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ESPN wrote:

Rodgers' hardly subtle audible call for Lewis and the ensuing TD showed again how excited he gets when a less-involved player gets into the act.

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Team chemistry rocks.
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Also in the article:


Coach Matt LaFleur’s willingness to expand roles and, perhaps more importantly, listen to his locker room could also serve the team well. Defensive captain Za’Darius Smith revealed that a select group of players met with LaFleur after last week’s blowout loss at the 49ers.

"One thing that he does as coach is that he listens to his players," Smith said. "If he, or we, feel that something isn’t right, we can have a meeting and go talk to him. He works with us. This past week, we had a leadership meeting, so the little things like that with the head coach is big. It seems to be helping us as a team."

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Also in the article:


It's evident that Rodgers and Davante Adams like involving others.

Sure, the Rodgers-to-Adams combination has proven effective -- they connected on two touchdowns before Lewis’ score in the 31-13 win over the Giants -- but nothing can incite a celebration like seeing a less involved player get into the act. Rodgers went wild after his 1-yard pass to Lewis with 7:05 left in the game.

The Packers (9-3) aren’t without shortcomings, but team chemistry doesn’t look to be one of them. Rodgers’ touchdown numbers (22 through 12 games) could be considered down, but his smile numbers are way up.

"He’s been enjoying it a lot, you can tell," Adams said. "Even in times when we were going through some adversity, you could see him and Coach, him and the rest of the team, myself, we love showing it out there, interacting because it’s so much fun. It’s the ultimate team sport, so when you come together as one and get it done and play well in all phases, it makes it that much fun."

I wish I could have seen Lewis's touchdown live. I would have been screaming for joy. I always thought it was criminal how flagrantly underused he was in Mike McCarthy's system.
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Originally Posted by: Nonstopdrivel 

Also in the article:

I wish I could have seen Lewis's touchdown live. I would have been screaming for joy. I always thought it was criminal how flagrantly underused he was in Mike McCarthy's system.

Frankly I forgot he was on our team.
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The most underappreciated guy on the team. Sticks his nose in there nearly every play, unlike our other pansy-ass TE's. He is true professional.
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