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GREEN BAY, Wis. – The last time the Green Bay Packers made a seismic change in defensive philosophy was 2009, when Dom Capers was hired as defensive coordinator and installed a 3-4 scheme.

For 15 years, from Capers to Mike Pettine to Joe Barry, the 3-4 was a way of life. With the firing of Barry and the hiring of Jeff Hafley, the Packers are flipping back to the 4-3.

Why? Coach Matt LaFleur said he wasn’t necessarily looking to make a schematic change when he made the coordinator change.

“I wanted to get who I thought was the best for us,” LaFleur said on Thursday, when Hafley was introduced as defensive coordinator. “I equate putting a coaching staff together to putting a puzzle together. And how does each piece fit? And that’s an important part of it, the fit, and he just happens to run more of a 4-3. But I felt comfortable with what we had. Because the last thing you want to do is just scrap everything that you’ve got going for you, especially when you’ve got some pretty good players that have performed at a high level and guys under contract.”

To be sure, the change is noteworthy and overblown all at once. Going to a 4-3 base defense will require another starting linebacker. And switching coverage philosophies from Barry’s preferred Cover-2 to Hafley’s Cover-1 and Cover-3 schemes will demand a new type of safety.

Those are important changes.

At the same time, as general manager Brian Gutekunst said earlier this month, “this league’s a 4-2-5 league.” That 4-2-5 is the universal nickel package run by every team in the NFL. That’s four men up front, two linebackers and five defensive backs. Green Bay operated out of that look about two-thirds of the time in 2023. The 11 men on the field for the season-ending loss at San Francisco with Barry as coordinator might be the same 11 men on the field for a hypothetical rematch with Hafley as coordinator if played today.

Still, about 30 percent of the time, the Packers will line up in a 4-3. Depending on the future of high-priced veteran De’Vondre Campbell, the Packers might enter the 2023 NFL Draft looking for a third linebacker to join Quay Walker and Isaiah McDuffie. Even if Campbell returns, the Packers will have to bolster their depth chart.

Will the rangy, athletic Walker be the man in the middle? About a week-and-half into the job, Hafley wasn’t ready to say.

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Whole article is good for some insight on the new DC. What are you WAY TOO EARLY thoughts about it?
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I posted in the draft picks thread, but my questions would have just as easily been posted here. We seem to be relatively strong at IDL and weak a LB particularly MLB
Go Packers!!!!
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Whole article is good for some insight on the new DC. What are you WAY TOO EARLY thoughts about it?

Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

My WAY TOO EARLY thoughts are the media is making a bigger deal of this than it actually is.

4-2 scheme is run between 65% and 85% of the time and I'm used to it being more closer to 80%, but I think the Packers might of run more 3 DL in an attempt to stop the run.

Vic Fangio scheme which Joe Barry was running is about mixing and matching, so the Fangio scheme don't run any one type of coverage 50% of the time... often it's Cover 2 40% of the time and Cover 3 40% of the time, with two other preferred coverages run slightly less than 10% of the time.

Hafley is going to run a ton of Cover 1 and 3? Well we already run a ton of Cover 3... and we'll just have to wait and see if he does indeed run a lot of Cover 1, but he has talked about in interviews that starting with a Cover 1 look, and then dropping the SS to then play Cover 2. So he does run more Cover 2 than the article admits to.

As for the most guys in the box, he has talked about that's because of Colleges using their QBs as runners, which the NFL simply doesn't do, and can't do, because if the QB gets injured they don't have quality replacements on the NFL level quality. So I'm not sure that will roll over to the NFL.

And as for the different type of Safety use, in 2023 the Packers went with a different type of Safety use, instead of the twin cover 2 Safeties, they went with Savage in a SS role, flying to the ball a lot more, and the other Safety being a more clear FS role.

So most of these "changes" were already things both sides were already doing, or the difference between College vs Pro Ball

They will have to get deeper at LB, but usually they kept 5 ILBers, and usually the 4-3 keeps 6 LBs, so not s huge difference. And Packers had tweener LB Aaron Mosby on the PS whom was sorta a cross between a 3-4 OLB and 3-4 ILB, so he might be a great fit for the physical 4-3 OLB role.

I think the big difference will be in play calling, communications and leadership which where said to be Barry weak points more than the general scheme.

Where it felt like he was behind in making adjustments, DB communication was said to be an issue and why the defense got a lot better once Savage got back out there. And the DBs especially, and especially Alexander seemed to want Barry gone.

a month ago

I posted in the draft picks thread, but my questions would have just as easily been posted here. We seem to be relatively strong at IDL and weak a LB particularly MLB

Originally Posted by: Martha Careful 

The DTs are relatively strong at pass rush, but also seemingly relatively weak at run stopping. We could seriously use another run stopper.

Campbell would be the MLB, McDuffie would probably be backup.
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