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Great watch. Concerning.
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Originally Posted by: gbguy20 


Great watch. Concerning.

Quite interesting video - so basically. Pettine is too obvious with his plays and whats he going to do; and good QBs and coaches take advantage of this and this is why the packers have given up large plays 20+ and especially 40+ plays. One thing I liked about our last DC was he tried to disguise things and send in safety blitzes more etc ... have ie 6 guys crowd the line and you wernt sure who was coming, You pretty much always know who is coming with our D and IMO its the saving grace our OLBs have been so good that we have done so well.

As the youtube author said its either we get to groppalo or they are going to carve us up because we telegraph what we are going to do so much. Hope pettine watches this and well has 3 days to teach our players new tricks 🙂
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If you could send this to pettine, thatd be great.
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It’s called self scouting. You need to understand your own tendencies or you’re going to get murdered.

Nevertheless, coaches become stubborn even when these tendencies are pointing it out to them. I am confident that was one of MM’s issues
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Pettine better change up some things. Otherwise it will be the same results.
Throw in some new twists that the other team hasn’t seen and won’t expect.
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Originally Posted by: KRK 

It’s called self scouting. You need to understand your own tendencies or you’re going to get murdered.

Nevertheless, coaches become stubborn even when these tendencies are pointing it out to them. I am confident that was one of MM’s issues

We've been weak over the middle since Nick Collins got hurt. Most of those big chunk plays they showed were always over the middle. Wonder if we could play with 6 DBs to help? Issue being defending the run with that type of set up. I think the Chargers played 7 DBs last year against the Ravens in the playoffs. Problem is trying to get your best guys on the field and if we are playing 6 or 7 DBs then definitely our best guys on D are not all on the field.
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Thanks for embedding this, whoever fixed it.
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Well that scares the crap out of me.
I shouldn't have watched that, I have to go for a blood pressure check this morning.
Watching that sure didn't do me any good.
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Lets just hope the plan is to change it up for this game.
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Except they arent awesome. Outside the Za Darius, they are crap. 200+ yards on the ground? unreal..
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A great pass rush is no good when you can’t even come close to stopping a RB.
Any QB would of beat us yesterday. All he had to do was turn around and hand off the ball.
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Over on another site, someone pointed out that the 49ers essentially rubbed the Packers' nose in it with their gameplan: going out of their way to prove they could win decisively without even throwing the ball. That comment made me laugh for some reason.
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