a year ago
The Packers just are not throwing 10+ yard passes much at all.

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If Geno Smith can do it, why can't Aaron Rodgers?
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a year ago
Maybe our guys aren't getting open long?
Or Rodgers isn't getting enough time because of pressure to allow a long play to develop?
a year ago

Maybe our guys aren't getting open long?
Or Rodgers isn't getting enough time because of pressure to allow a long play to develop?

Originally Posted by: Cheesey 

Both are very valid points! I still say if Seattle with that OL and Geno Smith can do it, we can do it!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh
a year ago
Establish the run. Get Watson to clear the safeties deep. Get Tongan involved.

They'll figure something out.
“Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don't do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time.”
a year ago
Because Rodgers wants to fully trust a guy and not take chances...

Plus Rodgers deep balls to guys with great speed has just been bad... yeah, he can throw the ball anywhere... but he almost never seem to time the ball up with MVS' speed... and while yes we have seen it this year, it hasn't happened too often with Watson and Watkins...

Also, Watson has some serious wheels, getting doubled teamed and sometimes burning them both, but used as a decoy instead of a ball actually being thrown to him.

But the Rodgers / Doubs chemistry looks like it could potentially be money ..
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Zero2Cool (2h) : Good discussion idea!
beast (2h) : George Kittle, Josh Oliver, Dallas Goedert are actually really damn good at blocking... or at least a Mercedes Lewis or Jake Ferguson.
beast (2h) : What TE isn't a damn good blocker to you? Kelce and Kraft rank as 55 & 71 best run blockers PFF grade of the 88 with at least 50 run blocks
Zero2Cool (3h) : Why we calling a TE a WR just cuz he's good at receiving? He's damn good blocker too!
Zero2Cool (3h) : I bet Chiefs felt Packers were hard W too. 😕
jdlax (9h) : Tomorrow isn't even a question mark on the schedule. It's a hard w.
Mucky Tundra (11h) : I know hes a TE in name only but that's his official position so I had to be technical
beast (11h) : Kelce is a WR... a 250 lb one... best receiving TE in the game and a poor blocker. He's basically a WR.
Mucky Tundra (12h) : That was a poorly worded sentence since I seem to be implying Kelce is a WR
Mucky Tundra (13h) : Outside of Kelce, I think the only WR Mahomes has any trust in these days is Rice
Mucky Tundra (13h) : I mean it's just not what happened today. He's had some drops at bad times this season and he's not lighting up the stat sheet
Zero2Cool (14h) : He made a mistake. Cut him? No chance. Chiefs shouldn't be in that situation. Coaching.
Mucky Tundra (15h) : By all rights they should but in the middle of a playoff push and theres probably no one they can pick up that's worthwhile he might stick a
buckeyepackfan (15h) : I wouldn't be surprised to see him get cut .
Mucky Tundra (15h) : Or maybe not. I thought they got Toney in the offseason, I forgot he helped them win a Super Bowl
Mucky Tundra (15h) : I'd imagine some in the Giants front office are laughing their asses off
TheKanataThrilla (15h) : The WR should be unemployed tomorrow.
Mucky Tundra (15h) : Mahomes may have been yelling at the Refs but Toney was practically lines up in the Bill's side of the LoS
Mucky Tundra (15h) : I'd be furious too if I were Mahomes. Perfectly executed and an all time banger of a play wiped out by a WR that seems to find ways to fail
buckeyepackfan (15h) : Mahones just melted down on the sidelines. Never seen that before.
Mucky Tundra (16h) : Minnesota Twins defeat the Las Vegas Athletics thanks to a 3 run HR in the top of the 9th
Mucky Tundra (16h) : Pretty sure this Minnesota-LV is setting the game of football back by 40-50 years
Mucky Tundra (17h) : Nooo Herbert went out djcubez has Mahomes and Deebo still playing with Mostert tomorrow
Zero2Cool (17h) : BTW, the Broncos loss wasn't bad. I pointed it out. No one listened.
Zero2Cool (17h) : So, yeah, Jaire won't play again. That sucks.
Martha Careful (18h) : an excellent point Mucky
Mucky Tundra (18h) : Martha, in contrast, the loss to the Broncos doesnt look as bad as it did at the time
Martha Careful (18h) : nevertheless, I remain enthusiastic, but tomorrow night is going to be more of a fight than most of us think
Martha Careful (18h) : on the surface, it would appear that the quality of opponent that we had in our last two big wins, may not have merited such enthusiasm.
Zero2Cool (18h) : Packers rule out Jaire Alexander for Week 14 game vs. Giants
buckeyepackfan (18h) : Easy dhazer. Look at some of the finals today. Nothing ss guaranteed! The Boys need to stay focused! Just Beat The Giants!
Mucky Tundra (18h) : Rams and Lions lose with the Vikings+Seahawks currently in close games. Lot of things trending right for GB atm
dhazer (19h) : Like I said GB is going to win the division as I called at the beginning of the season
Mucky Tundra (19h) : Lions look like they're in a free fall at the moment
Mucky Tundra (21h) : Former Titans TE Frank Wychek dead at age 52
dhazer (22h) : Lets go Bears
Zero2Cool (9-Dec) : Watson OUT for Monday. Walker is Doubtful.
Zero2Cool (8-Dec) : Patriots held teams under ten points and still lose.
hardrocker950 (8-Dec) : Not like the Patriots have looked inspired lately either
hardrocker950 (8-Dec) : Not like the Patriots have l
buckeyepackfan (8-Dec) : why the hell did I take Pittsburgh tonight? they have really went down hill
packerfanoutwest (8-Dec) : fire Chris Gizzi!
Zero2Cool (8-Dec) : Packers Injury Report: Aaron Jones returns to practice
Zero2Cool (7-Dec) : Consensus is strengthen back so hamstrings don't overcompensate
Zero2Cool (7-Dec) : Watson consulted with doctor about hamstring.
buckeyepackfan (7-Dec) : Rams sogn Mason Crosby.
Zero2Cool (7-Dec) : I like that the Packers are playing well. I hope they destroy Giants!!
beast (6-Dec) : If you actually read the posts, I probably post about other teams than anyone else... I can't understand why you are so hung up on crap
Zero2Cool (6-Dec) : Packers are winning. Good time to be alivet
beast (6-Dec) : Pwof take the stick out of your ass! I don't give a fuck what you post about...
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