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I saw a video today and it was interesting you bring the motion thing up because this guy brought up how Rodgers doesn't like this run first type offense with the motion he perfers the West Coast offense. Just thought it was intersting with you bringing it up 

Originally Posted by: dhazer 

I'm not sure what video you watched, but saying Rodgers doesn't like run first is not accurate. At least, not that I've heard him say. I have heard him say he's not a fan of motion and not a fan of bunch sets. The reason is because it makes it a challenge to know what the defense is going to do and he prides himself on dissecting that.  It's a reason QB's will run the play clock down to get the defense to show a tell in what they're gonna do. You might have 7 on the line, but which ones are blitzing? Which ones are backing off?

He's remarked he dislikes motion because he feels offenses are better when they can go with tempo. And (my speculation inputted here) when you have to wait for a guy to motion from one side to the other, it gives the defense a little breather as they know the ball won't be snapped until the WR is set. Whereas if you lineup and go, they are forced to react and likely to make a mistake that a smart QB can exploit.

10 months ago
GB gives too much power to their QBs and by QBs i mean the last one and the current one we have. 

Gone are the days of a coach putting his QB in check when he screws up (Holmgren).

Im telling you, once Ron and Mike left, this franchise became who ever is playing under center
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