on you leaving you with 2s and 3s.

I hope it wasn’t the POOP deck that you shuffled!😁
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When I was a little kid, I had a pet rabbit that I kept indoors. I was afraid that if I let it outside, it would run away.
So I had an “ingrown hare”.
Last week I was having a bite to eat at the just reopened local eatery.
All of the sudden one of the waitresses yelled “Does anyone here know CPR?!?!”
I yelled back “I know the WHOLE alphabet!!!”
We all laughed and laughed!......well.....except one guy.

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After another mediocre season, the Chicago Bears general manager was in desperate search for a quarterback.

After scouring hours and hours of film he needed a break. He turned on the news and there, before his eyes was an Afghan youth shucking hand grenades 15 stories up into buildings. The same kid threw a grenade 60 yards into an enemy fortification with precision accuracy.

The GM knew he had to have the kid. He sent a highly trained force to get the identity of a kid and bring him over.

Then the long process of teaching the young man the game of football began, but the kid was a natural and a quick learner.

Fast forward two years, behind a strong defense, the Bears finally won the Super Bowl and this young Afghan boy was named MVP. He was so proud especially considering where he had come from.

After the game in the locker room amid the glee and flowing champagne, and just after he held the Lombardi trophy in front of national television, he called his mother.

His mother did not seem happy.

The young man, disappointed in his mother’s reaction asked “Mom you don’t understand, I just won the MVP in the biggest sporting event in the world. How can you be disappointed?“

His mother replied,

“I had never thought I raised a selfish son. But all you ever think of is yourself.

Both of your brothers have been shot.

I cannot let your sister go out of the house alone for fear she will be raped.

I will never forgive you for having moved us to Chicago!”
KRK!....oh no you di-int! 😜😂

A little Afghan boy......is he the one they named the blanket after?😂
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For a Vikings fan, pretty creative
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jdlax (5h) : Big week for 2-0
jdlax (5h) : 1-0 and the lions are the lions sooooooo
Smokey (7h) : The Bungals? I tossed a coin for my pick!
Zero2Cool (7h) : Why did I think Bengals were gonna win this. 😭🙈😱💨💣
wpr (14h) : great news.
Zero2Cool (14h) : @ByRyanWood Good news for #Packers offensive line: Billy Turner (knee) and Lucas Patrick (shoulder) are practicing in pads today.
Zero2Cool (16-Sep) : Packers Wednesday injury report: - Clark, Taylor, Ramsey DNP - M. Adams, Deguara, Greene, Jenkins, Patrick, St. Brown, Turner limited participation - Burks was a full participant
Zero2Cool (16-Sep) : Packers signed veteran DE Billy Winn to their practice squad.
Zero2Cool (16-Sep) : @ProFootballTalk Jared Veldheer visiting Cowboys
Zero2Cool (16-Sep) : ✔ @ClayTravis Breaking: Big Ten has unanimously voted to bring football back. Announcement this morning.
Zero2Cool (15-Sep) : Michael Thomas is expected to miss several weeks with a high-ankle injury, per @TomPelissero
Zero2Cool (15-Sep) : Lions are placing CB Justin Coleman on injured reserve because of the hamstring strain he suffered Sunday
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : 🚀😳🧐💯🔳😊🙈 Phone emoji
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : @TomSilverstein LaFleur said he is still waiting to hear where things stand with NT Kenny Clark, who injured his groin.
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : As @TomPelissero said, the Packers have lost Lane Taylor to a season-ending knee injury, a source confirmed.
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : The guy is Marcus Davenport. he was not active yesterday.
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : @AdamSchefter Update: Browns’ TE David Njoku has a sprained MCL and is expected to miss three weeks, per source.
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : Saints drafted a guy after trading with Packers. How's that guy doing?
beast (14-Sep) : Last year the Packers released Lazard and he became our 2nd best WR, this year release Barnes and he might be our 2nd best ILB.
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : Saints WR Michael Thomas might miss our week three game with high ankle sprain.
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : Packers OL Lucas Patrick, who started yesterday’s opener at left guard before leaving with a shoulder injury, got good news on his tests and should be probable to play next week, source said.
yooperfan (14-Sep) : Perhaps Barnes will get more playing time and turn into the ILB that we’re looking for.
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : @zachkruse2 UDFA ILB Krys Barnes was the Packers' highest-graded defensive player at @PFF in Week 1.
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : For some reason, I thought Cardinals beat 49ers twice last year, so I picked Cardinals yesterday.
beast (14-Sep) : 49ers defense has always struggled against mobile QBs, Cards and Hawks in the division can give them hell, and Cards have a ton of offensive weapons, tons of WRs.
Cheesey (14-Sep) : Me too Zero! I actually went to the Packers/Cowboys NFC title game in Dallas in 96. The plane ride home was awful. I hate the Plowboys!
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : Fake noise is the lose. I want real audio. I wanna hear the coaches complain about a dumb play. I wanna hear the players talking shit. :-)
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : Cowboys. Always crash an burn. Never another option. Still bitter about the 90s.
Mucky Tundra (14-Sep) : I'm torn on wanting them to crash and burn or play well, reach the playoffs and then bow out in stupid fashion
TheKanataThrilla (14-Sep) : I thought that McCarthy going to Cowboys would make me hate them less. Didn't happen. Go Rams.
Mucky Tundra (14-Sep) : hey now, I said just on road team scoring TDs, not all the time
Zero2Cool (14-Sep) : I would rather they stop piping noise period. It provides nothing and blocks out hearing the players. Who wants that? No one. We want to hear the players say SIT DOWN BITCH
Mucky Tundra (14-Sep) : *wish they
Mucky Tundra (14-Sep) : watching highlights from around the league, i sorta with they would pipe in booing whenever a road team scores a TD
Cheesey (13-Sep) : Mucky....you mean the “Bungles”!!!🤪
Mucky Tundra (13-Sep) : Typical Bengals, drive down the field for a last second FG and they miss. That's what I get for picking them
Mucky Tundra (13-Sep) : I really haven't paid much attention to anything this offseason. Did they lose a bunch of people or what?
Zero2Cool (13-Sep) : 49ers suck. They're down. They be done. Run over. Next.
Mucky Tundra (13-Sep) : Are the Cardinals that good or is it just one of those divisional game type things?
nerdmann (13-Sep) : Time of possession was AWESOME.
Zero2Cool (13-Sep) : ELIAS: Minnesota's 18:44 time of possession today is its lowest in a regular game since the league started recording TOP as a stat in 1977.
Zero2Cool (13-Sep) : Monday you can expect J. Veldheer flying into GB.
Zero2Cool (13-Sep) : NFL Picks should be good now
Mucky Tundra (13-Sep) : It does work, believe it or not
Zero2Cool (13-Sep) : Does the chat room still work?
Smokey (13-Sep) : Cheers \_/'s
Smokey (13-Sep) : Cheers \_/'s
Tezzy (13-Sep) : Go Pack Go ! \_/
Zero2Cool (13-Sep) : Kenny Golladay is inactive. I was excited at first, then realized... Vikings are the enemy this week, not Lions.
Cheesey (13-Sep) : We haven’t had the normal build up for the game. No practice we could watch, no preseason.
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