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Offline dhazer  
#11 Posted : Sunday, March 4, 2012 2:58:37 PM(UTC)

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Dexter_Sinister said: Go to Quoted Post
A hole lot of wholes.

They were so bad that they were only able to win 19 straight games without ever trailing in the 4th quarter. The second longest streak in the history of the NFL. I can see a team getting lucky for a game or even a playoffs. But for 19 straight games, that is ridiculous to say it was all luck. The NFL has too much parity for any team to be that lucky.

They were about in the middle of the NFL in net points. If they can manage to stop a couple big plays a game, they will be back to where they were in '10.

The running game was about average for a Super Bowl winning team.

The dropped passes cost them more games than the yards they gave up on D. One of the reasons I was hoping they would be able to activate Gurley. He was reported to have hands like spiderman. Nelson and Jennings were above average in not dropping the ball. But as a whole, the team sucked.

If the team had managed to drop only an average percentage of passes, Rodgers would have had a couple hundred more yards, a couple fewer ints, a couple more TDs and a couple more wins.

I don't know if you understand how good of a year Rodgers really had. What he did was already a record. Even with that handicap of having 8% of his passes dropped, he had the best year ever with a passer rating of 122.5. Give him an average number of drops and he would have had a rating over 130. It would be one of those records that stands for half a century like Don Hutson's.

Dex you made my point for me without realizing it. If it wasn't for Rodgers having such a great year we could've been a 4-12 team.

Offline Nonstopdrivel  
#12 Posted : Sunday, March 4, 2012 3:05:47 PM(UTC)

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And yet another team, with an equally atrocious defense, was able to reach the Super Bowl simply by tightening up their defensive play in the playoffs. It certainly wasn't because of their quarterback prowess. After putting up brilliant statistics against the Broncos, who were more or less patsies offensively, Brady sucked against the Ravens. And while his overall numbers against the Giants were more than acceptable, anyone watching that game knows Brady was more or less a non-factor after that sack.
Offline Dexter_Sinister  
#13 Posted : Sunday, March 4, 2012 3:18:58 PM(UTC)

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dhazer said: Go to Quoted Post
Dex you made my point for me without realizing it. If it wasn't for Rodgers having such a great year we could've been a 4-12 team.

"Could have" is a pretty broad term. We also "could have" gone 19-0 if we had fewer drops. When you start altering reality, anything is possible. What is Probable though?

As far as probability, the net points of our D were better than average. If we had an average QB producing an average amount of points, we should be overall average (actually a little above). It is more like 8-8 or 9-7 if we had an average QB.

We also had a slightly below average strength of schedule. So factoring in that, we were probably about a 9-7 to 10-6 team if you throw out our O and give us an average one.

What are the odds we would have an average QB even without Rodgers?. What are the odds Rodgers would be an average QB in any given year?

That is where the more unrealistic hypothetical scenario lies.
Offline nerdmann  
#14 Posted : Sunday, March 4, 2012 3:28:41 PM(UTC)

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Nonstopdrivel said: Go to Quoted Post
I don't see the Packers drafting an abnormally large number of players this year. They are relatively tight on cap room this offseason -- more so than most years in the Thompson era -- and signing a larger number of rookies would require cutting several established incumbents. I see the Packers going for immediate contributors wherever possible.

Agreed, but I don't think Ted will necessarily be going for "immediate contributors." Maybe one or two of them, but I don't see that many holes on this team.
Offline wpr  
#15 Posted : Sunday, March 4, 2012 6:18:40 PM(UTC)

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You did a great job putting together a list of players. I won't criticize any of your choices but I do agree with NonStop. I don't see GB resigning Flynn and then trading him. You could be right.
Offline DakotaT  
#16 Posted : Sunday, March 4, 2012 6:49:33 PM(UTC)

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Joe Arrigo, I love to read your stuff. But I usually do so over at Chatters as a lurker - but don't tell Zero cause he'll get all possessive like an insane woman. Thanks for coming over here and helping out my boys with some new material. I really enjoy your OTS columns, btw aren't you due for one soon?
Offline Zero2Cool  
#17 Posted : Sunday, March 4, 2012 7:48:27 PM(UTC)

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DakotaT said: Go to Quoted Post
Joe Arrigo, I love to read your stuff. But I usually do so over at Chatters as a lurker - but don't tell Zero cause he'll get all possessive like an insane woman. Thanks for coming over here and helping out my boys with some new material. I really enjoy your OTS columns, btw aren't you due for one soon?

Offline Pack93z  
#18 Posted : Monday, March 5, 2012 8:07:00 AM(UTC)

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A couple of jokes

A woman hears from her doctor that she has only half a year to live. The doctor advises her to marry a beekeeper and to move with him to Minnesota. The woman asks: "Will this cure my illness?" The doctor replies: "No, but the half year will seem pretty long."

A traveler wandering on an island inhabited by cannibals comes upon a butcher shop. This shop specialized in human brains sorted out according to source. The sign in the shop read:

Artists' Brains $9/lb
Philosophers' Brains $12/lb
Scientists' Brains $15/lb
Beekeepers' Brains $100/lb

Upon reading the sign, the traveler noted, "My, those beekeepers' brains are expensive - they must be very powerful!" The butcher replied, "Not really. They're expensive because it takes so many beekeepers to get one pound of brains!!"

A young man showed up to work for the old beekeeper. First day on the job. The beekeeper says, "Paint all those bee hives." The young man looks at all that work and says, "You don't seem to realize - I have a College Education." The old beekeeper thinks for a minute and says, "I'm sorry. I'll show you how to hold the paint brush."

Anyway... on topic.

For years.. I spent an abundant amount of time on kids coming out and which ones would fit into the system. Looked at all the clips I could find on kids.. made serious efforts and trying to predict whom we would take and how the first round would play out.

I always knew the odds were stacked against you getting much correct, but the last decade or so with the CBA not protecting the teams interest at the top of the draft, you could at least fairly predict the first 10 to 15 picks.

Now with the CBA reworked and teams not as gun shy about moving up into the blue chip spots of the draft, it will make it nearly impossible to even venture a guess.

And I like it.. but it will squash my ambition to partake into Mock drafts even more.

Give me a ticket inside a draft room with some real insight that may change.. but I don't see that ticket coming.
Offline Yared-Yam  
#19 Posted : Monday, March 5, 2012 8:08:59 AM(UTC)

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Round 2 (2): Ronnell Lewis- OLB- Oklahoma
The Packers need to upgrade the pass rush opposite of Clay Matthews and Lewis is the perfect fit and person to do that. McCarthy inted at his combine press conference that he would like to get faster, tougher and have better tackling on the that side of the ball, Lewis provides all three. He has all world talent but there are questions about his attitude which will cause him to slip into the 2nd or even 3rd round. Lewis was late to 9 meetings (5 optional) while at OU as well as got into a "heated conversation" with the then DC Venerable. He also at times plays undisciplined. Lewis loves to hit and he plays the run exceptionally well. He has enough speed to become a good pass rusher but needs to needs to work on his pass rush moves and Lewis has really good coverage skills as well. He can also be an All-Pro player on ST as well.

That sure screams Packer Person to me.
Offline Stevetarded  
#20 Posted : Monday, March 5, 2012 8:33:38 AM(UTC)

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dhazer said: Go to Quoted Post
I knew this was a bullshit article when I read "This draft I see Thompson focusing on the defense but trying to add quality players when he can on offense. None of the offensive players would be expected to make an instant impact in 2012, unlike last year with Randall Cobb, rather fill-out the roster and provide even more depth to an already deep team."

We need tons of help on defense but draft offensive players? We are far from a deep team, 2010 was a fluke year and we had everything fall into place for us. In 2009 our defense sucked and once again we sucked in 2011. I personally don't think this is as deep as everyone claims. Our offensive line is still a mess, we don't have a solid running game, and our defense wouldn't even be great in college. We need to stop kidding ourselves and realize we have a lot of holes on this team and that includes the coaching staff.

Well he was referring to the offense which is indeed pretty damn deep considering they obliterated a playoff team without the #1 WR and starting QB. Not to mention the line in that game consisted of the 2nd string LT, LG, and 4th string RT.
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