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    Fan Shout
    Zero2Cool (16h) : Saints have agreed to terms on a contract with former Packers wide receiver Equanimeous St. Brown.
    beast (21h) : No, but of it's for legislation, then half of the country will find it evil, not good, whatever it says....
    Mucky Tundra (23h) : Draft is still 2 weeks away. UGH
    dhazer (11-Apr) : Does anyone know of a good AI generator to create letters of Support for legislation?
    Zero2Cool (11-Apr) : Gordon "Red" Batty retires as equipment manager
    Zero2Cool (10-Apr) : Sounds like that's pretty certain now.
    Zero2Cool (10-Apr) : Packers "at" Eagles in Brazil. Week One
    dfosterf (10-Apr) : Va' Fazer As Malas Va' !
    Zero2Cool (9-Apr) : Mark Murphy tipping us off?
    Zero2Cool (9-Apr) : “We’re either the first- or second-most popular team in Brazil.”
    Zero2Cool (9-Apr) : Christian Watson got married. Wife better be careful with those hamstrings!! 😂😂
    dfosterf (9-Apr) : Those poor bastards
    Zero2Cool (8-Apr) : Falcons have signed former Packers CB Kevin King, who has been out of football since 2021.
    dfosterf (8-Apr) : Collectively, we need to spend more time in what we have, when analyzing ostendible needs and historical proclivities
    dfosterf (8-Apr) : I say he is better than so many of these draft picks
    dfosterf (8-Apr) : Question of the week for me: Has anyone besides me done any deep dive into the potential of Alex McGough, our 3rd string qb?
    Zero2Cool (8-Apr) : Or in Tunsil's case, something gets released day of draft or day before lol
    Zero2Cool (8-Apr) : Seems every year someone does something pre-draft.
    dfosterf (8-Apr) : Falling down drunk. The draft board
    dfosterf (8-Apr) : Allright! Potential character guy/f#×k up pickup in D'Vondre Sweat!
    Zero2Cool (7-Apr) : Go Badgers!!!
    Martha Careful (6-Apr) : Go Boilermakers!!!
    Martha Careful (5-Apr) : Diggs has not stepped up in the playoffs and has a high cost
    beast (5-Apr) : Probably not going to let Diggs walk away unless he's horrible... but according to reports he also might not be as good as he used to be.
    beast (5-Apr) : The 25th pick in the draft has been an offensive player since 2017, 2 TE, 2 WR, 1 RB, 1 OC
    Mucky Tundra (5-Apr) : Odd, why give up a 2025 2nd Rounder for him if you're just gonna let him walk?
    Zero2Cool (4-Apr) : Texans to let Diggs be free agent in '25
    buckeyepackfan (4-Apr) : 49r's aign RB Patrick Taylor.
    Martha Careful (4-Apr) : Reversion to the mean would indicate we will keep it
    Zero2Cool (4-Apr) : It's also been utilized in a trade in 14 of the past 20 years
    Zero2Cool (4-Apr) : The 25th pick in the draft hasn't been made by it's original holder since 2016.
    Mucky Tundra (4-Apr) : Gotta imagine that Green Bay vs Houston will be a primetime game this upcoming season
    Zero2Cool (3-Apr) : No. Kill QB. No worries. 😁
    Mucky Tundra (3-Apr) : Diggs, Collins, Dell and Schultz is gonna be tough to cover
    Zero2Cool (3-Apr) : Stefon Diggs' trade will not be processed as a post-June 1 designation, so that is just over $31 million in dead cap this year.
    Zero2Cool (3-Apr) : Bills trading WR Stefon Diggs to the Texans in exchange for a 2025 2nd-round pick. (via @rapsheet)
    beast (3-Apr) : Using Patterson as RB and RB/WR tweener... so I think they also signed Patterson as a 3rd down RB, not just a kick returner as articles are
    beast (3-Apr) : I think PFT missed the real Steelers/Patterson connection, Steelers new OC Arthur Smith has been Patterson's head coach the last 3 years
    wpr (2-Apr) : It has Martha. I was stunned when I was in HS to learn Iowa was still playing half court BB in the 70's.
    Martha Careful (2-Apr) : Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese...women's sports has come a long way. GREAT TO SEE!!
    Martha Careful (31-Mar) : Happy Easter everyone. I hope you all have a great day.
    dfosterf (28-Mar) : Maybe
    Mucky Tundra (28-Mar) : Yes
    Zero2Cool (28-Mar) : No.
    Mucky Tundra (28-Mar) : End of a Degu-era
    dhazer (28-Mar) : Steelers sign Patterson because of new kickoff rule interesting
    Zero2Cool (28-Mar) : Former #Packers TE Josiah Deguara is signing a 1-year deal with the Jaguars, per source.
    Zero2Cool (28-Mar) : They do not do it for "content sake".
    dfosterf (28-Mar) : For the record, I enjoy Beast and Mucky drafts
    Zero2Cool (27-Mar) : Haha
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