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Joemailman's Packer Mock Draft 1.0
by joemailman on 4/8/2014 9:08:47 PM
First Round

We have a trade! The Packers trade their 1st round pick (#21 overall) to the New England Patriots for the Patriots 1st round pick (#29 overall), and 3rd round pick (#93 overall) and 6th round pick (# 198 overall).

First Round (#29 overall)

C.J. Mosley ILB Alabama


Will provide an instant upgrade over Brad Jones. Great instincts and is always around the ball.

STRENGTHS: Mosley does a nice job using his length and lower body fluidity to keep himself clean through a crowd and finishes at the ball, wrapping and driving through his target. He is very smart and keeps his eyes on the ball to track and attack and rarely makes mental mistakes, which is a result of his high football IQ and preparation skills.

WEAKNESSES: Isn't always fundamentally consistent as a tackler, at times opting to throw himself at his target or drop his head on contact. Missed time in 2011 with a dislocated elbow.

COMPARES TO: Lavonte David, LB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Like David, Mosley's combination of toughness, elite instincts and superb athleticism offer the versatility of lining up inside or out, and have enabled him to be one of the nation's top all-around linebackers.


2nd Round (#53 overall)

Jordan Matthews WR Vanderbilt


Big, physical receiver who also runs very good routes. Only lacks elite speed.

STRENGTHS: Chiseled frame that was more impressive than higher-profile names also at the Senior Bowl. Size/speed combination along with his hand/eye coordination and body control makes him an attractive prospect, showing the ability to make plays at all levels of the field and do damage after the catch.

Balanced route-runner with a sizeable catching radius. Size allowed him to be moved inside and out in Vandy's offense, allowing the team to find him favorable matchups. Detailed and reliable route-runner. Very good hand-eye coordination to haul in tough passes, including one-handed catches.

WEAKNESSES: Good, but not great build-up speed and may lack an elite second gear to gain separation. Lean-muscled and needs to do more in contested situations.


3rd Round

We have a trade!. The Packers trade their 3rd round pick (#85 overall) and their 4th round pick (#121 overall) to the Buffalo Bills for the Bills 3rd round pick (#73 overall).

3rd Round (#73 overall)

Terrence Brooks FS Florida St.


Excellent cover Safety who has also played cornerback. Lacks only ideal size.

STRENGTHS: While a touch shorter than scouts would prefer, Brooks looks the part of an NFL free safety, boasting broad shoulders, a well-built frame and trim waist. He possesses good balance, agility and straight-line speed, including an impressive burst to close.

A former cornerback who is asked to drop down and cover slot receivers, on occasion, demonstrating good balance, fluidity and change of direction for coverage. Brooks is more physical than you might expect given his cornerback background, often dropping down into a linebacker-like role for the Seminoles.

Long arms and good balance to play off blocks and make plays near the line of scrimmage amid traffic. A big-hitter who seems to enjoy the physicality of the game. Flashes strong hands for the interception, as well as the ability to track over his shoulder (North Carolina State). Good special teams player.

WEAKNESSES: Only has two seasons of starting action after spending his early career with the Seminoles in backup duty at cornerback. Below average height for the position, though his strength and leaping ability make him less of a liability in jump-ball situations than it might appear.

Highly aggressive defender who will lower his shoulder and fail to wrap up, leading to some missed tackles. Unreliable hands for the interception. Let several "easy" interceptions slip through his fingers in 2013.

COMPARES TO: Louis Delmas, Detroit Lions: Neither boasts the imposing size scouts would prefer but the instincts, athleticism and closing speed are there to overcome it.


3rd Round (#93 overall)

Dakota Dozier G/OT Furman


Played LT at Furman (Doesn't every O-Lineman that Ted Thompson drafts?) but played Guard at The Shrine Game and did well. Could be a bit of a project, but lots of upside.

STRENGTHS: Well-proportioned, athletic-looking, muscular frame. Exhibits light feet, a fluid kick-slide, and is a natural bender. Gets good arm extension to keep defenders out of his chest, and utilizes his lower half well to establish leverage on contact and absorb the power rush. Quick off the snap as a run blocker, and gets off the line and into the hole swiftly when asked to trap or pull. Shows good awareness on the move and does a good job of utilizing active hands to hold sequential defenders at bay and maintain course through contact. Can break down and change direction rapidly and exhibits impressive body control to maintain balance in tight spaces, particularly when firing through the line to the second level.

WEAKNESSES: Will over-extend off the snap, or simply set his feet too early in pass protection leaving him susceptible to being stood up and pushed back, or swatted to the side. Gets too far out and over his feet at times on the move, and will whiff or drop his head as a result. Appears to possess some natural power but it doesn't consistently show up on contact. Played mostly tackle at Furman but may need to move to guard due to lacking ideal length to play tackle at the next level.


3rd Round (#98 overall)

C.J. Fiedorowicz TE Iowa


Huge Tight End who is a good blocker and has good speed for his size.

STRENGTHS: Good versatility, showing the ability to come off a down block to get past defenders as a receiver. Good body control and soft hands for such a large man, traits that have led Washington junior Austin Seferian-Jenkins to earn a lot of attention as a possible first-round pick. Fiedorowicz isn't as flashy as ASJ, but he's just as big and fast in a straight-line and is a much more physical and attentive blocker.


5th Round (#161 Overall)

Bennett Jackson CB Notre Dame


Solidly built CB who plays well against big WR's, a must in the NFCN.


5th round (#176 overall)

Ryan Carrethers DT Arkansas St.


Powerfully built DT who did 32 reps at the Combine.

6th Round (#197 overall)

Marqueston Huff DB Wyoming


Versatile player who played CB until moving to FS as a senior. Showed good cover skills at the Senior Bowl.

6th Round (#198 overall)

Avery Williamson ILB Kentucky


Active player who stays on the field on passing downs.

7th Round (#236 overall)

Derrell Johnson OLB East Carolina


Good edge rusher who lacks cover skills.

Hope I didn't forget anything!

[ANN] YAF 2.1 RTW Update
by Zero2Cool on 12/31/2013 3:48:41 PM
Upgraded to the latest RTW version yesterday.

Originally Posted by: Jaben Go to Quoted Post
How do you get the latest release? GitHub!
YAF.NET: List of changes
[SPOILER]Upgraded to Latest Autofac. Also, switched to using IModule for Data.MsSQL.

0c2cbba simplified the lastpost links, no longer there is the need for an reredirect

9b9a9d6 fixed #50 geolocation service should no longer throw an exception on the register page

215948a tiny fix for some bbcode urls with a encoded : sign

d0cf545 added event logging for user reporting

cf291a9 Fixed Report user to stopforumspam when user has no posts (closes #77)

47ad073 added custom method to encode user input to prevent xss but not encode unicode chars (closes #76)

9f4c996 Fixes issue #75 -- page link url now supports null again.

2dc4749 Fixed #74 Should pull in a way that will fail if the transactions step on each other. It will also pull more emails at a time.

513d42c Improved send mail using .NET v4.0 conventions (dispose pattern -- also not creating multiple smtp clients per send).

b421755 fix layout issue in dnn 7.2 or above

503b5da Fixed wrong encoded emails, which appear with chinese chars (closes #21)

907bf92 testing protocol less img bbcode

9eb7303 fixed farsi jquery-ui datepicker

b12f903 Improving this code intention a bit. Made the PageLinks a Fluent API. Removed some crud.

e18feac Completed Done #11. Also improved the PageLink code since it hadn't been touched in years.

79e26d8 Cleaned up the code a bit and added a check OnPreRender for a valid TopicRow -- otherwise an exception is thrown. Hopefully
will help figure out issue and fix #26.

8d3c30b Put exception in place to help fix #65 -- probably won't fix the problem but will at least bring the issue to light which I'm almost positive is SQL related.

163e0c0 Fix for #62 -- Removed usage of HttpApplication.

4a2733c DisplayAd bug fix

0976c97 proper fix for lastpost/unread links

4264c3d fixed issue with pager links + redesigned pager links for the advanced url builder

6d535f7 removed rest of the irkoo.

5926582 fixed first part of issue #55.

7858ac8 Auth Notify admin link now points to the user

47556f4 fixed find unread function (closes #49)

86bc2f4 fixed issue where reputationvoting was not completly deleted when deleting a user

fa4a70a youtube bbcode can now handle non secure and secure urls (closes #48)

040d346 corrected description (closes #51)

9fc47d6 fixed an exception when geo location is enabled and tested on localhost

582e68c fixed board deleting

aee03f5 create new admin should be disabled in dnn here

dbfb375 fixed case sensitive issue in the stored procedures.

7a3f0b0 upgraded to latest tiny_mce + removed old files from project

0417cec fixed urls in the retweet text

9410c38 removed trust limit for remote avatars, because it works also in medium trust

7ba38ea tiny refactoring

2059331 fixed user export (closed #46)

4e07306 from the admin user page you can now report a user as bot stopforumspam key is required (closes #34)

cd95171 added missing bbcode description localizations + added dailymotion and tweet embed as bbcodes

c30d5c0 better handling for protocol less urls for the google widget bbcode

df19b62 disabled message history for guests (closes #43)

0ab0829 fixed paste function in the ckeditor

c03f4ce removed spell check option from the editor since the google api is no longer available

298da4e Fix for issues I've been seeing with Message Truncate.

7e7ea1f Added Current App Domain Loading of Extension Assemblies in addition to scanned assemblies plus debug out of all scanned assemblies.[/SPOILER]

YAF.NET Community Appreciation Station

Super thanks to [userlink]tha_watcha[/userlink]!!! Special thanks to [userlink]JP[/userlink], [userlink]Zero2Cool[/userlink], [userlink]squirrel[/userlink]! Thanks to the entire YAF.NET community! You guys keep YAF.NET going!

Project Move! Again!
YAF.NET is now on GitHub!

The Twitterz and Facebookz
YAF.NET Twitter is here: and Facebook is here:

Build It!
Building YAF.NET from source now requires Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013. YAF.NET can be build using the freely available Visual Studio 2013 Express.

[Milestone] 250,000 Posts
by Zero2Cool on 11/21/2013 2:35:57 PM
Yesterday we topped the 250,000 posts mark.
Last week we topped 1,000 registered users.
Two weeks ago we 15,000 topics.

2,943 - total amount of users that have registered
1,004 - current amount of Users

263,519 - total amount of posts submitted
250,052 - current amount of Posts

Think about that for a second. Over SEVEN years of posts and just over 5% have been removed. That's incredible.

20,063 - total amount of topics created
15,392 - current amount of Topics

Topics and/or Posts get deleted only for the following
  1. User requested it to be removed
  2. Double post
  3. Topic merged into like topic
  4. Deleting my posts to lower my post count
  5. Spam

Why users got deleted
  1. User request
  2. Inactivity (no longer a reason for deletion)
  3. No posts (no longer a reason for deletion)
  4. Spam

User retention - 34%
Post retention - 95%
Topic retention - 77%

[ANN] YAF 2.0 RTW Update
by Zero2Cool on 10/30/2013 5:25:31 PM
We've been using the new layout for a couple months now and I believe it has been successful. In addition to the layout, YAF has released version 2.0 which have the below improvements and changes made to our forum software.

We're running YAF in release mode instead of beta mode now. :)

Jaben wrote:

Changes!? Fixes? We got 'em:
  1. Added Keystroke For Quotes to the YAF BBCode Editor you can now use CTRL+Q for inserting and "quote"..."/quote"
  2. Added "HoverCards" to Username. If enabled it shows an Hover Card (Which shows some quick info about the user) when you hover an user name. This will also show an Hover Card on the Twitter & Facebook Profile Button.
  3. New Notification Bar for System Messages (In the Host Settings you can choose Between Modal Dialog or Notification Bar for Messages, also the Display Duration can be defined there). Also added an option to show the alert dialog for messages on Mobile Devices.
  4. Added Display Options for the Event Log, you can define Start and End Date and also Event Typ
  5. Added Admin Page to Import List of Banned IP Addresses (You can find Huge list of Bot IP Lists here:
  6. Host Admins can control admin groups access to YAF event log by event type. They can set permissions to delete events by type too, i.e. read-only mode for each event.
  7. New Host Admin Page for Host Admins to restrict simply admins to various admin pages individually.
  8. New settings to control number of records in the event log.
  9. New Option to send PM to all Buddies of a User
  10. Added Indicator to a Private Message if its an Reply
  11. Added new BB Code Feature to the Editor for indent text
  12. Kill user now offers "suspend" option.
  13. Tons of fixes and improvements.

YAF.NET Community Appreciation Station

Super thanks to [userlink]tha_watcha[/userlink]!!! Special thanks to [userlink]bbobb[/userlink],[userlink]Zero2Cool[/userlink], [userlink]squirrel[/userlink]! Thanks to the entire YAF.NET community! You guys keep YAF.NET going!

Project Move! Again!
YAF.NET is now on GitHub!

The Twitterz and Facebookz
YAF.NET Twitter is here: and Facebook is here:

Two smart plays, Two dumb plays
by Zero2Cool on 10/14/2013 12:27:18 PM

1. Early in the second quarter the Packers were backed up deep in their territory when Aaron Rodgers fumbled yet again. Jarrett Boykin ran back to the scrum to pick up the ball, preventing the Ravens from an easy score. The best thing to do is fall on it, but he got lucky.

2. Eddie Lacy after getting the final first down while running towards the sideline stays inbounds and then slides. This is very smart because it eliminates the chance of fumbling the ball or getting pushed out of bounds and the clock stopping.


1. Packers blocked the Ravens punt and John Kuhn, instead of wisely falling on it, tries and fails to scoop it up and Ravens recover getting a new set of downs.

2. Jermichael Finley should have turned back to midfield on his 52 yard catch and run. You have to keep that clock ticking.

[ANN] PackersHome Layout
by Zero2Cool on 9/5/2013 1:59:03 AM
And the BETA stage of the new layout is upon us! You'll notice columns on the left/right side. There will be MORE sideblocks added in the future and more special links added to Main Menu.

Main Menu
  • This sidebox is going to be changing quite a bit, but its pretty self explanatory for now.

2013 Schedule
  • This will display the Packers current season schedule with time or score with a link to the stats

Packers Tweets
  • These are tweets from Packers writers and Packers players.

Active Topics
  • This displays the last 15 topics posted and when and by who.

[ANN] Introduce Yourself
by Zero2Cool on 9/2/2013 6:14:59 PM
We have recently implemented a new feature to help facilitate welcoming new members into our community.

Newly registered members are assigned to the Probation role.

Members in the Probation role have their posting privileges restricted to the Welcome to our Community! portion of our forum.

3 - 5 minutes after a member in the Probation role submits a post in Welcome to our Community!, they will be granted full member access to other forum sections.

New members and existing members are always encouraged to create a new Topic briefly introducing themselves or reply to How I found PackersHome or How I Became A Fan.

We feel this will serve two purposes. The most important being we get to know the new fans a little better and the side effect is we should encounter less spam.

My Top 5 Player Storylines
by DarkaneRules on 8/29/2013 6:27:48 PM
No player should come this far and work this hard just to be fired days later, and yet that is going to be the reality for many players on our team August 31st. Here are the players I want to see make a strong case for either remaining on the roster or seeing their spot in the depth chart move upward following tonight's final pre-season game in Kansas City.

1. Alex Green

I consider Green the forgotten man. It would be only fitting, with Lacy possibly not playing much if at all this week, that Green makes a play to take the place of Dujuan Harris on the depth chart. Starks knocked out the availability bug this pre-season but saw his in-game productivity take a beating. Green has made more of his opportunities lately and has increased his value with highly graded performances in the return game.

2. Jeremy Ross

Ross is fighting a handful of players who are on the bubble right now for a roster spot. He has an edge because of past productivity on returns, however other prospects, especially Tyrone Walker, have made a push for a roster spot in recent weeks. Will Ross live up to his potential this week, or will he make one of those inexplicable plays that make you question his dependability? This all is based on the assumption that Boykin is a lock at WR #4 which I believe he is.

3. Greg Van Roten

I wonder about GVR. I wonder if he has all the tools necessary to be a dependable back up to EDS. At least he fits in with the three letter abbreviations. Alas, I have been underwhelmed with him so far. His guard work has appeared to be fine, but his work at center leaves me a little unsure. He will be in a battle tonight with backup Patrick Lewis.

4. Nate Palmer

Hey Nate! I almost forgot about you man! This guy has been coming along a bit recently. He started off slow, but he is starting to show that dynamic play that made him such an intriguing draft prospect early on. For a while there, Mulumba was outshining Palmer in reserve OLB duties. In the immortal words of coach Greene, "It's time."

5. Chris Banjo

I like this kid. With or without Burnett's injury, Banjo was already up for some serious playing time. He has heart, determination, and ability. Similar to Walker on the offensive side on the ball and special teams, he has those qualities you look for in a player that will help your team over the long term. He also has a very powerful personal story to share involving his mother's battle with sickle cell anemia. This is the kind of man you love rooting for not only in sports but in life.

Pre-season Week 2: St. Louis Rams
by DarkaneRules on 8/17/2013 8:09:54 PM
Another week of individual player evaluation in a game environment is upon us. Okay yes, that is really just a long winded way to say pre-season game 2, but hey, I can be a long winded guy. With that said, here are the top 7 first and second year players I will be watching tonight.

Why 7 you may ask? Well to quote the great 2 Chainz... "I'm different man I'm different"

7. Brandon Smith - I see tremendous upside in this player. His head is swimming in all of the nuances of playing a new position of course, but he has already showcased that raw talent that I believe will make him a special player for us in the years to come. I want to see him take that next small step tonight.

6. Josh Boyd - We didn't see much pass rush last week, and while that is certainly in part to playing base on almost every down, that doesn't mean that the lines didn't have some good performances. I want to see Boyd improve on his last game and be that guy that can create some push and give our rushers a chance to make a play.

5. Micah Hyde - House's misfortune is another man's opportunity. Will Micah get burned as bad as House was? We shall see how the young man performs when he gets one of the other team's top receivers in his debut starting role.

4. Eddie Lacy - We haven't seen what this guy can do yet, so there is a lot of anticipation around the fan base and media alike to see how he translates into the NFL in-game. My bet is that is translates pretty dang well.

3. Greg Van Roten - When EDS went down this week with a toe injury it caught everyone off-guard including coach McCarthy. Enter the next man up Greg Van Roten. He has been inconsistent this training camp but looks to be improving. The hope is that he performs with no noticeable drop-off because behind him there is currently no quality depth at center, and yes, I am including Barclay in that assessment.

2. Nick Perry - I know I speak for all Packer fans when I say that I am starting to get anxious to see Perry start to command that OLB position like his associate Clay Matthews. I want to see him take that next step to becoming a more effective pass rusher from the edge. The more comfortable he gets at his position, the better the defense will look as a whole. I await with cautious optimism.

1. Don Barclay - I want someone to win the right tackle job tonight and I want that guy to be Don Barclay. He stepped up for us last season and I believe now is the time for him to step up again and claim that job.

Alright Packer fans so who will you be watching more closely tonight?

Pre-season Week 1 in Review
by DarkaneRules on 8/12/2013 4:11:50 PM
- Lang stepped up. For a guy who injured his back the previous day, he showed his dedication to coaches on Friday night's game by playing and playing well. That impressed me a lot. Now I believe coaches will be easy on him through the week, but I presume he will still play with the starters in week 2 barring any set back.

- Linebackers failed to impress. From the starters to the scrubs, no linebacker in particular stood out to me on his own on Friday. Mulumba made a nice play later in the game that caught my attention, but other than that and one sack by Francois, it was vanilla and void of any big plays even when a few were available.

- Special teams players look tentative. The coaches expect more fire from these young guys looking to make the team and it wasn't there from what I could see. The blocking and tackling was largely disappointing to say the least. Safety David Fulton missed what would have been a major straight line tackle on the Cardinals' big return in the 4th quarter. The play was right there for him and he whiffed.

- Is Newhouse seen as a liability by the coaching staff? My guess is yes. Help was slid his way on a play which resulted in a sack for a loss from a free corner blitz from the opposite side of the line. This was good play call by the Cardinals' defense. Smart teams know your liabilities and scheme accordingly. I am sure this factors into coaches feeling more and more comfortable putting Barclay out there in his place.

- WR Walker plays with focus and heart. Apart from his raw talent, those two traits are tremendously important for future greats in this league. On a play which resulted in an interception at the end of the first quarter, he is open near the sideline. Harrell instead throws to a covered Ross. On the return, Walker closes in on about a 5 yard gap to make the play and tackle Peterson. It was a great hustle play.

- Will Davon House prove he belongs? He played from behind on a big gain in the first quarter by allowing too much separation in coverage and he failed to make any kind of play on the ball carrier on a pass play later in the game. On that play, he allowed the receiver to knock him to the ground while he remained on his feet for extra yardage. I feel like this shows an unwillingness to be physical when the play is in front of him. Very disappointed all around with his performance.