4 months ago

Absolutely great point, and I was thinking of whom would be available... but yes, when someone tells you to do something like that, ask those two questions...

Why should we do that? (Whatever it is that they've trying to get you to do) and Whom would you suggest we replace him with? (As they'll probably have no answer as they aren't ready for that... but also if they do suggest someone, you can then look into that person, and decide if you might be interested in that new name suggested, or if you might want to completely avoid them as they might be listening to outsiders)

Originally Posted by: beast 

For sure. And I would like to add if the the questions are asked and the answers are something like "because he's not a good GM" or there really isn't a good reason to fire him. You don't have to wonder why, because you pretty much already know it's out of pettiness. And if the answer to "which person should be GM" is "that's YOUR job, not mine, I'm just an agent", well, that really tells you quite a bit too. At least, I think.

Granted, maybe Murphy believed he already knew the answers to the questions. 
4 months ago

On the field Rodgers, IN HIS PRIME, may have had no equal. Off the field he became more and more of a tool over the years. It became more about him and what could the organization do for him. What could the NFL and the CBA do to recognize his elite status. I personally didn't care if he took the jab or not but my kids and many others lost their minds over his evasive word play. After that I began to notice how often he would choose words carefully so as to sound one way but mean another.


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Aaron, for whatever reason can be douchey and more concerned about his own issues than the team's. But at least he takes leadership on issues like the kill shot and 911. Definitely stands up and does what's right.
“Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don't do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time.”
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