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by porky88 on 9/2/2014 4:18:54 AM
Below is my Green Bay preview I wrote for Row12. You find the rest of my NFC preview here. My AFC preview is here.

I had them going 9-7 last year, so I was pretty close. Here's what I think this year:

Key Games: Week 1 at Seattle, Week 4 at Chicago, & Week 8 at New Orleans

Breakout Player: A couple of years have passed since defensive coordinator Dom Capers had a versatile defensive back at his disposal. The last was Charles Woodson, but his last great year in Green Bay was 2010. Micah Hyde can fill the void Woodson left behind. The second-year defensive back does it all. He’ll start at safety in the base packages and move to slot corner during certain sub packages. He can blitz from either position or play coverage. He also takes great angles to the ball and is a competent run defender.

Fantasy Impact: No other team in football can top Green Bay’s fantastic four. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, running back Eddie Lacy, and wide receivers Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson are all No. 1 fantasy players at their positions. Together, using standard scoring, the four project to score 986.06 fantasy points.

Prediction: Overlook the Packers at your own peril. Rodgers, who is arguably the top quarterback in the league, has never had a better running game around him. Lacy’s presence forces defense to pick their poison. Will they stack the box and risk Rodgers burning them through the air or will they play off and risk Lacy bruising his way up the middle? Simply put, it doesn’t matter. This could be the best offense of the Rodgers Era. Defensively, Green Bay is betting on Julius Peppers having gas left in his tank. Peppers, who has had a strong August, will play mostly outside linebacker opposite of Clay Matthews. Many fans compare the signing of Peppers to Reggie White, but the minister of defense was Green Bay‘s top defensive player the day he walked through the door. These Packers already have a No. 1 pass rusher in Matthews. In many ways, the signing of Peppers compares more to Sean Jones, who joined the Pack in 1994. Jones became a staple part of the mid ‘90s Packers by playing opposite of White along the defensive line. If Peppers can be to Matthews what Jones was to White, then Green Bay’s pass rush will deliver. Overall, improvements to the defense, running game, and even offense line makes this the best Packers team assembled since their Super Bowl run of 2010.

by MintBaconDrivel on 8/29/2014 8:55:11 PM
Chat with fans during the game!

Green Bay Packers ( 0 - 0 )
    Total Offense = 1st
    Passing Offense = 1st
    Rushing Offense = 1st

    Total Defense = 1st
    Passing Defense = 1st
    Rushing Defense = 1st

    Points For = 0.0 (1st)
    Points Against = 0.0 (1st)


Seattle Seahawks ( 0 - 0 )
  • Total Offense = 32nd
  • Passing Offense = 32nd
  • Rushing Offense = 32nd

  • Total Defense = 32nd
  • Passing Defense = 32nd
  • Rushing Defense = 32nd

  • Points For = 0.0 (32nd)
  • Points Against = 0.0 (32nd)

by Zero2Cool on 8/28/2014 10:25:36 PM
You ever wonder what round the Packers spend the most money on? No? Too bad, here's the break down and it excludes dead money.

Free Agents - Waiver Claims - Undrafted Rookies (including Peppers, Shields, Kuhn )
$39,180,626 - 37 Players

Players Packers Drafted (excluding Matt Flynn)
Round 1 - $44,838,501 - 8 Players
Round 2 - $13,085,049 - 6 Players
Round 3 - $5,951,067 - 3 Players
Round 4 - $14,600,443 - 7 Players
Round 5 - $2,786,917 - 4 Players
Round 6 - $5,735,825 - 4 Players
Round 7 - $7,027,229 - 6 Players

Salary Cap Source - link
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