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Her excitement is pretty awesome, lol.

If you don't know. This is Jordan Love's girlfriend.

2 months ago

If you don't know. This is Jordan Love's girlfriend.

Originally Posted by: Zero2Cool 

Thank you for the context. I was very confused before that. The part that got my curiosity is what does she do?

Ronika Stone, former volleyball star player at Oregon, where she set records (and maybe still playing, but this article doesn't follow past college).

She is also daughter of G Ron Stone, whom played 13 years in the NFL, including two Super Bowls with the Cowboys. Was a top backup for the Cowboys during those years and then cashed in with the Giants in an RFA move that paid him more than all the Cowboys starting OL except one.

With the Giants and later the 49ers, he earned Pro-Bowl and All-Pro Status. And later also played for da Raiders.

QUICK: Ask her dad if he likes her BF and is willing to protect him from da Raiders! And block for follow Boston College Alumni AJ Dillon! What? Former All-Pro, he can't be worse than Newman can he? (Joke)
2 months ago
Speaking of Ronika Stone, looks like her and other GFs/wife's, etc, let out a little dirt on their partners. 

The Packers are off to Las Vegas to take on the Raiders on Monday Night Football, and they're having a little fun at the expense of quarterback Jordan Love along the way. The Packers' official account tweeted pictures of players wearing Jordan Love T-shirts with the phrase "Silly body."

That's a reference to a video posted Thursday by Athletes First Network, which spoke to the wives and girlfriends of Packers players to ascertain their "beige flag," a TikTok concept that is essentially a tidbit about someone that isn't necessarily alarming or "dealbreaking," but potentially unusual.

Love's girlfriend, Ronika Stone, offered the detail that instead of using the word "ticklish" to describe himself, Love instead says he gets "silly body."

So to recap, for those that don't want to watch the video, here is the dirt or the "beige flag"

WR Watson: He's the baby of the family (how is that a flag at all?)

RB Dillon: He can't cook

QB Love: Instead of saying he gets ticklish, he says he gets "silly body"

OL Newman: He gets his hair done more than I do (he's got a mullet) ... lots of hair stuff... (also Newman's fiance is wearing a bedazzled hat that reads "MILF")

TE Dugara: Only reads self helps books and knows way too much about saunas.

ILB Campbell: He sits on the shitter for 2 hours when it's bed or dinner time. (Good place to stop... but continues) He's either shitting or hiding from our kids. (Yeah... the kids could of been left out of this).

My "beige flag"s for this segment are (in no order)
~ "Silly Body"
~ Bedazzled Milf hat
~ Wondering if Newman focuses more on his hair than his play on the field
~ I think/hope she's joking, but Campbell's Wife suggesting he purposely avoids his kids.
~ Other than Love's GF, there isn't seemingly much diversity in the GFs/Wife's. Not that it matters, just something I was surprised about. I thought there would be more diversity.

2 months ago
lol that's what my Fan Shout was about when I said silly bodied or whatever I said. Pretty funny little bit, but that damn bloop noise was obnoxious.
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