2 months ago
Yesterday afternoon, I was watching TV on the couch and got this wicked headache. Shortly after I realized I couldn't make out words on the TV screen anymore. I could see a face was a face, but words were blotchy/blurry. I kept blinking my eyes and rubbing them trying to get it so I could see again. I was like this headache is bad enough, but now I can't even freaking see?

I decided to focus on reading something on my phone to see if I could get my eyes back working. Then I read "Nathaniel Hackett" and the name was super familiar but I couldn't place where I knew it from. I looked it up and former Packers OC. I was like how the hell do I forget that? The next name I saw was Brandon Staley. Same feeling, familiar but couldn't place him and had to look him up too. 

I kinda laughed thinking this headache really kicking my ass. Since I got pretty cold as sudden as the headache came about, I wrapped up in blankets and just kept my eyes closed for several minutes with a pillow over my head.  I took some Aleve for the headache and after about and hour or so, things started improving. 

This morning I looked up the symptoms and WTF a stroke? Shouldn't I be dead then? I think it was just wicked headache, nothing more. Any of you all experience anything like this?
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2 months ago
Not I. Hope you are feeling better.
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