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Offline El3ment12  
#16 Posted : Tuesday, March 19, 2013 6:43:17 PM(UTC)

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Yerko said: Go to Quoted Post
I'm not sure if you are just being super sarcastic or serious but the comment Jennings made about having the Adrian Peterson factor is that teams will always be stacked in the box to defend the running attack set by AP. This will then open up a lot of options for the passing game, thus making Jennings stats inflate.

I feel like I didn't need to explain that...but there it is. [palm]

Yeah and who is throwing him the ball. Don't matter if the box is stacked if you have a bad quarterback. If Peyton manning or Rodgers had AP...different story. Chances are AP doesn't have another season like he did anyway.
Offline Zero2Cool  
#17 Posted : Wednesday, March 20, 2013 4:30:10 AM(UTC)

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sschind said: Go to Quoted Post
Maybe, maybe not but even if it is so who cares. We don't seem to have a problem with a 10 year veteran going to a contender to get a ring why should it matter if a guy with a ring goes somewhere for stats and money. Did we hate Reggie for leaving his team for ours? Did with think Woodson was disloyal for leaving the Raiders to come to the Packers? Of course not. Why is it perfectly fine for players to want to come here but players who want to leave here are considered selfish.

With the Packers he would have been part of a group of very talented wide receivers. With the vikings he will be the talented wide receiver. If the vikings succeed (playoffs or, God forbid, the Superbowl) Jennings will likely be a major contributor. If the Packers succeed he may have been a major contributor or he may have been just another cog in the wheel.

I guess you could argue that this proves all he is interested in is himself but again, so what. He is still going to be a part of a team, he is just going to be a more important part of the team. We lost Flynn last season because he thought he was going to get a chance to be a starter. Were you upset with him as well? was he only in it for himself? Should he have stayed here in Green Bay and been part of the team or was it OK for him to want to be a bigger part of a different team. Its the same thing.

As I have said numerous times, I hold no ill feelings for Greg Jennings going to the Vikings. As I have said numerous times, he got his ring, why not get paid now? You're barking at the wrong person here because I couldn't careless what team he went to. The Brett Favre situation desensitized myself on giving a poop. I care about the 53 on the team. :)
Offline PackerTraxx  
#18 Posted : Wednesday, March 20, 2013 7:23:00 AM(UTC)

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I think Jennings will have a tough time in with the Queens. He will probably be double teamed the whole game. He has trouble beating double teams and they don't have anyone else that's a threat, unless they get fortunate in the draft. That's entirely possible because of their position. But they still have Ponder throwing, who I think can be a good QB but nothing close to Aaron. It is a good signing because it is obviously a position of need, however I don't see it as a cure all.
Offline sschind  
#19 Posted : Wednesday, March 20, 2013 9:17:13 AM(UTC)

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Zero2Cool said: Go to Quoted Post
As I have said numerous times, I hold no ill feelings for Greg Jennings going to the Vikings. As I have said numerous times, he got his ring, why not get paid now? You're barking at the wrong person here because I couldn't careless what team he went to. The Brett Favre situation desensitized myself on giving a poop. I care about the 53 on the team. :)

That's possible, I'm still trying to figure out who is who on this forum. I guess when I see someone saying he is only in it for himself it makes me think that they are taking that as a negative thing. My apologies if I misread anything.

I agree 100% about the 53 men on the team. Once a player leaves I have no interest in them either.
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Zero2Cool on 3/20/2013(UTC), yooperfan on 3/20/2013(UTC)
Offline DoddPower  
#20 Posted : Wednesday, March 20, 2013 12:59:13 PM(UTC)

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Everyone wants to feel wanted in their jobs/careers. The Packers may have extended an offer to Jennings, but I believe Jennings stated the Vikings REALLY made him feel wanted. I can relate to this. I just moved across the country (NC to CA) for a new job because the new company made it VERY obvious they really wanted me. Even if the location isn't ideal to the individual, feeling wanted and as an indispensable entity in the organization is very important. I wouldn't be surprised if Ted Thompson's approach is more reserved in dealing with some players in terms of stroking their ego. I could see him acting like "Well, we'd like to have you back, but here's what we're willing to pay you. If that's not good enough for you, I understand and wish you luck. Talk to you later."

I don't blame Jennings for going to the Vikings, especially since I don't know all the facts and what went on behind closed doors. Teams can turn around quickly, anyway. For all we know, the Vikings could have the next Aaron Rodgers/Andrew Luck/Russell Wilson in a year or two and be a completely different football team, perhaps even a contender. Take the best situation, and see what happens.
Offline nerdmann  
#21 Posted : Wednesday, March 20, 2013 3:03:48 PM(UTC)

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The only hard feelings that are bound to arise are those of Greg Jennings when he gets shut out and Lambeau and his team is crushed in defeat.
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