a month ago
No, he is not returning to Green Bay. Regardless, would you want him back? For sake of argument, let's say he costs only 2nd day pick to acquire him. There's his massive salary and does he really improve the offense that much?

Foolishly, I think I'd rather the day two pick AND avoid that five year $140m contract. I say foolishly because the dude is probably top five WR and I'm like meh, let's roll with the WR corps we got already. Reason being, I just feel WR are being overpaid for their value and the production can be replicated with cheaper talent.

What are your thoughts?
a month ago
The only difference between your perspective and mine is the suggestion that it is somehow foolish to want to stick with what we have. It is not foolish at all, imo, and I kind of doubt that you honestly feel that it is. Our wide receiver corps is so loaded with talent that we can't figure out who is the 1, the 2, etc. I love that paradigm shift. I beleive we may be the only fanbase that can honestly say we don't need no friggin" Davante Adams and his contract, and our team just proved there is plenty of talent out there at the WR position going forward without destroying available cap space. Our biggest problem I see at the position is that we are going to have to cut a very good wide receiver that will probably be a good or great contributor elsewhere. Hopefully some GM will be smart enough to see what we see and give us something in trade. I look forward to the Vikings having to pay Jefferson something north of 35 million
Edit- Ha! They just did!
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a month ago
I like the Packers top 3 receivers in Watson, Doubs and Reed. (Not necessarily in that order.) I am hopeful they will grow this year. If not what do we really have in these receivers? Most of the excitement from Packers fans is that they will surely improve on what they have already displayed in the first couple of seasons. If they stay exactly as they are we have 3 decent WR2 not great receivers. If they regress then they will fall into the WR3 or WR4 mediocre designation.

After them we are looking at the mediocre type guys. Wicks had 39 receptions on 58 targets for 581 yards and 4 tds. That's pretty good but certainly not elite. He did out perform Watson's injury ridden season. That is not the stuff that would keep an elite player off the team. It is a decent first year from a 5th round selection. I love the idea of having 4 WR that could be THE GUY this week. But Wicks has to be the 4th out of 4 at this point. Money issues or age issues aside, I would absolutely take Tae over Wicks 100 times out of 100.

The rest of the WR room are the same ol same old that Packers fans get all warm and fuzzy feelings about every single year. They come, put on the Green jersey, have a cup of coffee and are gone in a year or two. If they even make the 53 to begin with.

I don't think Adams is a top 5 WR any longer.calling him a top 10-15 makes more sense to me. At 31 with a weak supporting offense is showing signs of being mortal. As such his contract would be a real burden.

Again, I love the variety of receivers available. I am pleased that Gute did not see the need to take a WR choosing to address other needs.

a month ago
The only issue I have with it is that contract. I don’t think they can afford to pay a WR that much, sign Love, and put a team together.

But Adams with Watson, Reed, Doubs, and Wicks instantly becomes the best WR lineup in football in my mind. We’re talking 2011 level fab-5 good. Jordan Love could have an MVP season throwing to those guys.
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beast (6-Jul) : Vikings 4th round pick, CB Khyree Jackson died in automobile accident
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Zero2Cool (24-Jun) : He slammed Rodgers for not being married. And said he wants his QB settled down, not single.
wpr (24-Jun) : NOT
wpr (24-Jun) : This is such a relief. I have been so worried that Cowturd, I mean, herd would never approve of Love.
Zero2Cool (23-Jun) : Colin Cowherd now approves of Jordan Love.
Zero2Cool (23-Jun) : Jordan Love has proposed to his girlfriend Ronika Stone
wpr (22-Jun) : A Packer, Lion and Viking kicker were vying for a job. The bares kicker didn't even qualify.
dfosterf (21-Jun) : Supposedly looked good up to this point in OTA's etc. "Monster Leg" mentioned.
dfosterf (21-Jun) : Packers picked up Lions reject kicker James Turner, the guy they cut to make room for Jake Bates
Mucky Tundra (20-Jun) : And Javon Bullard missing a tackle. Win some lose some apparently
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Zero2Cool (19-Jun) : I saw that today. I actually thought he passed away few years ago. 24 time All Star.
Martha Careful (19-Jun) : sad news tonight. Willie Mays passes away. He was the greatest of all time
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buckeyepackfan (14-Jun) : Welcome to "The Dead Zone" may the only Packer News we hear is positive!!
buckeyepackfan (14-Jun) : Trevor Lawrence-5yr 275mil-200mil guaranteed. J-10VE is next.
Mucky Tundra (13-Jun) : @AaronWilson_NFL #Packers have signed first-round pick Jordan Morgan to $14.185 million deal that includes $7.135 million signing bonus
jdlax (11-Jun) : Hahaha hellllllll no, Sunday is king! It's those Thursday night games that hurt
Mucky Tundra (11-Jun) : @AndyHermanNFL Looks like Tucker Kraft is out of the sling. Progress!
Zero2Cool (11-Jun) : That's also my oldests birthday
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wpr (10-Jun) : that's great jdlax
jdlax (10-Jun) : God I hate the Shithawks
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jdlax (10-Jun) : I just got my tickets to represent in Seattle December 15th woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Martha Careful (9-Jun) : I really enjoyed game 1 of the Stanley Cup final. Sergei Bobrovsky G - FL was incredibly good.
Mucky Tundra (4-Jun) : *NFL
Mucky Tundra (4-Jun) : @ByRyanWood Pads or no pads, welcome to the N
Mucky Tundra (4-Jun) : @ByRyanWood Rashan Gary just steamrolled Jordan Morgan on a bull rush. Drove right over him to the ground.
Mucky Tundra (3-Jun) : God and a lot of money brought Reggie to GB
Mucky Tundra (3-Jun) : yep. became the highest paid defensive player in the league and 3rd highest behind Elway and Marino
Zero2Cool (3-Jun) : Packers signed second-round pick Javon Bullard
Zero2Cool (3-Jun) : Reggie White got something like 4 years $17m total right?
buckeyepackfan (3-Jun) : 110mil guaranteed!!!
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