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"PFT" wrote:

Browns coach Eric Mangini is thrilled with the preseason performance of his veteran starting quarterback -- and disappointed with the preseason performance of his rookie third-string quarterback.

"He's been outstanding the whole preseason," Mangini said of Delhomme, per the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "He's pretty close to 80 percent completion, and the way that he runs the offense and gets us into a good play when we're not necessarily in the best situation, that's what I'm looking for out of our quarterback -- to be efficient and also be a really good decision-maker."

At the end of the Browns' loss to the Lions Saturday night, Mangini could be seen chewing out McCoy on the sideline. Mangini said McCoy made mental errors on each of the last two plays of the game: On the second-to-last play he completed a short pass in bounds even though the Browns were out of timeouts and needed to stop the clock, and then on the last play he threw the ball out of bounds instead of into the end zone.

"He's still growing," Mangini said. "On that short pass, you just throw it away and go to the next play. On the last play, whether there are receivers there or not, you throw it up in the end zone and see what happens. You don't throw it out of bounds. I'm chalking it up to age and inexperience and we'll get that fixed."

Based on how McCoy has looked so far, getting that fixed is going to take a long time.

is it too late to back down from my "Colt McCoy" will be the best QB from this years draft statement?
It's too late Zero. I remember telling you he sucked balls. And I'm right. Clausen will be the best QB from this class, I still stand by that.
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"Packers_Finland" wrote:

It's too late Zero. I remember telling you he sucked balls. And I'm right. Clausen will be the best QB from this class, I still stand by that.

Was Clausen picked after him?

I was confident Colt would be better than Tebow at QB and some other guy. It was mainly the guys picked ahead of him that I was talking about, but damn, sure looks like I was wrong as heck no matter how you slice it.
Clausen was picked 48th overall, in the 2nd round.

Bradford was of course #1, and Tebow was #25 overall. McCoy was #85, the 4th QB taken in the draft.
Bradford, yes.

I thought McCoy would succeed where Bradford and Tebow would fail. From what I've seen though, it looks like McCoy is going to be worse than even Tebow at QB! lol

Bradford looked the best of the three, to me anyhow.
Yeah, Bradford has looked really good, considering he has an unexperienced O-Line and terrible recievers.
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Originally Posted by: Packers_Finland 

It's too late Zero. I remember telling you he sucked balls. And I'm right. Clausen will be the best QB from this class I still stand by that.

My original assessment was correct. Tim Tebow, not an NFL QB. Colt McCoy ... good QB.

Brady Quinn is looking better than I expected too. Looks like his noodle arm is getting a little stronger.
Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

is it too late to back down from my "Colt McCoy" will be the best QB from this years draft statement?

Does longevity count?
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Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

Does longevity count?
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I don’t care HOW long your gevity is🤪😂😂

Isn’t it something? To look back at threads from long ago, to see how they panned out?
It also shows how many NFL GMs missed at their “cant miss” picks.
Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

Does longevity count?
 image.png You have insufficient rights to see the content.

Normally I'd say no... but looking at that list, the only guy that I'm sure did more was Sam Bradford, and he got some absolutely ridiculous contracts... that he never came close to living up to....

Factoring in price tag... yeah, Colt McCoy and his his price per year seem to be clearly best... at least he was a decent backup to stick around.
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Zero2Cool (19-Jul) : I think that's a great point. I believe it's millions expected earned that were not earned. I'm not sure.
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