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dfosterf (1h) : Waar verstopt Detlev zich?
beast (3h) : "Rodgers has talked to several players about joining him somewhere else", I think the CFL is available option for signed NFL players.
Cheesey (5h) : Nah.....hang him LOW. Like pinyata,can take turns hitting him with a STICK!😁
Cheesey (5h) : Nah.....hang him LOW. Like a pinyata, so we can take turns hitting him with acSTICK!😁
yooperfan (11h) : Sounds like tampering to me. Seize that man and hang him high.
Zero2Cool (12h) : Ian Rapoport says @MikeGarafolo that Rodgers has talked to several players about joining him somewhere else
Cheesey (10-May) : Ohhh!!!Beast made a funny!🤪😂
beast (10-May) : Favre/McNair to switch positions and they rightfully refused, so it's not always clear cut.
beast (10-May) : To me, Tebow trying a non-QB position is more like... "FINALLY!"... he should of been more open minder sooner IMO. Then again, people attempted to force Favre and Steve McNair to switch positions and
dfosterf (10-May) : Which is more irritating? Aaron Rodgers rumors or Tim Tebow TE Jacksonville?
dfosterf (10-May) : Which is more irritating? Aaron Rodgers rumors or Tim Tebow TE Jacksonville?
Zero2Cool (10-May) : Jordy and James were always grounded dudes and they had the room to be diva's with their talent.
beast (10-May) : Jordy Nelson... James Jones... Lazard seemed down to earth, but I only rememebr seeing one interview with him.
Zero2Cool (10-May) : What WR is not dramatic? lol
beast (10-May) : That seems a little dramatic (or we're lacking major details (probably lacking details))
Zero2Cool (10-May) : Davante Adams on the herd: Aaron has “laid his life on the line for this team and teammates” says he’s backing up Aaron in all of this 100%
beast (10-May) : I'm pretty sure Roseanne was never on "The Conners", as she was on the show "Roseanne" (Cheesey technicality for Cheesey)
Cheesey (9-May) : I stopped watching that show when they canned Rosanne.
Zero2Cool (9-May) : Aaron Rodgers will appear on The Conners, as the host of Jeopardy!
dfosterf (8-May) : Don't forget to ask your prospective realtor if he's a Packers fan!
dfosterf (7-May) : Agent must present all offers. Cannot tell you that you need to do anything. He can recommend only.
Cheesey (7-May) : Holmgren!?!? He’s one to talk about Rodgers. Geez
Zero2Cool (7-May) : Make. It. STOP!
Zero2Cool (7-May) : Mike Holmgren: Packers not handling Aaron Rodgers situation well.
dfosterf (7-May) : He's cool. What about all those GB uniforms in the background? Oh, you know, that's my team, but come GameDay, gonna be some fun smack talk ...
dfosterf (7-May) : Jamaal Williams right now NFL network
dfosterf (7-May) : market, seller disclosure statements, comments, utility bills, etc Only through an agent
dfosterf (7-May) : Back to RE for one sec. You asked about multiple web sites and why the tangle. They are forms of advertising. You are not seeing the multi list, you are not seeing the complete listing, e.g. days on m
dfosterf (7-May) : I saw
Zero2Cool (7-May) : It was in a thread bud. ;-)
dfosterf (7-May) : Maybe twice works, lol
dfosterf (7-May) : I threw out James Jones! here yesterday for some good news on the AF front as it was happening....I got crickets, lol
dfosterf (7-May) : I put the James Jones! shout out while it was happening...no one got it at the time..
wpr (7-May) : but then I miss all the fan shout stuff
dfosterf (7-May) : Is WAS nice of you to do.
wpr (7-May) : 10 mins. I do it all the time.
dfosterf (7-May) : Wayne is out looking up flood plain on a house under contract. God love him, but that takes time
dfosterf (7-May) : I'm giving you fast answers.
dfosterf (7-May) : My shit isn't post worthy
Zero2Cool (7-May) : You know I can't keep up with a billion shouts, right? lol
Zero2Cool (7-May) : Apparently I have been given an agent via Coldwell Banker. Had no idea.
dfosterf (7-May) : On market as in no competing offer. You can still offer on it right now, but your offer would be weighed against the existing one, and likely make yours a back up offer...in short, kinda forget it
dfosterf (7-May) : Still keep an eye on it, it could go back on the market, but doubtful
dfosterf (7-May) : You can also view, get inside, bid, finance foreclosures ...ya never know, one might pop...you will never step foot in one without a....wait for it....agent
dfosterf (7-May) : IF it's subject to loan approval, the seller is an idiot for taking a contract without a pre approval of any kind.. extraordinarily doubtful
dfosterf (7-May) : An agent can find out what the contingent contract is...probably the sale of buyers home, which probably means 80% or better ltv and at or near list price
dfosterf (7-May) : contract while you were telling us about it. If you had an agent, you might have put in a non contingent offer on it and got it,
dfosterf (7-May) : Some of the best deals NEVER see the mls...or see it AFTER a deal is in the works, only because the listing agent gets the advertising and word of mouth etc.. That house you are looking at went under
dfosterf (7-May) : They "hold" them by getting the listing and having the seller fix shit up, stage for sale, etc etc etc MEANWHILE, they in office tour the home, call clients of their own, etc etc etc.
dfosterf (7-May) : BY GETTING an AGENT
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