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Offline texaspackerbacker  
#1 Posted : Thursday, October 17, 2013 11:11:32 AM(UTC)

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I got inspired to start this thread after reading the baseball playoffs thread and some people's reasoning there.

For purposes of this thread, things like sex, eating, discussing politics, etc. are NOT sports hahahahaha. I was gonna differentiate playing sports from spectating - which I really had in mind also, but free speech, so whatever.

Money doesn't have much to do with it for me. Nor does various forms of corruption, allegations of this and that, etc. As a HOMER, it's basically no big deal when our guys do it and just a further excuse to dislike when the other teams' guys do it.

My likes don't go much beyond pro football (obviously), college football, college basketball, and baseball.

I don't like the NBA because there is a clear pattern of league sanctioned favoritism by officials of certain teams (the big cities plus San Antonio and for some odd reason, Memphis). They cheat badly against my two favorite teams: the Bucks and Mavs. What they did to poor Shawn Bradley was downright CRIMINAL.

I don't like NASCAR or any car racing - except for the crashes, of course - who wouldn't like those hahahahaha? Why? It's boring, and despite what anybody says, it's the machine, not the person that makes the difference.

I used to hate soccer - because it's boring - run around and around and around and no scoring - and they don't even let 'em hit each other - much. That has changed a little bit since my grandsons played it, but on TV, it's still boring.

Ditto that for hockey - even though I played it a little bit - except for the fights, of course.

I used to like watching tennis - which I play a LOT - but it's frustrating to see no Americans at all doing good - who cares if damn foreigner A beats damn foreigner B? I still watch the Williams sisters, but that's about it.

I'm less bored by golf than a lot of people. I used to watch it a lot when Palmer and Nicklaus were dominating. Nowadays, there's just too many unknowns to keep track of, and if I can't root for somebody in ANY sport, it's a big "who cares?".

Wrestling - acting, not sport. When I was 12 - 50 some years ago - I used to watch it with my grandma - who really took it seriously, but not since then.

Boxing - I only like it when I can really be FOR somebody. Due to my Philippine connections, I like watching Pacquiao but that's about it.

MMA? Nope, I never got into it.

What else is there? Bowling - fun to play even though I'm no good, but boring to watching - see golf above - nobody to root for.

Olympics: throw out everything I said about boring above; If there is an AMERICAN in it, it's automatically interesting, even soccer, yes, even gymnastics.
Expressing the Good Normal Views of Good Normal Americans.
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Offline wpr  
#2 Posted : Thursday, October 17, 2013 11:46:37 AM(UTC)

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going more or less off your list:

GB in football. I can watch other teams if there is a reason to. IE what impact does the game have for GB? Since I have a fantasy team this year I am a little more interested in other teams but not a lot.

MLB Cardinals and the same check down list. How does it effect my team and players?

NHL hockey. I watch it and leave it from time to time. The resurgence of the Blackhawks has gotten my attention. Don't watch the games until late int he season but will check the standings every week or 2.

I enjoy college FB and BB. for the most part you see more hustle and effort from the kids than you see in the pros. It helps to have a team in the game but I still watch the NFL Souther League aka SEC. I admire teams from the Big Ten and Pac 10 for not feeling like they have to rent professional athletes for a year or two. (Their admission requirements are higher than other major conferences.)

I have followed the Lakers for years but never passionately. Since the pervert (Kobe) took over running the team I have watched even less if at all. I use to pick it up as the playoffs closed in and followed the games throughout the Spring. I don't know that I have even watched even 1 quarter in the past 2-3 years. Non calls for traveling and the flops players make are horrible.

tennis, golf, car races, MMA, boxing, bowling- pass. I can't waste my time on everything so I don't think about them at all. I at least read a little about tennis when America ruled. Same for golf of the 60'-70's. I just don't care anymore even if the Williams girls are doing pretty well.

TV wrestling is not wrestling so it doesn't even deserve this my time commenting on it. I do like HS and collegiate matches but have not done a lot to follow them other than catch a few lines in the local paper.

Olympic sports are entertaining. Some more than others. If they were more than every 4 years less so.
It helps to have an American in the event or a compelling story like Eddie the Eagle or the Jamaican Bobsled team.

I guess that leaves International Futbol. I try to follow it. I just am not excited about a team drawing back and playing defense waiting for the other team to fall down so they can then try and score. And the flops there are worse than NBA. It is pitiful. I would watch it more but I simply forget to change channels and watch. I will say this- I enjoy the commentary or the lack thereof a lot. I was watching an English match about 10 years ago, I don't think it was a Premiere League game, and the announcers said about 3 words in 5 minutes. It was kind of shocking at first but I liked it. You don't realize how much the American announcers say until you don't hear someone doing a game. I have stopped listening to the broadcasts as much as possible and just focus on the play on the field but I still can hear them in the background. Next step may be to turn the volume all the way down.
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Offline Wade  
#3 Posted : Thursday, October 17, 2013 9:04:04 PM(UTC)

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Packer football.

The rest? The older I get, the less interest I have. Bleh.
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Offline Dulak  
#4 Posted : Friday, October 18, 2013 5:54:58 AM(UTC)

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Location: London, UK (from kenosha)

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NFL - especially when you dont have to watch commercials

Hockey - dont care about watching it on tv but I used to 'have' to go to games for work and I actually started to enjoy it; also went to some games voluntarily

MMA - pretty exciting

Tennis - ok I know this sounds lame; but wife sort of enjoys watching wimbledon when its on (we live close by) so I sort of watch some of the games when its going on here.

does womans volleyball or other scantly glad women sports count :)
Offline Zero2Cool  
#5 Posted : Friday, October 18, 2013 6:20:50 AM(UTC)

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Location: Green Bay, WI

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Football - Packers. Badgers.
Growing up it was obvious I wouldn't ever be the biggest kid in the park. It also didn't help that I was going against high schoolers while in middle school. Dad asked if I knew why I could run faster and throw farther and catch better than most. I had no clue. He said it's because I try harder and the harder I work, the better I will be. Football has been my love and my passion since I can remember. The current NFL rules and direction have been lessening my passion.

Racing - Dale Earnhardt, Dale Earnhardt Jr and Clint Bowyer.
It's been in my family for generations and my little brother has kept it going. There's something about being more willing to push your ride to the limits more than the guy next to you that I simply love. It's ignorance at its finest to say racing is only about the machine, not the driver. I raced cars that were superior to mine and won. Why? Because I was fearless and winning was tops. If you're not willing to redline and test your tires grip, you simply will not win. There's also some geometry involved with taking turns that often gets overlooked by outsiders. I love racing, its a dream of mine. With that said, I fully understand how people could despise the sport because its 'left turn, left turn' nature.

Baseball - Red Sox and Brewers.
Baseball has always come naturally for me. I could throw hard with accuracy and could connect the bat with the ball easily and anticipate the direction of a hit while fielding. I just couldn't hit the damn ball out of the park lol. It's a great game to play, but I can only watch the playoffs if it's getting close to closing out the series.

Hockey - Penguins and Gamblers.
Never played this sport in the traditional sense, but attending games is great. Very edge of the seat exciting.

Basketball - Bulls and Bucks
Being on the shorter side, no one covers me in basketball and I'm fairly good at hitting three pointers and passing the rock. After hitting a few trey balls though they start to cover and then I use my quickness to drive and dish. Usually get my ass physically handed to me though.

Golf - Phil Mickelson (sp) and Tiger Woods.
Can't play it or watch it, but I have fun at the driving range.

Tennis - no one
Dislike it.

Soccer - no one
Dislike it.

Wrestling - no one
I wrestled a little in high school and during that time I watched WWF to learn moves or get ideas for moves. Wrestling was fun, but can't watch it on any level.

MMA - no one
I really can't get into this sport at all. It lacks excitement big time. To be fair, I've only seen about a dozen fights. Each one was dance for a few seconds, hit and then snuggle on the ground in speedo's. I prefer straight up kickboxing.
Offline Tezzy  
#6 Posted : Friday, October 18, 2013 8:22:56 PM(UTC)

Rank: 4th Round Draft Pick

United States
Joined: 8/21/2008(UTC)
Location: Wayne's Basement

Applause Given: 23
Applause Received: 65

Football - Packers and Badgers
Born and raised to be a fan and find no enjoyment watching any other teams. Some of my most vivid memories as a teenager are in those three football stadiums.

Hockey - Admirals and Blackhawks
I grew up on the ice along the shores of Lake Winnebago, used to skate to school passing a puck around with my buddies. To this day I love the plaid jacket Bob Uecker wore for those old Admirals commercials. And this summer I was throwing toilet papers rolls at bike cops during the Blackhawks victory parade.

Basketball - Bucks and Bulls
Loveable losers and the Luvabulls (Hot Damn!)

Baseball - Brewers
Some of my fondest memories with my father are tied to a radio, listening to Uecker play-by-play and Whad'Ya Know. I have been trying to make a habit of radio listening while doing things with my son on the weekends.

All Other Sports - USA
If it's international competition, what better reason to party than be a nationalistic a$hole, U-S-A!
On top of every beard grows a man.
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texaspackerbacker on 10/18/2013(UTC)
Offline John252  
#7 Posted : Sunday, October 20, 2013 1:29:10 PM(UTC)

Rank: 7th Round Draft Pick

United States
Joined: 9/15/2013(UTC)
Location: North Carolina

Applause Given: 4
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Football - Packers and Pirates
No explanation needed

NCAA Basketball - Pirates
Games are always fun to watch, even if the above mentioned school's basketball team doesn't have the success of the football team

NBA - Celtics (sort of)
I can't help but enjoy these games as well, since I enjoy the sport of basketball in general so much. Most of the things that turn people off of the NBA don't really bother me, I still find the games fun. Maybe I'm a basketball player in another life Shrug

NHL - Carolina Hurricanes
I've gotten into hockey a lot more as of late, since I've been going to a few 'Canes games, and even when they lose, it's a very fun environment, and really puts me on the edge of my seat during all 3 periods.

MLB - I'll watch a game or two, but really it'll most likely be something going on in the background rather than the central focus. I wouldn't mind actually going to a game though, since I suspect it'll be a fun atmosphere

Soccer - The extent of my interest in Soccer goes as far as my sisters team goes. Somehow she inherited the dormant athletic gene that runs in my family that hasn't really presented itself in either me, my other sister or both of my parents. Figures.

MMA - can be fun to watch, but only in the context of being a Buffalo Wild Wings and having a few.

Golf - Can't really get into it, and the one time I played I ended up getting a headache from tensing up so much.

Wrestling - Not really into it, but the one thing I have noticed is that people that actually wrestled talk about it for hours, regardless of who else is (was) participating in the conversation and suddenly has no idea of what to talk about

Tennis - No.
Offline nyrpack  
#8 Posted : Tuesday, October 22, 2013 4:04:20 PM(UTC)

Rank: 4th Round Draft Pick

Joined: 9/26/2008(UTC)
Location: long island, ny

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football obviously the packers

nhl - ny rangers does not take a backseat to the pack in my book , love them both equally, ive been to about 200 ranger games in my day at the greatest venue in the world madison square garden, and tradition of the ranger fans is only equaled by is green bay packer fans !!
jimmy b.
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